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RUSH: The Chevy Camaro is one of America’s iconic muscle cars. But if you live in California or Washington state, three Camaro models, the SS, ZL1, and 1LE, will be off limits to you starting January 1st.

The Camaros are being banned because of what’s in their brake pads. Ten years ago, both California and Washington state enacted stringent laws to limit the amount of copper that automakers are allowed to use in brake pads.

Here’s the problem, according to the Left Coast environmentalist wackos. Whenever drivers apply their brakes, it kicks off a tiny amount of brake dust. That brake dust includes particles of copper and other metals used in the manufacture of brake pads. The evil, toxic brake dust gets deposited on the road. The wind blows it all over the state, and all over the world. Ultimately, this brake dust mixes with rain and gets washed into rivers.

And here’s the worst aspect of this. Copper is bad for fish. It messes with their sense of smell. This makes it easier for other fish predators to kill the fish that have been exposed to brake dust.

So, no Chevy Camaros for you muscle car fans in California and Washington! At least until Chevy gets rid of the copper brake dust.

Bad for you; good for the fishes. Do you believe this?!

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