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RUSH: We got Hunter Biden, who now has been exposed at last, or again, and now the Democrats are getting ready to throw Dianne Feinstein overboard.

Now, this is something that was also percolating out there underneath the surface prior to the election based on the fact that she’s getting up there in age and she may not be coherent and so forth. What this is about is she gave Lindsey Grahamnesty a hug after the Amy Coney Barrett hearings, and the left is intolerant. You can’t go hug him. Have you lost your mind? You can’t hug that guy. And then she said this might have been the best confirmation hearings we’ve ever had. And the left saying, how in the world can this woman say that? We lost the battle. Amy Coney Barrett’s gonna get confirmed.

“Dianne Feinstein’s Missteps Raise a Painful Age Question Among Senate Democrats.” This is Jane Mayer at The New Yorker. “In a hearing on November 17th, Dianne Feinstein, the senior Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee, who, at eighty-seven, is the oldest member of the Senate, grilled a witness. Reading from a sheaf of prepared papers, she asked Jack Dorsey, the C.E.O. of Twitter, whether his company was doing enough to stem the spread of disinformation.” Stem the spread of disinformation. He’s doing exactly what the Chinese want. He’s doing exactly what the Democrats want. He’s not stemming the spread of disinformation. He is promoting it.

“Elaborating, she read in full a tweet that President Trump had disseminated on November 7th, falsely claiming to have won the Presidential election. She then asked Dorsey if Twitter’s labelling of the tweet as disputed had adequately alerted readers that it was a bald lie. … But this time, after Dorsey responded, Feinstein asked him the same question again, reading it word for word, along with the Trump tweet. Her inflection was eerily identical. Feinstein looked and sounded just as authoritative, seemingly registering no awareness that she was repeating herself verbatim. Dorsey graciously answered the question all over again,” as though he had not just heard it, but he just had.

So the long knives are out. Swalwell, Hunter Biden, Dianne Feinstein. The Democrats are getting ready to clean, not house, I don’t know. But this is all predictable, by the way. And I did predict it prior to the election.

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