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RUSH: I have a sound bite here by Marie Harf. You know who Marie Harf is? (interruption) She’s the female version of Jon Ossoff, female version of Pajama Girl, you know, an Obama ad for Obamacare. And she was on Fox earlier today, the program they call Outnumbered. And it’s like five women and one guy, or four women and one guy. It’s hosted by Harris Faulkner, and the one guy is called the luckiest guy ’cause he’s on TV with four women, and they’re supposedly all gunning for the guy.

At any rate, let’s just play the bite ’cause Marie Harf was very distressed, very distressed over all of the things being said about Eric Swalwell and being in bed with the ChiCom spy, Fang Fang.

HARF: Even some of the comments that have been made on this show that they had a close relationship, that he was compromised. None of that is borne out by the reporting. None of that is backed up by facts. None of that is backed up by evidence yet. So I think when we are all reporting these very sensitive national security stories we need to focus on the facts. I think all of us covering this story need to be actually a little more careful with our language. Members of Congress have tens of thousands of donors that give money to them, and there’s no evidence that this one donor impacted anything he did in Congress, so let’s not say that on air when we don’t have the facts.

RUSH: You gotta be kidding. For four years people like you can lie through your teeth about Donald Trump being in bed with the Russians, being a Russian spy, being a traitor, and worse. We had to listen to four years of people like Marie Harf go on and on and on about how Trump was compromised, he was a Russian agent, some of his administration was too close to the Russians, like Flynn, we had to get rid of these people, and now we can’t say that Swalwell did any of this on the air. We don’t have any evidence.

This is the hypocrisy and it’s times 10. And believe me, folks, she has no awareness what a big hypocrite she is. She thinks that she is just uttering brilliance here. She has no idea of the gigantic level of hypocrisy she’s engaging in here. Four years. We know what this Chinese spy did. We know she did it with other Democrats as well. We know she’s a honeypot. She was there in order to attract guys, to put them into heat. She knew how to do it. She’s in there getting all kinds of state secrets from Swalwell. I don’t care if he’s denying it or not.

If they’re gonna be able to run around and say the things they said about Trump, which they knew were false, by the way, they knew they didn’t have any evidence. They knew there was none ever. As evidence of that, again, a reminder, we got Jake Tapper and Brennan, and they’re both testifying before various House committees, and under oath they are saying they’ve never seen any evidence that Trump and the Russians had anything to do with each other, never seen any evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

And they leave those hearings after being under oath and they go on CNN and say just the exact opposite. Just say the exact opposite. That Trump is a Russian spy, that there’s evidence and Trump’s going down, Trump’s not gonna be able to survive, Trump is gonna go down and take Vladimir Putin with him, Trump is guilty, all this stuff. And they never had a shred of evidence ’cause they were making it all up.

And, by the way, I don’t know that anybody ever said that Fang Fang was giving Swalwell any money, except for Harf. Harf is saying she did. But I don’t know anybody else saying it. She just did in that sound bite. Folks, this the kind of stuff that really grates on me because these people, I don’t know how they get positions on TV and why they are not held accountable. She can sit there for four years — and she’s not alone. You know it as well as I do — four years and literally have a free reign, a license to destroy Donald Trump with any kind of lie or distortion that she wants to use.

Then you come up with something with close-to evidence on Swalwell: You can’t say that on the air, that’s very unfortunate, that’s very unprofessional, that’s very unkind. You don’t have any evidence for that.

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