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RUSH: This is John in Cheshire, Connecticut. Welcome, sir. It’s great to have you with us.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush. God bless you. You know, you’ve said on many occasions in the past that we are not going to fix all these problems in one election. And, as we’re seeing, the problems are so much deeper than almost anyone can believe. And it’s really a worldwide thing. And the bottom line for me is I trust President Trump a hundred percent, and I know that he has a plan.

You know, people look at him and he shoots from the hip and all this stuff. Everything that he does he plays a strategic card. And, you know, to me it’s brilliant. And you just said that, you know, he got the case that he wanted now. And here it is. And I remember just a couple of weeks ago everybody getting in a tizzy over the fact that, you know, the lawyers got up there, the three lawyers, and they didn’t present any evidence.

Well, they said in the very beginning, and they said it multiple times, that the purpose of that presentation was not to give specific evidence, but just to do an outline of what was going to happen. And here we are a few weeks later and we’re seeing everything shake out the way it’s shaking out. So, I mean, I want to tell people to believe in him. You know, he has a plan. He set them up every step of the way. He’s come out on top on everything.

And to those people who wanted the arrests to happen right away and, you know, Hillary and all this other stuff, it wouldn’t have worked. There’s no way it would have worked because all I have to do is point you to Emmet Sullivan, okay? And we’re also seeing the corruption that’s in the judiciary, you know, throughout the whole country. Obama had a long time, and even George Bush failed us in terms of putting the right people in those roles.

Mitch McConnell’s done a great job as far as putting judges in place that will follow the law. There’s still a lot of work to be done. And, you know, we have to hope that the Supreme Court does the right thing, including you, Mr. John Roberts on this, because it’s pretty cut and dry that the country is being disenfranchised here and a lot of props here to Texas and all these other states that join in.

RUSH: You think Trump has a master plan?

CALLER: Oh, no question about it. I mean, he’s been a step ahead of them every —

RUSH: He has a master plan for what?

CALLER: Well, the thing of it is the important thing is that the people had to be shown. There’s the depth of the corruption. And that’s what’s happening. It’s not really not, Rush, about the 30 million listeners, you know, that you have. I mean, we’re on board, but it’s the fight for the minds of those people that are maybe on the fence and, you know, we saw that with 75 million votes. And I have a feeling it’s probably more than that because, you know, I’m here in Connecticut, and some of these other states, I’m sure that there were plenty of votes that were stolen there to get that popular vote up.

But the idea is to get those people that are on the fence, win their hearts and minds over one at a time, and I think he’s been doing that over a period of four years. And now it’s coming out, you know, with China and what we’re seeing, you know, is happening there, for many people that’s gonna be a bridge too far.

RUSH: Well, yeah, if they hear about it.

CALLER: Well, I mean, we have that problem right now because people are being censored all over the place, you know, on Twitter and Facebook. And that’s just going to continue, and that’s gonna up the game. So the lady before said, you know, what can we do? This is information warfare, really, and we really need to find ways that people that we’re close to to get these messages out, you know, that’s why they don’t want us together for Thanksgiving or the holidays or, you know, stuff because, you know, we’ll be in front of our friends and relatives and those people and we might influence them or enlighten them to the things that are actually going on here. So a lot of this, you know, that mask is really a muzzle. And they want to keep that muzzle.

RUSH: Did you see Muslim or muzzle?

CALLER: Muzzle, muzzle.

RUSH: Honest to God it sounded like he called the mask a Muslim to me. That’s why I had to ask. It’s my hearing. All right. Thanks out there, John. I’m glad you got through.

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