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RUSH: Here’s Herb in Youngstown, Ohio, as we go to the phones. Herb, it’s great to have you. Hi.

CALLER: Rush, mega Midwest gurgling cod dittos.

RUSH: You remember the gurgling cod?

CALLER: That’s going pretty far back.

RUSH: That’s going back to my first trip to Boston. That would easily be in the early 1990s.

CALLER: When you first started talking about that I thought you were referring to Senator Kennedy’s driving skills, but apparently I was wrong.

RUSH: No, what it is, it’s an actual ceramic work of art in a sense because of the way it’s designed. It’s about 15 inches high, and it looks like a codfish. It’s a pitcher. And you fill it with water. And as you pour water out of the thing, it gurgles like a stuck toilet. Like a stopped-up toilet. It’s the funniest thing that you hear. And as the more you pour, the more the gurgle sounds happen.

It’s a brilliant design. And we always associated it with Senator Kennedy. But it was given to me by my host on that tour to Boston. And it’s somewhere in the various office complexes of EIB. I just don’t know where it is now. We haven’t demoed the gurgling cod in decades. I’m glad you reminded me of that. What else is up?

CALLER: So, what’s up is I wanted to dovetail my comments with your comments about the Chinese. I mean, the Chinese have been trying to buy off American Democrat politicians going all the way back to the Clinton administration. It doesn’t appear that they want to, you know, try and buy off Republicans but, you know, you mentioned Peter Schweizer’s book. You know, the entire extended Biden family is into the Chinese for millions of dollars. It’s not just Joe. It’s not just Hunter. It’s Joe’s brother.

RUSH: Oh, I know. Yep. Exactly right.

CALLER: Not only that, the Chinese are buying off Hollywood. They’re paying off major media, not just in the United States, but Europe and the U.K. They’re sending all kinds of money into the American university system. You wonder why our kids are being taught socialism is good. Well, if the universities are getting tens of millions of dollars from these people, does one plus one equal two?

RUSH: Yes, it does.

CALLER: So, you know, my comment is, you know, the Chinese, obviously they want to be number one in the world. And to be number one, you gotta beat number one. But apparently the Chinese are taking the strategy of instead of trying to beat number one, they’re just gonna pay number one off under the table. It seems like that’s what they’re really trying to do here.

RUSH: Well, I think they’re trying to do that without having to engage the military. But they are prepared for that if it were ever to come to it. And if you talk to U.S. military people, if you can get them to shoot straight with you, which is sometimes a tough thing to do because so much of what they deal with is classified, they will tell you that the far greater threat faced by the United States is China, both militarily and economically. They do want to be the lone superpower economically. That’s one of their objectives. And they know to accomplish that, they have to weaken us. And they are well on the way of implementing various aspects of their plans or strategy to pull that off.

You’re right about them buying off so much of the American market. They own Nike, for example, and they own all the people Nike endorses. This is Chinese money. They own Colin Kaepernick. These people are all bought and paid for by ChiCom money, made to look like the Chinese are not even part of the equation. And they accomplish that by infiltrating these various American corporations, keeping them afloat or having enough of a financial presence in these companies that they can’t be ignored. It’s been a slow but purposeful evolution the Chinese have had, and it’s ongoing. I’m glad you called, Herb. Thanks much.


RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, here’s the gurgling cod. We had a caller in the last hour who wanted to ask me about the gurgling cod. And that’s it. It’s a ceramic. It’s a work of art per se. It’s a pitcher. Now, I guess you could put long stemmed flowers in it if you want. But traditionally it is a pitcher, and you put a beverage in there, water, and the attraction of the gurgling cod, the reason that it sells is because of the noise that is made when you pour water or whatever liquid is in it, when you pour it out of the gurgling cod, it makes this sound.

(soft gurgling)

Oh. I thought it was louder than that. Anyway, I hadn’t heard that sound in a long time. It is loud. It gurgles and to see it happening while it’s happening with the water flowing out of it, you can’t help but laugh. So that’s what the gurgling cod is.

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