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RUSH: There’s a still-undecided House race in New York’s twenty-second congressional district. It’s an extremely tight contest; unofficial results show the Republican challenger, Claudia Tenney, with a 12-vote lead over incumbent Democrat, Anthony Brindisi.

Here is where the story gets strange.

On Monday, there was a court hearing, and New York State Supreme Court Justice Scott DelConte said election officials had just found some uncounted ballots in somebody’s desk drawer. And wouldn’t you know, there were exactly 12 ballots discovered in that drawer. So if these “drawer ballots” are counted for the Democrat, the election would be all tied up.

This isn’t the first time a bunch of new, uncounted ballots were discovered. Fifty-five uncounted ballots were suddenly found earlier in this same contest, which knocked the Republican lead to 12.

It’s strange how these ballots always seem to show up when Democrats are losing. And it’s strange how they always keep counting until the Democrat wins.

This little game Democrats play is so strange that it’s predictable. But if anybody mentions the possibility of “fraud,” they’re labeled a kook!

On Tuesday, the judge declared there’s no fraud here, and then he ordered a fix. I mean a “re-canvass.” It’s all as predictable as sunrise!

Who do you think is gonna win this at the end of the day?

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