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RUSH: A Democrat who is on the House Intelligence Committee has now been outed as being manipulated by a ChiCom honeypot. The woman’s name is Fang Fang. Some call her Fing Fang. Some call her Fung Fang. Some call her Fang Fung. Some say it’s Fang Fing. Regardless, there is a Fing in there somewhere, and she’s got her hooks into Eric Swalwell, congressman from California.

Now, this guy is as smarmy and as unlikable as anybody you could meet. He was leading the charge about how Trump needed to be impeached, Trump was cavorting with Russians; he was the guy leading the charge on the golden showers story from the Steele dossier which we all now know is false. There never was anything about the Steele dossier that was true, in fact. It was all made up, bought and paid for by Hillary Clinton. But Eric Swalwell was the one leading the charge on it.

This is an Axios story, which is friendly media as far as Swalwell is concerned. So he’s on the House Intelligence Committee, and he has been compromised. He has actually been run by a Chinese spy, a very attractive Chinese, ChiCom honeypot may have given him the money to run for the House of Representatives seat that he has. Do you know what, folks?

What’s becoming apparent to me, we spent four years, this entire country spent four years having to listen every day — I mean, and four and five times a day — the New York Times, for example, sometimes had four different stories a day. They had whatever story made the print version of the paper, then they had their digital version, and that story would appear there. It would be updated a number of times.

So you could have, during the course of a single day, four different stories that were all lies. There wasn’t a single shred of truth to any of these stories, and yet they quoted famous intelligence community sources, most were anonymous. We had spokesmen like Clapper and Brennan who were lying through their teeth on television, but when they were testifying under oath they were telling members of Congress, “No, no, no. We’ve not seen any evidence of the Trump campaign colluding with Russia.” And the Republicans on the committee knew they were saying this.

But then they’d go on CNN, lie through their teeth about it. “Trump is an agent. He’s a traitor. Trump is working for Vladimir Putin. Don’t know what he’s doing. Trump’s an idiot. Trump’s a useful idiot.” Just making it all up. We went through four years of this. Four years having to fend off and deal with this and knowing the entire four years there were a bunch of Americans who were believing it. And more and more Americans were believing it every day because they just kept piling on.

There was never any recollection to anything that was wrong. There was never any apology. And even when all this blew up, even when all of it was exposed, there has yet to be an apology from the mainstream media to their consumers, to their customers, for having gotten the story wrong. They just moved on to the next one, which is why we call ’em Drive-Bys. They roll into town, they shoot something up, they cause a gigantic mess, they ruin people’s lives, and they get back in the car, and they head on down the road to the next thing.

And, meanwhile, law-abiding people are left to clean up the mess. That’s the Drive-By Media. And Eric Swalwell was pushing every one of those lies. Throughout those four years we were told that it was Trump and, by extension, the Republican Party that had deep ties to the Russians. Jeff Sessions had to recuse himself because he had lunch with the Russian ambassador. A bunch of Republicans had to recuse themselves, apologize, resign, retire because of the appearance of impropriety. They’d somehow been mixed up with the Russians.

Meanwhile, what was really going on all those same four years, what was really going on and the story that was really missed was, it was the Democrats and China. It is obvious now, folks, the Chinese own the Democrat Party. The Chinese own much of American pop culture, if you include sports in it. They own the NBA. They own individual players in the NBA and in certain other American sports. They’re responsible for their endorsement money. They’re responsible for, in some cases, their contracts with individual teams for whom they play. And we know the story of Hunter Biden and Joe Biden.

It is the Democrat Party and the ChiComs who have long been colluding against the interests of the United States.


RUSH: The Swalwell story. I’m gonna try to cut to the chase. Let’s go to audio sound bites. No, no, no. I’ll do a story first and then we’ll go to Swalwell trying to talk his way out of that. The headline: “Suspected ChiCom Spy -” this is now the famous Fing Fing, Fang Fang, whatever her name is “– Slept With and Courted U.S. Politicians.” She’s being called a ChiCom Mata Hari, nicknamed Fang Fang, Fang Fing, or however you wish to identify her. And her innocent little dupe, Eric Swalwell.

Now, note that congressional — well, there’s more on the babe here. Congressional leaders, presumably including Nancy Pelosi, were told about this, and yet Swalwell was still put on the House Intel Committee after they told Pelosi that this guy was being run by a ChiCom spy. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised. Dianne Feinstein had a Chicom spy who was her chauffeur for 19 years. I think the guy also stocked her Pacific Heights refrigerator. The guy was very close to DiFi, and she claimed, “I didn’t know the guy worked for the Chinese.” You didn’t? You didn’t know your husband had business dealings with the ChiComs? You didn’t know that your husband was benefiting from legislation you helped pass as a Senator?

The Chinese are so all over the Democrat Party. You’d be stunned if somebody actually did a tree diagram to show you. So they tell Pelosi that Swalwell is being run by a ChiCom spy, Fang Fang. A very attractive Fang Fang, by the way. And yet Swalwell was put on the House Intel Committee despite having no military or any other background in intelligence. He was put there because he’s a raw partisan, and he knows how to play raw partisan politics.

Suspected ChiCom Spy Slept With and Courted U.S. Politicians — She was a Chinese Mata Hari — who allegedly slept with at least two Midwestern mayors while cozying up to a slew of pols across the country in a bid to infiltrate the U.S. political system. ‘She was on a mission,’ a U.S. counter-intelligence official said of Fang — and it included plenty of seduction before the feds got wind of her antics and she vanished in 2015.

“The idea was for Fang to maneuver herself into key government circles — and sometimes politicians’ beds — to gain personal information about them while ingratiating herself with unwitting potential up-and-coming heavy-hitters, intelligence sources told Axios. U.S. officials know of at least two mayors who had romantic relationships with Fang, likely now in her late 30s or early 40s, for about three years, the site said. The accused spy had sex with an Ohio mayor in a car, an incident caught on FBI electronic surveillance, an intelligence official said. The mayor asked Fang at one point why she was into him, and she allegedly replied that she needed to improve her English.”

I can’t laugh because of pain in my sides here, but I have to tell you, this is hilarious. She was into the mayor because she needed to improve her English. We don’t have enough time to get the first sound bite in with Eric Swalwell so we’ll get that after the break at the bottom of the hour.

Now, Swalwell is saying that he didn’t do anything here, that he’s clean and pure as the wind-driven snow, that this is all Donald Trump. Donald Trump is doing this. Donald Trump and the Russians are doing this. Now, anybody with a brain understands that Swalwell was compromised by the ChiCom spy, just like Dianne Feinstein was. He refuses to say whether he had sex with the honey trap because he says it’s classified. Is that not great.


RUSH: So I checked the email during the break, and I guess this email doesn’t surprise me. The guy says, “Rush, you single-handedly informed us about the Texas case before the Supreme Court. They end up taking the case after your show ends yesterday. And what are you talking about today, Eric Swalwell? Do you realize we don’t care about Eric Swalwell?” Let me tell you something. I don’t either. But let me tell you why this matters.

See, we do things here for the long term, folks. We do things building a foundation of things that will survive as history examines the program for years and years and years. Now, as I just said, we just had four years — it’s still going on — of lies, character assassination. We’ve had four years of people like Eric Swalwell and everybody in the Democrat Party, everybody in the news media trying to destroy Donald Trump over things that didn’t happen.

They had to make up the golden showers story, that Trump hired a bunch of prostitutes to urinate on a bed in a hotel in Moscow that Obama and Michelle (My Belle) had slept in. They made that up. They had to make up everything. There was not a single shred of evidence that Trump had done anything illegal at any time, anywhere. They’ve been able to prove nothing. They’ve had to make it all up. They had to lie to get warrants to spy on Carter Page. Look. You know the drill.

So now during those four years, what was going on? The Democrats were in bed with the Chinese. And I’m telling you the Chinese pose a much greater threat than the Russians. The Chinese are so much more advanced when it comes to tech, when it comes to cyber hacking. I mean, the Russians, they’re not slouches, but the ChiComs, I mean, just leave ’em in the dirt.

And the Democrat Party was standing there, sitting there all haughty-tauty, all filled with this phony confidence and bravado telling the people of this country that their president was a Russian agent, their president was a Russian spy, their president was illegally elected, their president needed to have the presidency taken away from him. While all of that was going on every day for four years, the Democrat Party had various members literally in bed with Chinese spies. And who knows what they were giving up. Who knows what state secret Swalwell was giving up in pillow talk. Who knows.

But if you think nothing, you better think again. Eric Swalwell is not anywhere near smart enough or good-looking enough to keep Fang Fang hanging around for real. Fang Fang would be hanging around because he is worth her time. She is an agent. She is a spy. Dianne Feinstein had a spy for 19 years on her personal staff, was her driver, stocked her refrigerator, made sure he kept ice cream for Nancy Pelosi in the fridge, in the freezer. The ChiComs economically outpace the Russians like you can’t believe. The Russians have a smaller GDP than Texas.

Is the Dittocam on or off? It’s on. It’s on. Okay. Thanks. Was it off or on? (interruption) All right. Okay. Well, no, I can see it fine. I got a note here saying the Dittocam is off from somebody who can’t see it out there, and I’m sick and tired of it, so thought I would ask you. Yesterday the same guy told me the Dittocam was off and it was on. Is it on right now? Okay, fine, thanks.

So, anyway, these people have these close personal relationships with Chinese spies. We know that Biden owes whatever wealth he has to China. His son Hunter, all these sleazy deals with the ChiComs and in Ukraine. Now, this was real stuff. That stuff actually happened. All the Trump stuff was made up. It had no basis in fact whatsoever. So that’s why I’m spending time on this. Because we’re having games played with us ongoing. Needs to stop. If it’s not gonna stop people need to know exactly how this is happening and why.

It’s extremely frustrating here, folks, what the Democrat Party gets away with, and they get away with everything because there is no media. It’s that simple. They get away with everything because there isn’t a media tracking down Eric Swalwell. If a media tracks Eric Swalwell, finds out that he’s in bed with a ChiCom spy, they’ll cover it up for him. They don’t care. If they think he’s valuable to the cause, they’ll cover it up. There is no media.

Let’s go to some Swalwell sound bites. He was on CNN this morning with Jim Sciutto. Question: “Did you have any concerns about Fang Fang before you had a defensive briefing from the FBI to make you aware of her threat?”

SWALWELL: I was shocked. I was told about this individual, and then I offered to help, and I did help, and I was thanked by the FBI for my help, and that person is no longer in the country. At the same time this story was being leaked out is the time that I was working on impeachment on the House intelligence and Judiciary Committees. And if this is country where people who criticize the president are going to have law enforcement information weaponized against them, that’s not a country that any of us want to live in. And I hope it is investigated as to who leaked this information.

RUSH: So what is he talking about? He said, “I was shocked. I was told about this individual -” this is Fang Fang “– I offered to help, I did help, I was thanked by the FBI for my help, and that person’s no longer in the country. ” The person is no longer in the country ’cause they got caught. Not because you had anything to do with it. You’re still not out of the woods. Next question: “Are you concerned that you shared any information with this person before you were notified by the FBI?”

SWALWELL: Well, I know that I didn’t. Again, I can’t talk too much about the details of the case. Even though others may have violated their oath, I’m not going to violate mine. The people who did share classified information were the people who leaked this story. And to do that against a critic of the president they may think that they’re going to silence me. They’re not going to silence me.

RUSH: Nobody wants to silence you. You have nothing to say anyway. You’re just a hack. You’re nothing more than a predictable party hack. Nobody’s trying to silence you, Mr. Swalwell. You’re not that important. What people are trying to find out is what you gave up, what kind of state secrets did you volunteer. You didn’t even know you had a spy in your midst, in your bed.

Next question: “This is textbook Chinese influence operation, Congressman Swalwell. They happen frequently inside this country. What does this tell us about the degree of the threat from China today?”

SWALWELL: In our congressional offices, Jim, we don’t have the technical capabilities, you know, to run background checks on people who are around us. And my district has a third people of Asian descent. So, you know, you don’t also want to stereotype people as spies so I think we need to invest more in our intelligence resources so we don’t have people who can successfully does this.

RUSH: He doesn’t have enough money in his offices in order to run background checks, and since so many people in his district are Asian, he cannot accuse any of them of being spies because that’s bigotry and prejudice. No wonder the guy was targeted. He’s a stupid sitting duck. He’s not gonna turn anybody in if he finds out that they happen to be spies. We don’t have the technical capabilities to run background checks on people who are around us? This is ludicrous. In this day and age?

And how about that excuse, “Well, so many people in my district that are Asian, you know, I don’t want to stereotype people as spies.” You’re not. If you’re dating a spy, if you are sleeping with a spy, don’t you think it’s more important for this to be learned and acted upon instead of covering it up and hiding it because you might offend some Asians in your district? Well, we know the answer. Of course you’re not gonna want this news out. You’re not gonna want it revealed because it points out how easily duped you are.

Anyway, that’s Eric Swalwell. And he’s been one of the most hateful critics of President Trump in the past four years. And everything he accused Donald Trump of doing was baseless. Nothing. Not a single word of the things Swalwell accused Trump of doing happened. And yet at the same time, Swalwell was actually in bed with an official state sponsored spy of the Chinese government.


RUSH: Charles in Oakland, Maryland. It’s your turn, sir. You’re up. Great to have you here. Hello.

CALLER: Rush, longtime listener since August of ’88. I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: And best to you. I’ll get right to my point. If Fang Fang was drilling a dry hole for four years with Eric, she would have moved on to another congressman. I mean, I can’t believe that Eric thinks that she was just working there. She is a spy. Spies glean information. That’s how they get paid. That’s how their masters like them.

RUSH: Exactly.

CALLER: If she was there for four years and wasn’t getting any information, she would have been canned or moved on to another person.

RUSH: That is an excellent point. It’s exactly right. They don’t have time to waste on this, and if Swalwell is a dry hole, as you say — we already know he’s a dryball. The idea that he’d be a dry hole is not a big stretch. And so he must have been providing something, is the point, or she wouldn’t have hung in that long. You know, the people that work for the Chinese government — I don’t know if you see how they’re portrayed on television shows.

There’s a show called NCIS Los Angeles. And because of where that show is set, it’s set in Los Angeles, they often use Chinese spies as characters in story development. And they portray them all — they’re obviously beautiful, both men and women, they’re beautiful, they’re great looking, they are young, they are classically intelligent and so forth. And all that may be true. But the fact of the matter is, they are nothing but employees, and they have to produce. They are as under the gun as any other employee of the Chinese government is.

Now, some of them rank higher than others. Some of them are in what we would call management. But this woman like Fang Fang, the American media might portray her as a honeypot and somebody who’s running around compromising American political officials. All that may be true. But the truth be known, she is a number. She is simply an employee. She has a job to do. She has got results that she has to provide. And if she doesn’t, she is in big trouble. They all are.

I’m just long way around say if Swalwell isn’t giving her anything, she’s out of there. She doesn’t have time to mess around. She’s not in this for love or any of that other stuff. Swalwell had to be worth something ’cause of how long she was there.

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