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RUSH: I’m sitting here thinking today and last night back to the early days of the pandemic and literally the first two weeks of the lockdown. Remember when Trump announced that if we do nothing, that two million people will die. ‘Cause that’s the number he was given. It was a projection by somebody that had a model, and they were projecting that if we didn’t do any mitigating factors, if we didn’t social distance or wear masks or whatever, that over two million people could die in the next year. Trump said I can’t have that, we’re not gonna let two million people die.

So he begrudgingly went along with a lockdown of the country. Now, as a powerful, influential member of the media, I was deemed essential. And I, therefore, I had to travel around doing cancer treatment things, and I remember seeing the country shut down. All of these businesses boarded up, shut down, and it broke my heart. I remember telling you almost exactly that. It broke my heart. We were running around looking at these entire neighborhoods and cities just locked down.

And I’m thinking behind every front door that’s locked down is somebody’s dream. Somebody borrowed money to start the business, somebody had it already, invested it, what have you, and now they’re basically being told that they’ve gotta shut it down. And from the first moment, my friends, it bothered me. Something about it just bothered me. It didn’t sit well. I didn’t think it was gonna help. All it was doing was delaying things. I mean, the minute you open up whatever wasn’t happening during the shutdown was going to start happening. If you didn’t come up with a vaccine, if you didn’t come up with a therapeutic to cure people that get it, then it didn’t matter.

So we shut down, and the longer it went, I remember being almost a lone voice for ending it, that we have to reopen. We’ve never shut down for a pandemic. We don’t shut down for the flu. And the flu kills many more people than this disease does. We haven’t shut down for anything like this. And yet here we are, and everybody’s going along with it. I started getting emails from people that have businesses and restaurants in New York, were basically told their business is over. And now the headlines are coming back again: “10,000 of America’s Restaurants Expected to Close in the Next Three Weeks.”

Now, this is about Trump and Senate Republicans trying to pass a stimulus package before the election. And it was Nancy Pelosi who held that up. The top Democrat let millions of people needlessly suffer hoping it would give Democrats an advantage in the election. I think that’s sick. I think that’s unforgivable, but that’s what she did. It’s what Democrats do. They destroy anything and everything that interferes with their political agenda.

Their agenda is control over you and me. They’re happy for you to lose your business. That means you’re gonna be depending on them at some point. So now 10,000 more American restaurants are expected to close in the next three weeks. I mean, it’s so unnecessary.

And we see what’s happening now out in California with the selected application. Some restaurants are allowed to stay open, some are not. And it still rips me to see this happening when it’s not necessary.

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