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RUSH: Jenna Ellis has been diagnosed with COVID-19. Did you know this? She apparently went to a White House holiday reception last week, was not wearing a mask. Of course the catcalls are all out now that that was a superspreader event, another White House superspreader event and that Jenna Ellis was out there shedding virus all over everybody, spreading it around, not wearing a mask, doing all of that. She was on Newsmax TV today, and she had a question posed to her by John Bachman. “I want to ask you how you’re doing and how is Mayor Giuliani doing after your COVID diagnosis?” Sound bite number 24 in three, two, one.

ELLIS: I’ve talked to him a few times today, he’s such a great warrior and he’s continuing to work really hard on this, all these cases, and so am I and the rest of the team. So we’re all following our doctors’ individual advice and making sure that we’re being safe with everything. And I just saw the piece that dropped from Jonathan Swan in Axios and it’s ridiculous. What he reported there I think was insanely reckless. I mean, I attended the party on Friday night and that was completely fine, the mayor hadn’t been diagnosed yet. So to comment that somehow that was some kind of a superspreader I think was really, really ridiculous.

RUSH: Right. She’s still working. She got COVID-19, still working, still appearing on TV.


RUSH: Let’s go back to Jenna Ellis from this morning on the Fox Business Network. She was on Mornings with Maria Bartiromo. The first question she got was this. “Now, walk through all of your cases right now and tell us what you feel has you the most optimistic.”

ELLIS: Ultimately, on January 6th is the date when Congress actually receives and certifies the vote of the Electoral College. So that’s what’s important here. And so the Supreme Court absolutely has enough time to step in, and I think it’s incredibly important that Mike Kelly’s suit is heard and that Ted Cruz is weighing in here and saying that he’s willing to take up this case and to fight for election integrity, is really great. We also have four lawsuits that are currently pending in Wisconsin and in Pennsylvania and also in Georgia. We’re hoping that between the judicial track and also the state legislative hearings that ultimately we will get to fair and accurate results for election integrity.

RUSH: I don’t know if any of you have taken the time to watch any of these state legislative hearings. They have been a gold mine. I’m gonna assume that not a whole lot of people have taken the time to watch. It’s like sitting down and watching five hours of C-SPAN. A select few number of people ever do that. But, man, these people who have shown up at these hearings, just average, ordinary Americans who were part of the counting process testifying to what they saw, putting their names to affidavits to what they saw.

It was amazing what they said and what they said they saw and that they were willing to testify to. So the idea there aren’t any witnesses out there is crazy. There are witnesses galore. And they did step forward at all these state legislative hearings. Now, here’s the next bite. Maria Bartiromo said, “Well, what is the crux of the case? And are you optimistic about it?”

ELLIS: This boils down to one thing. The state election officials changed the rules, they violated the laws in their states, and that is unconstitutional. When you have this much fraud and massive corruption in states that impact hundreds of thousands of votes, that result is irredeemably compromised and can’t be certified. I hope that Republicans in all of these key states, especially their state legislatures, will actually look at this very seriously, will rise to the challenge and recognize there are moments in life and in American history that we have the opportunity to be the generation that makes sure to preserve freedom for Americans to the next generation.

RUSH: Once again, this circles back to the idea that only state legislatures have the power to change election law, including the way votes are counted, all these things that have happened that have resulted in lawsuits or allegations, a bunch of people have gone in and randomly changed election law when they don’t have the power to do it. Texas doesn’t want this to stand. Texas doesn’t want this to basically render the Constitution meaningless. And so they’re trying to preserve it and the way elections are conducted.

It’s a very fascinating and serious case. And we’ll see if the court decides to take it. They don’t have to, again. But everybody has said the Supreme Court is the route here. Everybody is said the Supreme Court is where, if anything happens in favor of Trump, it’s gonna be at the Supreme Court. And this case will be an indication of whether or not that happens to be true.

Now, a federal judge has tossed Sidney Powell’s lawsuit in Georgia. A federal judge appointed by George W. Bush has dismissed Sidney Powell’s lawsuit over Georgia’s use of Dominion voting machines. The judge did not dismiss her case on the merits. He refused to even hear the evidence, which is a pattern with all of these judges. Instead, the judge said that, one, the case didn’t belong in federal court and, two, that Sidney Powell brought the case after the election, which is too late.

But if she had brought the case before election, it would have been thrown out because there were no damages. There couldn’t have been any evidence. She would have just been warning people of things that are going to happen based on what she’s heard. You can’t have a tort without damages.

Anyway, my guess is — and it’s purely a wild guess — that Sidney Powell’s not all that distressed by this because it gives her quicker access to putting the case before the Supreme Court on appeal, which is where all of these lawyers eventually want to go — Rudy, Sidney Powell, Jenna Ellis, State of Texas, they all want this case in front of the Supreme Court and for a host of reasons. A, is the makeup, but B, the Supreme Court is where constitutional law is upheld, particularly with the current makeup of the court. (interruption) She is appealing it. Okay. She’s appealing this.

All right. Well, maybe she has to in order to get it — believe me, the objective is to get this to the Supreme Court at some point, because that’s where they think the final judgment — they don’t think they’re gonna get any kind of support short of the Supreme Court in these state courts, federal, state court. Despite the success Trump has had, there are way too many leftists, liberal judges that are scattered throughout the court system.

There’s another lawsuit that was filed in Georgia back on Friday. It has not gotten much attention, but it actually has a good chance of succeeding. And that’s because it’s not based on any arguments about rigged computers. It’s instead based on voter data that shows tens of thousands of votes cast in the presidential election in Georgia were fraudulent, which the suit says violated state election code and created systemic failure, requires a complete do-over election. This is a Trump lawsuit. Thousands of fraudulent votes in Georgia cast by felons that — we went through the numbers yesterday for you. I mean, it’s incredible. One story had 60,000 fraudulent votes, another 40,000.

So two different examples gave us already a hundred thousand fraudulent votes. Dead people voting, felons voting, underage voters, illegal aliens voting, a number of dead people voting two or three times. The Trump lawsuit is based on that.

Here’s the numbers: 2,560 felons voted. 66,247 underage registrants. I mean, that is a tremendous — the margin of victory in Georgia, what, 13,000? 2,423 people who were not on the state’s voter rolls, they ended up voting. 4,926 voters who had registered in another state were still allowed to vote in Georgia. They didn’t reregister. 40,000 people who had moved counties without reregistering. 1,043 people who claimed a P.O. box as their address, not physically possible. 10,315 people who were deceased on Election Day.

So the number of dead people who voted were over 10,000. You add these numbers up and it’s a serious number. 305,701 people who applied for an absentee ballot past the deadline. So that is a Trump lawsuit that has been filed in the state of Georgia.

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