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RUSH: There’s a guy out there by the name of Stephen Kruiser, and he writes at PJ Media. And he has a piece — there are two headlines to this piece. Let me share them. This is about the Trump rally that took place in Georgia. He said: “Trump Can’t Allow Democrats to Enjoy One Minute of Biden ‘Victory.’ Trump’s Days As the Thorn in the Democrats’ Side Aren’t Over.”

This guy is ecstatic at what he saw. He’s ecstatic that so many people showed up. He’s ecstatic that MAGA is alive and well and isn’t going anywhere and is not going to give up on Trump. Give you a couple of pull quotes from this piece.

“The Democrats and their flying monkeys in the media are still rending their garments over the fact that Trump and the faithful will not go quietly into Inauguration Day, which you all know I’m a fan of.” This guy is admitting that because of what the Democrats did the past four years in upending this entire society and culture, that he’s all fine with the Trump faithful not going quietly into the night or into Inauguration Day.

“Watching them flail throughout what should be their extended moment of triumph is rather delightful.” Meaning Biden, his henchmen, the Democrats, they ought to be at the epitome of peak happiness. They just won the presidency. They got their country back. And they’re not looking like they’re happy about much at all. And the reason they’re not happy about much at all is that Trump won’t go away. See, the idea here was Trump was going to vanquished. Trump was going to be shown the truth. Trump was going to see that the country hates him, they want no more of him. They don’t want any part of him, and he was gonna see this. And then that massive crowd shows up for a two-hour rally.

Mr. Kruiser says here: “I didn’t used to be this mean-spirited about politics but after what they did for the last four years I find myself a bit bereft of any charitable feelings for the Democrats. The news that Ted Cruz -“– and, by the way, this has got some potential here “– Ted Cruz agreed to argue the Pennsylvania case if it got to the Supreme Court is the kind of thing that really makes the Democrats’ heads explode.” They thought all this was gonna go away. They believed that the Republicans would give up, that they would recognize that they’ve been defeated and just go away. And it isn’t happening.

Now, “These things don’t even have to be close to being a reality, just throwing them out in the ether like that makes the Left jumpy. Anytime you have Trump, Cruz, and the specter of Amy Coney Barrett lurking it’s like a ‘monsters under the bed’ gather for the Democrats.” I gotta agree.


RUSH: I had a friend send me a note today, and, folks, there’s optimism out there like you might not believe or expect. This piece that I just shared with you that was written by Stephen Kruiser — K-r-u-i-s-e-r — in PJ Media — what he’s really ecstatic about, he was really afraid that Trump supporters would kind of scatter in the wind with Trump’s defeat, alleged defeat. He was afraid that the MAGA agenda would kind of just fade away.

He was ecstatic at the turnout. He was ecstatic at the energy level. He was pleasantly surprised. I was not. I have to tell you — and I’m not doing this just to disagree with Mr. Kruiser, I’m just telling you I had no doubt Trump — I’m the one that suggested he go to Georgia. I’m the one that suggests now that he keep doing these rallies, all the way through the runoff, keep demonstrating to the left that MAGA is going nowhere, that MAGA is as much a part of who they are as any other aspect of their personality.

The whole point of making America great again or putting America first, it is as important now as it was in 2016. And just because there’s been a potential electoral setback, it doesn’t mean that they’re gonna disband, and they’re not gonna become the Tea Party where you can’t see ’em anymore. They’re gonna be active. They’re gonna continue to be a thorn in the Democrat Party’s side. And that’s going to be fun. They’re going to continually be poking holes and laughing at Plugs and his people and trying to, you know, throw a bunch of wrenches into the mix if they can stop whatever the Biden agenda is.

I got a note from somebody who said, “Rush, as I look at things -” and I hope this is true “– as I look at things, it seems that Trump does have a lot of options available. And what Biden has is the lying Drive-By Media. That’s it. But, Rush, the point is, anybody who thinks that Donald Trump has no chance of winning reelection hasn’t thought through all of the contingencies to their logical or likely end.”

And then this. How does this fit you? “Biden’s only hope of winning was convincing Trump to concede. And Trump has not conceded. And Trump doesn’t look like he’s going to concede anytime soon.” So if Trump doesn’t concede, then that means Trump has ongoing legal challenges and options that he is willing to employ. And as he employs them or gets them ready to be triggered or used, it illustrates that Biden’s sitting there and the only thing he’s got working for him, of course, is the alleged victory, but the Drive-By Media.

Now, what are some of these contingencies? What are some of these things that point towards Trump or favor Trump? Well, here’s a couple. And this is just for the scorecard. For those of you keeping score in court, note that neither the Georgia judge or the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ever considered the merits, i.e., the evidence, of voter fraud in either case. The Georgia judge specifically noted that he wasn’t ruling on the merits.

In Pennsylvania the case was thrown out on the equitable theory of laches, which is old English for “It ain’t fair; you should have done something sooner.” None of that really matters. By the end of the week, at least three states’ votes will be before the Supreme Court, which is what the Trump team has always been aiming for. And with Texas joining in the fight last night, the votes of at least four states will be before the court — Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin. And Ted Cruz has signaled he is willing to take up the fight before the Supreme Court.

Then in Michigan, a judge has ordered a forensic audit of 22 Dominion machines in Michigan. You might remember the strange case of Antrim County, the very pro-Trump red county where the voting results supposedly showed that Biden had won by a huge amount. Well, the election officials knew something was wrong when they saw it, knowing that there was no way that that happened. But when they investigated, they found that somehow the votes had been switched.

Secretary of state, Democrat, tried to blame human error, saying that an election official in the county hadn’t done an update which caused the result. So now, according to Town Hall, Trump lawyers are excited that circuit judge Kevin Elsenheimer has ordered a forensic examination of the machines that were used in Antrim County for the election. This might help explain more about the machines and any issues that may have occurred. The case stems from a challenge by a voter that ballots were damaged during a recount of a village marijuana proposal that ended up barely passing.

Let me get started on the phones. This is Ken, Crystal River, Florida. You’re first today. Great to have you. Hi.

CALLER: First, Rush, I pray for you and your family. I thank you for everything you’re doing. And my comment today is that the national news media and the Democratic Party are using the fear factor in order to control the people. This is right out of the Alinsky, communist playbook. It’s to divert people’s attention to the real facts of what they’re doing. It’s clearly a stolen election. We’ve seen the election results. We’ve seen the fraud that’s taken place. We need to have our place in court. We need to never stop fighting. We need a prayer chain and millions of people to get out in the street so that the national media cannot ignore the populace.

RUSH: Well, that’s gonna be a tough thing to pull off.

CALLER: I know that.

RUSH: The national media, in the first place, it isn’t media. You’re asking them to all of a sudden start reporting the news, when they don’t do that anymore. And you want to be the news, you and this group of people, the massive groups of people you want hitting the streets in protest, and you want the media to cover that. They didn’t even cover their own protests. They didn’t cover what was going on in Portland for 165 nights in a row.

CALLER: If the streets are lined with truck drivers and the roads are lined with people and clog these cities up, it becomes a desperate act. But if they steal this election, they’ve stolen our liberty, they’ve stolen our freedom —

RUSH: Yeah, I know.

CALLER: We’re done.

RUSH: Not just that.

CALLER: That can’t happen.

RUSH: They have forever corrupted the Constitution. I mean, the stakes are quite serious. You’ve spelled them out quite well.

CALLER: Well, we need to never stop. The people have to stand up. There are too many people too quiet sitting by the wayside, unfortunately —

RUSH: Why do you think they’re doing that?

CALLER: Well, if 40% of the people are still watching the propaganda — it’s not news, it’s the propaganda media for the Democratic Party — anybody that refers to the national news as national news is a fool. They are the propaganda wing. They are the Democratic Party.

RUSH: Right. I know. But why are so many people just sitting by doing nothing, you just acknowledged it.

CALLER: They are just in the phase that nothing can be done. What they don’t understand is Trump is Trump, and he is the major factor standing in the way of a revolution. This is a revolution. It’s the corporate world and politics mixing together to overthrow democracy and to put control on the people.

RUSH: Well, there’s one thing. Trump does know that. Trump is very, very aware. He knows what’s at stake too. And that’s why he’s not going away. It’s why he’s not conceded yet. That’s such an important thing. That has the left kind of discombobulated. They’re running around saying, “We told you, we told you, Trump will not participate in a peaceful transfer of power.” He’s not gonna concede yet because there go his legal options if he does. If concedes then it’s officially over. He can’t concede. That’s why Algore had to withdraw his concession back in 2000 if you remember.

So Trump is not going to concede while all of these legal challenges play out. And it’s got the Democrats just perplexed because they thought by now that they would have seen to it that the chances that Trump has for victory here are so small and so tiny, not even worth pursuing. But Trump doesn’t see it that way in any way, shape, manner, or form.


RUSH: Did I tell you earlier or did I not tell you earlier that the Drive-By Media, the Democrat Party, this whole bunch, they are beside themselves that Trump will not concede? Because they know what it means. Trump not conceding means it isn’t over. They want Trump to concede. They want him to admit that he’s lost. They want him to admit that it’s hopeless. They want him to admit that he knows that he got clobbered, but he has not conceded. He’s not going to give them that because he wants all of his challenges to remain open and viable.

So just to show you that I know who these people are, I know them like the back of my hand, CNN, the infobabe Brooke Baldwin is talking to Gloria Borger, the chief political analyst at CNN. And Brooke Baldwin said, “Let’s talk about the Trump strategy, assuming there is one. Fight relentlessly and don’t concede. If he says he wants to run in 2024, then what’s he really playing to here? And do you think whatever he’s doing is gonna work?”

BORGER: He’s got about 50% of Republicans believing that the election was rigged. So, you know, in a way politically you could argue that it might be working for him, in the long term. He’s undermining American democracy in the process. Legally it’s not working for him. He’s not gonna be reelected. As usual, Donald Trump is thinking about his own future and what it will hold for him, and the more people he gather behind him as he tries to finish this fight one way or another — and that’s why he won’t concede — is really what he wants.

RUSH: Yeah. They want him to concede. They want him to admit that he got clobbered, but he’s not going to do that. And don’t you love this? She says he’s undermining American democracy in the process of. You know, you people, I almost run out of ways to describe you and deal with you, Ms. Borger. You people for four years have continued this silly notion that Trump did not win 2016, that he was a Russian agent, that he’s a traitor, that somehow he worked with Russia to steal the election.

And you never gave it up. You never once let Trump have an absolute unopposed access to the presidency. You made it as difficult for him as you could. He’s not dishing on you anywhere near what you did to him. He’s just refusing to concede. He wants to keep his options open, and that is what he’s doing.

Let’s see. Janesville, Wisconsin, next as we head to the phones. It’s Buck. Great to have you, Buck. How you doing.

CALLER: Pretty good, Rush. How about you? Great to hear you’re on the mend.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, two quick points, one on the virus, one on Dominion. You know, Biden and the Dems want us to all accept the science when it comes to this virus, whether they shut down the economy, force us to wear masks and so forth, put small businesses out of business. And that’s all numbers of new cases. So they’re gonna decide on the number of new cases and call that the science. Well, then why not look at the same science of math, mathematical science and listen to the experts that are stating that it’s mathematically, their science, it’s mathematical impossible for Biden to get all these votes, you know, 90% of the 600,000 or 800,000 all —

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: — the glitches with the equipment and so forth. So they’re saying accept the same science, which is math, on one but not the other. And then when it comes to Dominion, reading the definition of Dominion, the voting machines, the definition of that word is the power to rule and control a country or a government.

RUSH: The definition of the word “dominion”?

CALLER: Right. Correct.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: Anyway, I’ll get off, Rush, and listen to your comments.

RUSH: Okay. Well, what exactly are you asking me here?

CALLER: Oh, just the point that the Democrats want us to accept the science of numbers, mathematical numbers when it comes to new cases of this virus, and that determines whether we should listen to them and shut down our economy. But then when it comes to the same mathematical science, they won’t accept looking at statistically, mathematically that all of these numbers the experts are saying cannot possibly all go in Biden’s favor.

RUSH: Right. Okay. I’ll do my best here. The reason that I sometimes struggle with this — and I’ll admit that a lot of it depends on my mood — if I happen to be in a bad mood, being asked to comment on something like this will tick me off, ’cause I’ve been doing it for 30 years. If I’m in a good mood, I’ll be glad to take it. And I’m kind of between a bad mood and a good mood, so I’ll go ahead and take it.

I have pointed out easily for 30 years just to make the point that hypocrisy does not stick to them. And the reason is the media. Folks, it’s not complicated. We do not have a media. The media is gone. We have a group of people who are Democrat Party operatives who are assigned various jobs at newspapers and cable news networks and magazines where people think journalism happens and where journalists work. But that’s not who they are.

So you can point out all the hypocrisy in the world that attaches itself to the left, and nobody’s gonna make a big deal of it. You want to talk about the science? They demand that we accept the science of climate change. And then they tell us that we must accept the consensus of scientists. There’s no consensus in science. Science is not up for a vote. And yet they tell us we must accept the science.

And one of the problems with Trump is that he doesn’t accept the science of climate change. That’s why you hear Biden constantly running around, “I’m gonna listen to science,” whether it be climate change, whether it be anything else, “I’m gonna listen to the science.”


RUSH: Cindy in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, it’s great to have you with us. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. So my comment is I don’t want Trump to give up. Obviously I don’t. I love what he’s doing. I love that it’s part of his promise of draining the swamp, but if he runs out of time I would love to see him keep pursuing this voter fraud. I’d love for his lawyers to go to these few swing states that the liberals have taken over and made corrupt. Do you think that if he doesn’t get elected he would spend some of his time exposing this voter fraud?

RUSH: I think he’s going to try because he does not believe that he lost. And he doesn’t want anybody else to look at him as a loser, either. So I think there’s a good possibility that he will continue to try for as long as it’s viable, he’ll continue the effort to demonstrate how the election was robbed or how he was robbed, how votes were manipulated, how it was stolen from him.

But at some point, you can’t do that for all four years. At some point he’s got to move on to other things. And I remember my theory on Obama. And I announced this theory. When I heard Obama was not leaving Washington, you know, former presidents don’t do that. They get out of that town fast as they can. They don’t like it. But Obama stayed. I said, now, what’s this about?

So I theorized that Obama was gonna be going on television every time Donald Trump tried to unravel one of his signature pieces of legislation like Obamacare, that the media would be sympathetic as hell and give him all the media time he wanted. It turns out of all of that happened but Obama didn’t do it publicly. He was doing all of it behind the scenes, including the Russian hoax and coup. Trump is not gonna do that. I can’t say for sure what he’s not gonna do. But Trump is not gonna go off into retirement. He is not going to fade away into sunset. He can’t. It’s not his personality. He’s not a background guy. He doesn’t know how to be invisible. He doesn’t want to be.

Donald Trump can’t get enough attention. He can’t get enough of people being around him and liking him and loving him and all of that. And so he’s going to, I think, continue to cultivate his base, make sure that it stays intact, make sure that they don’t give up on the big picture long term. He’s going to talk about seeking the presidency again in 2024 if these efforts to overturn this election don’t work.

But I think specifically what’s he gonna do, would he do a cable TV show, would he try to buy and run a cable network, would he want to do an hour or two on the radio now and then? He’s got any number of options, but I think you should stay confident that he’s not going to disappear. He doesn’t know how to do that.

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