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RUSH: This is lieutenant governor of Georgia. Name is Geoff Duncan. And I want you to hear it because it makes a point that I made in the previous half hour.

DUNCAN: I don’t. I’m proud to have worked hard with the attorney general, Chris Carr, with our secretary of state, Brad Raffensperger and his entire team, to put on what is a fair and legal election here in Georgia. I believe the election was fair and legal.

RUSH: So, that’s the Republican leadership in Georgia. They are in lockstep against President Trump and against their own voters. The question is, why? You know, folks, the answer’s multifaceted, but I’ll give you the two primary reasons. Number one, in Washington there is essentially one party, and it includes Republicans and Democrats. It’s the Washington establishment. It’s the deep state. It’s whatever term the elites, whatever term you want to refer to them. They are made up of RINOs and mainstreamers, and all these members of the elite mainstream of the Republican and Democrat Party, they know their roles in order to maintain their positions in this elite club.

And the Republican role is to acknowledge that they are secondary, acknowledge that they are losers, they lose with honor, acknowledge that that they’re second choice. And in exchange the members of the establishment on the Republican side get many of the inside-the-Beltway benefits of membership that the so-called deep state passes out, like securing your kids’ future, which is a big deal to everybody who has kids.

And Donald Trump threatens that. Just like Reagan threatened it. But Reagan didn’t threaten it in anywhere near to the degree that Trump does.

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