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RUSH: I need to play an audio sound bite. Her name is Angela Marsden. She’s the owner of the Pineapple Hill Saloon and Grill in Sherman Oaks, California. And she made a video that’s gone viral on social media after she saw movie production tents and tables set up in a parking lot just a few feet from the outdoor dining area that she’s not allowed to use.

She set up an outdoor dining area trying to conform with state law on the virus and the governor came along and shut her down, mayor or somebody came along and shut her down. And then she got really ticked off when she saw movie production tents with tables set up in a parking lot just a few feet from the outdoor dining areas she’s not allowed to use.

MARSDEN: I’m losing everything. Everything I own is being taken away from me and they set up a movie company right next to my outdoor patio. Look at this. (she points to her outdoor patio) Tell me that this is dangerous, but right next to me, as a slap in my face, (she points to Hollywood tents) that’s safe. Mayor Garcetti and Gavin Newsom is responsible for every single person that doesn’t have unemployment, that does not have a job and all the businesses that are going under and we need your help. We need somebody to do something about this.

RUSH: So there are people standing up. There are people demanding action. There are people asking for help and protesting and so forth. By the way, she’s exactly right. You know how I mentioned earlier Thomas Friedman said that he hates Trump and it’s Trump’s fault. Now, when you and I hate people, we were the culprit, we’re the dirty, rotten bigots and racists, right? But when he, a good liberal, hates Trump, why, it’s Trump’s problem. Trump made him hate Trump. Well, that’s bogus. Mr. Friedman, you have the ability to cancel the hate. You’re not under Trump’s spell. This is absurd. It’s demeaning for you to make such a claim.

Now, here comes Angela Marsden. She’s making the same point. The mayor and the governor are responsible for the disaster that is California, not people like her. People trying to make their investments’ survivability, trying to make sure that their life’s dream doesn’t get dissolved, doesn’t get destroyed. They’re not the problem here. And yet the mayor and the governor come along, and they try to portray people like her as the problem, ’cause they will not obey with the requirements that they do not make it possible for the virus transmitting.

Right next door, if you’re a big movie production house and you got a lot money to donate, why, have at it, set up however many tables and tents that you want. And she’s frustrated beyond all. She’s exactly right. She should be frustrated. I want you to listen to another sound bite. We are back to our old buddy Ralph Northam, the governor of Virginia. Remember, this is the man that appeared in blackface in one of his old photos in the med school yearbook, and that was deemed to be okay cause he’s a Democrat and everybody knew he wasn’t making fun of anybody, it was just what people did back then.

And then Ralph Northam came out and said, you know what? I’m gonna take it a step further than abortion. I’m gonna go abortion after birth. If a woman decides she wants to abort that child, that child survives the abortion, I’m gonna make it possible for her to finish the job after the baby done get born. And the Democrat Party, they applauded, said this is our man, and he is still in office. And he’s still running the show in Virginia. And so he was on CNBC this very day, this morning. He was asked a question. “What are the numbers that are gonna trigger you, the governor, Ralph Northam, to take even further measures against the people of your state?”

NORTHAM: It’s a great question. You know, I’m data driven, and we’re following the data very carefully and we’re seeing where these outbreaks are, and they’re mainly in — in where people are gathering in — in larger groups. Some of those are in — in homes. We saw it over Thanksgiving, unfortunately. We’re also seeing it in our places of worship.


NORTHAM: And so we’re gonna really encourage our churches and places of worship to — to take this seriously and — and to make sure that their numbers are not high and that they’re wearing masks and social distancing. So there are a lot of areas that we’re looking at. But the decisions that we make will be data driven in Virginia.

RUSH: So the problem had to be the churches. Houses of worship. People showing up out there and in there, and they’re not social distancing and they’re not wearing masks. What about the protest march? I didn’t hear him say anything about the protest march or any of the other ways in which people congregate.

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