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RUSH: Folks, there is so much happening here with this election fraud story that it has been a challenge for me — because I’ve been somewhat distracted the past week, even longer than that.

It’s been a challenge even for me to put all these pieces together. So, the first question: What the hell is that Georgia video? It’s amazing. Can it be explained away by the left? I don’t think they can explain this away. And who are these people in the video? Well, we now know the name of one of the people in the video. This is the suitcase video, this suitcase-underneath-the-table video?

When all the Republican monitors are gone, here come the suitcases with all the ballots, and we now know the name of one of the people engaged in this. This is exactly… This is exactly the kind of evidence that we need, and we need it pronto. We are running out of time here. Somebody is going to have to come forward and just claim they are counting stored legal votes or tell us what the con was and who ordered it.

It’s gonna have to happen this way.

The smoking gun video. How long have we been told, folks, that the Trump team has no evidence of voter fraud? We’ve been told this since the first allegation of it was made. Despite the hundreds of sworn affidavits, the hours of sworn testimony before legislatures in Georgia, Nevada, and elsewhere. And how about all of these people testifying?

You know, C-SPAN’s had it. All kinds of television networks have had these people, average, ordinary Americans coming forward and explaining — the witnesses explaining — what they saw. It has been fantastic to watch, if you’re into the civics aspect of this. They have been giving testimony before legislatures in Georgia, Nevada, and elsewhere.

Now we have a smoking gun — or, rather, smoking suitcases — and the media and the rest of the Democrats are still out there saying there’s no evidence. And I’m not sure surprised. They’re trying to run the stall. They’re running the clock out. They’re in the prevent defense here, folks. They’re just gonna let the clock run out. What is it? Ten days from today the electors vote.

That’s their timeline right now. The media and the rest of the Democrats are still saying there’s no evidence. (interruption) “Do they even know what ‘evidence’ means?” Yes, of course they know what evidence means; they’re lying through their teeth about it. Now here’s the thing. In case you haven’t heard, during a hearing at the Georgia senate yesterday, Rudy Giuliani, the Trump team played a video that showed at least four cases of ballots pulled out from under a table.

Four cases. Suitcases! These are not small, little attache cases. These are four suitcases, at least. They contained ballots. “They were pulled out from under a table. The ballots were then counted and scanned while there were no partisan poll watchers present, as is required by law.” That’s written kind of weird. The poll watchers are required to be there — as required by law — and they weren’t there.

The poll watchers and the media had been told to go home ’cause of a water main break (chuckles) that we now know never happened and they say there’s nothing to see here? They say that this is standard operating procedure? A lied-about water-main break to clear the place out? Jacki Pick, an attorney Trump legal team volunteer, said that the unobserved and illegal counting went on from 10:30 p.m. until 1 a.m.

Jacki Pick said the number of ballots counted after the observers left is beyond the margin of victory for Plugs, who chases his dog’s tail. In fact, each box consisted of about 6,000 ballots. Four boxes would add up to about 24,000 votes. Biden’s margin of victory is fewer than 13,000. You see where this matters. It matters one heck of a lot.

Now, Rudy said in TV interviews later the same thing happened in six other states. So here comes the question or the questions that everybody’s asking. Where’s the FBI? Where’s the DOJ? Georgia Democrats have been caught trying to nullify the votes of over 75 million Americans, and our premier law enforcement agency is nowhere to be found.

I know Bill Barr says no evidence of fraud in an interview with the AP back on Tuesday. He said Tuesday, “The Justice Department’s not uncovered evidence of systemic voter fraud that would change the outcome of the election. He said, ‘There’s a growing tendency to use the criminal justice system as sort of a default fix-all, and when people don’t like something, they want the Department of Justice to come in and investigate.'”

Oh, no. You don’t get to do that! We just went through four years of the FBI being corrupted and used to spread the essence of a political coup, and now we are told, “We’re not gonna allow this monkeying around here with the DOJ. We’re not gonna have the DOJ come in and fix every problem.” How about when the DOJ’s the source of the problem?

Well, the FBI’s part of the Department of Justice. How about when the FBI’s part of the problem? So you see, folks, the theft of a presidential election? It’s not important enough to investigate. However… Ah, it’s just extremely frustrating. The Trump legal team, led by Rudy and Jenna Ellis, said, “In response to Barr’s comments, ‘With all due respect to the attorney general, there hasn’t been any semblance of a Department of Justice investigation.

“We have gathered ample evidence of illegal voting in at least six states, which they’ve not examined. We have many witnesses swearing under oath that they saw crimes being committed in connection with voter fraud. As far as we know, not a single one has been interviewed by the DOJ. The Justice Department also hasn’t audited any voting machines or used their subpoena power to determine the truth.”

Now, that’s an interesting point. Now the governor of Georgia, Brian Kemp, wants the secretary of state to start auditing signatures now. But don’t misunderstand what that is. That’s not the signatures on the ballots. I’ll have to explain what he’s asked for as the program unfolds. We are still at the setting-the-table stage of what’s coming on the program today, and let me continue to do that.

Let’s talk about Trump and his role in this, because — as is the case always — he has to deal with so much pressure. He has to deal with a maze, a labyrinth of pressures that are coming at him from every direction. He has to… For example, he has to reassure his base that he’s doing all humanly possible to ensure that votes are counted and fraud is rooted out.

He has to do that. His base is demanding it. He has to do it. He has to reassure his base that he’s doing everything he can to ensure that our votes are counted. The fraud seems to be mind-boggling! We’ve got sudden, nocturnal troves of votes in suitcases. We have missing ballots. We have improper absentee ballots. We have computer questions.

We have violations of state voting law. We have out-of-state voters. We got dead voters. We got voters voting three and four times. We’ve got the Zuckerberg $350 million con. (That’s a separate story on how Facebook has tried to rig the game.) Another point: Time is of the essence here for Trump to do whatever it is he’s gonna do. We’re running out of time, folks.

We got 10 days until the Electoral College assembles and votes.

State officials will certify — officially — the votes and the states will then choose the electors to vote in accordance with their state totals. So in enough of these five disputed states (and those states remain Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Wisconsin, and Georgia) either a judge will have to throw out the vote and order recounts, or the state legislatures are gonna have to step in and pick new electors.

The magic number is 270. That’s where Trump has to get. Doesn’t matter if it’s 271, 275; 270 is the magic number. I think in order to force the issue… Now, remember, I am the guy that said Trump needs to go to Georgia and do rallies for these two senators down there. He needs to do MAGA rallies. He needs to not let go of this. He needs to keep the energy alive.

(interruption) Yes, yes, yes. We’ll get into Lin Wood and this business of people shouldn’t vote for the two Senate candidates. This is a lot to wade through out there. I mean, there’s really a lot to wade through — and, of course, folks, one of the big challenges… (sigh) You know, I don’t want anybody misunderstand me here.

It’s getting harder and harder… Can I have the attention of the mainstream media? This is a pull quote. You’re gonna love this quote from me. Mainstream media, stop what you’re doing. Here comes the pull quote. Ready? Three, two one: “As a conservative, it’s getting harder and harder to not look like a kook. (laughing) Just kidding!

But no. All of this stuff that’s floating around out there is impossible to keep up with, because there’s a lot of it. There are so many theories, and all of them have a trace of validity to them, and the left is doing everything it can to make every one of them appear to be right out of Kookville. So people that believe these things have got to run the risk — or weather the storm — of being called a kook because that’s how they’re trying to quit all this.

They know, for example, mainstream Republicans don’t want anything to do with kooks, racism, bigotry, homophobia, whatever. So all they have to do is run around and say, “Every one of these theories that we’re hearing to explain voter fraud, it’s just Kook City! It’s just Kookville.” So they’re trying to get mainstream media Republicans… They don’t have to work very hard on this, by the way.

Mainstream Republicans have a patent on staying silent. I think the campaign to call these people kooks is almost as effective as calling them racists. (interruption) You disagree with that? You look like you… (interruption) You mean the suitcase video? (interruption) They can call it kooky! They can say that there’s a legitimate explanation for it and never explain what it is — or they could just not show the video.

I mean, what do we think they’re gonna do? They haven’t aired Trump’s speech. Trump gave a speech on election fraud. It may be one of his best speeches. They’re not covering it. But they’re ripping it to shreds. They didn’t cover it. They didn’t broadcast it. But CNN’s in there ripping it to shreds — and the same thing here with that suitcase video.

If nobody sees it, does it exist? And if they want to go further and claim, “That’s just another kook theory from Lin Wood. I don’t believe what we’re having to put up with,” or whoever they want to lay it off on. So this is one of their techniques here is to chalk all of this stuff up to kookism and a bunch of brave people are gonna have to just ignore that.

Now, Trump doesn’t care, and he needs to be the guiding light of influence on this. He has shown himself to be fearless no matter what he’s accused of, and that’s what this is gonna take, and it’s gonna take the Republican Party joining this effort. So we’ve got five disputed states here: Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Wisconsin, Georgia.

A judge is gonna have to throw out the votes and order recounts or the state legislators are gonna have to step in and pick new electors. They need daily press conferences. All next week they need clear graphs, they need charts and graphs up there to show how they cheated. Six out of 10 Americans believe fraud occurred.

We need seven or eight of 10 to get public support. Right now, six out of 10 do. They need a chart that shows seven out of eight of 10 Americans believe they were cheated, believe fraud occurred. That will get public support to remind judges to do the right thing. But they’re gonna have to work at this. It isn’t just gonna happen, is the point.


RUSH: So we had a call up there. The guy didn’t hang on, which kind of disappointed me. I wanted to take the call ’cause I think he’s probably representative of some who misunderstood me. I said, “It’s getting tougher and tougher…” I said, “Mainstream media, I’ve got a pull quote for you: ‘It’s getting tougher and tougher to not be seen as a kook.'”

Not because of what we’re doing, folks. Because of what they are doing. They are positioning… We’ve got voter fraud. We’ve got reams of evidence. We’ve got video. We have all kinds of evidence that there is massive voter fraud. Our Constitution has been undermined — and here we come along, and we show evidence. We’ve got video.

We’ve got shocking video of suitcases being pulled out from underneath tables with 24,000 ballots, fake ballots. This is called Kookville to point this out. This is called Kookville. Sorry, how do you avoid being a kook? I think it’s the latest attempt that the left is making to, shall I say, discredit or impugn those of us on the right. It’s like playing the Race Card.

There’s gonna be the Kook Card down the road. I’m just telling you that there aren’t a whole lot of mainstream Republicans who want to be thought of as kooks. In fact, I’ll tell you this: There’s a whole lot of mainstream Republicans who think that some conservatives are kooks. I’m talking about the swamp-dwelling Republicans, the establishment Republicans.

That’s all I was doing. All I was doing was warning you: This is the next disparagement that is headed our way. Because, folks, they’ve got nothing else. They can’t… Like when it comes to issues, they cannot defeat us on issues. So they don’t even try to out-argue us on issues. What do they do? They destroy our credibility. They impugn us.

They call us racist, sexist, bigot, whatever. Now they’re gonna add kook to it, and they’re gonna apply kook to as many mainstream conservatives as they can. It’s what the left does. Look, the left is not interesting in winning debates as a means of advancing their ideology. They don’t think they should have to. It’s an insult to them to say they have to win debates. “What the hell is that?

“What we believe is what is. We’re gonna make it so. We’re gonna implement it. We’re gonna mandate it. To hell with this business of winning debates over it! To hell with that!” That’s their attitude about this, because they can’t win the arguments, folks. We have demonstrated that for 30 years. It’s one of the reasons I’m so damn frustrated over this election.

They cannot beat us on issues. Biden didn’t beat anybody on issues. The media didn’t beat anybody on issues. How’d the media win this election for Biden? All they did was destroy Donald Trump day in and day out for four years. They didn’t defeat us on issues. We own the issues.

Now they’re coming along and they’re adding to this entire strategery they have of ignoring issues on the basis that they shouldn’t even have to debate them because it’s not a question of that. And they’re now continuing the disparagement and the impugning, the criticism, what have you. If a Republican had postulated before the 2016 election any of these schemes or conspiracies that have come true, they would have been called a kook.

I’m telling you right now, if a Republican, any of them, had predicted before the 2016 election any of the deep state schemes that have taken place in the last four years — the coup, the corruption of the FBI! If somebody come along and predicted that, they would have (and were, by the way) been called a kook. Kookiness, as far as the left making allegations, has been normalized now, which is — sadly — my only point.


RUSH: I mentioned that we had the smoking gun video of the suitcases being pulled out from underneath the table in Georgia, and I mentioned the name Jacki Pick. She was the person that was narrating this video, and I have a portion of her narration of that video right here…

PICK: We’re gonna roll this back and show it to you. There you go. So now they’re gonna start pulling these ballots out from under this table. This table, the black one, was placed there by the lady with the blond braids at about 8:22 a.m. in the morning. So she put that table there. So the same person who’s staying behind now, the same person who cleared the place out under the pretense that we’re going to stop counting. What are those ballots doing there separate from all the other ballots, and why are they only counting them whenever the place is cleared out with no witnesses?

RUSH: We know the answer! Because they’re making it up. They’re filling them out as they go. We all know the answer to this. So that’s Jacki Pick, narrating the video of all of those suitcases. There were four of them, folks, and every suitcase contained like 6,000 ballots, had a total of 24,000 ballots in these suitcases. Now, remember the margin of victory in Georgia for Plugs was 13,000. So this is a big deal. It matters.

Here’s Jenna Ellis he commenting on this tape as the smoking gun.

ELLIS: At about 10:30 at night, the election official told everyone to just go home, stop counting — and then four people remained behind, and you can see from the video that they reached under a table and took out four big boxes of ballots and kept scanning them through through the night. And this is what my co-counsel, Mayor Rudy Giuliani, described as the smoking gun. It’s verified the testimony that we already had from other poll watchers and other people who were there who said that they had to leave, and they described all of these irregular activities and the violations against the law.

RUSH: Right, and so they believe now that state legislators in these states — that are all controlled by Republicans — can be compelled to act based on the evidence that they’ve seen. This is what they’re thinking. Here’s more Jenna Ellis…

ELLIS: The signature audit would really help to see how many ballots were initially entered into the certification count that are fraudulent and shouldn’t be assessed. We have asked five times for that signature audit, and this video just proves our point as to why we need that audit. There’s been so much emphasis on the court and the judicial branch, but Mayor Giuliani and I have also made our case over the last two weeks to the state legislatures.

Even without the courts intervening the state legislatures can take back their authority under Article II, and they can actually stop the certification, and they can say, “No, this election was fraudulent, it was corrupted, and we are going to provide that remedy,” and so the state legislatures, I think, are actually the best option.

RUSH: That’s exactly right. The state legislators appoint the electors. They can delay it based on fraud that they have seen. They can do any number of things. There are all kinds of options available to them, and that’s why they’re advocating this.


RUSH: By the way, something that you need to consider. Many things I assume people know and I make a mistake there. Legitimate ballots do not come in suitcases. That’s not how they are transported. That’s not how they are collected. It’s not how they are stored. They don’t come in suitcases! You don’t need to know any more than that to know something is awry here.


RUSH: I got a whole bunch of stories that have just popped my way over Governor Kemp. Governor Kemp in Georgia, Brian Kemp, is… It’s kind of curious. One headline: “Georgia Governor Kemp Claims Republican Secretary of State Has Yet to Order Signature Audit.”

Like Kemp’s got nothing to do with it, so he’s foisting it all on the Republican secretary of state. (Snort!) I have a theory. I don’t want you repeat this. I’m not gonna say it too loud. They don’t think either of these guys want any part of any of this. I mean, just from what I have seen — from what I have heard and read — it just doesn’t seem that there’s a whole lot of desire here.

But I hope I’m wrong. But let me share with you some of these headlines. There’s a couple. From BizPac Review: “Georgia Governor Kemp Forced to Call for Signature Audit After Trump Legal Team Presents Shocking Footage.” This is the video of the suitcases being pulled out from underneath the table, 24,000 ballots. Again, ballots are not transported, they are not stored, they are not in any way ever put in suitcases.

There is no time everywhere official ballots ever find their way to a suitcase — and if they do, then something is really, really wrong. Because that’s not where ballots live. Nobody houses them there. They’re not stored there. They’re not put there by the manufacturer after they’ve been made. They never see the inside of suitcases. Another headline. PJ Media: “Georgia Governor Calls for Signature Audit After Ballot-Stuffing Video.”

So a lot of people are asking now, “Is Governor Kemp…?” You know, I like Governor Kemp. I remember praising Governor Kemp to the hilt when he kept the state of Georgia open this past spring during the demands for closing down the economy. I remember I like the guy, and I praised him extensively. But this is kind of… I don’t know.

As I say, I haven’t seen a whole lot of enthusiasm for this jury in the in the mainstream media Republican Party. So is he now calling for the signature audit because he knows it’s the right thing to do, or is he doing it because he knows all the evidence has been destroyed? You see, if the evidence has been destroyed, there’s nothing to find — and then they can say there’s no fraud.

They’ve already counted the ballots. They’ve already gotten whatever usage out of these illegal ballots they want, and they could have tossed ’em. Here is (grab sound bite number 30) Gabriel Sterling — who is the Georgia election implementation manager — on NewsMax today being asked, “How do you answer questions about the suitcase video?”

STERLING: When you watch the video, those aren’t suitcases. Those are regular absentee carriers used in dozens of counties across the state. That’s how they bring those in. Nothing was brought in without the monitors there. So everything was there. There was nothing new brought in. We didn’t see anybody wheeling stuff into the room. We saw stuff that was already in the room.

RUSH: So what Gabriel Sterling is saying here is, “[T]hose aren’t suitcases. Those are regular absentee carriers used in dozens of counties across the state. That’s how they bring those in. Nothing was brought in without the monitors there. So everything was there. There was nothing new brought in. We didn’t see anybody wheeling stuff into the room. We saw stuff that was already in the room.” So they call ’em suitcases.

The people in the know — you know, the inside baseball people — they call ’em suitcases, but they apparently are not suitcases. That just… I guess that’s just what they ended up calling them. So we’re happy here to join Gabriel Sterling in correcting the record. So I guess this means there’s nothing wrong with these ballots, right? Well, I mean if we’re all wrong here and they’re not suitcases, well, then there’s nothing wrong.

Why hide ’em?

They weren’t hiding ’em! That was… (interruption) No, no. It’s standard procedure to send the Republicans home before you count ’em. That happens every election, right? And it’s standard procedure to hide these containers underneath tables until you get the Republicans out of the room. (interruption) Stan… (interruption) Now, here is the truth on the signature audit.

I don’t want people to misunderstand what’s going on here. A signature audit that Governor Kemp wants the secretary of state to conduct… The secretary of state’s name is Raffensperger. Everybody (or many people) think that this is an audit of signatures on ballots. It’s not, folks. This particular signature audit would compare signatures to applications for ballots, not to the actual ballots.

I am told that signatures get checked twice: First when the application for the mail-in ballot is received and then again when the ballot itself is received. And at the time somebody receives the ballot, that second check takes place, and then the ballot envelope gets opened if they match. The Georgia state constitution requires secret ballots, which is why ballots are separated from their containing envelopes with the signatures after the envelopes get opened.

So any audit now would not be able to identify an invalid ballot, even if there was a signature mismatch. So again, it’s no big deal. Any audit would not identify an invalid ballot, even if there was a mismatch of signatures. Why is that? (Snort!) Don’t know, but that’s what I’m told. It kind of makes this a moot point in an election challenge.

If you’re not gonna audit the signatures on the ballots, if you’re only gonna audit the signatures on the applications, then you’re not gonna be able to do much in an election challenge. So this is the story was looking for toward the end of the previous hour. So why does it appear that Kemp is pressuring the secretary of state? Folks, I just think nobody wants to do this.

I just think there’s not a stomach for this. The easiest path is to just say there was no fraud, the election’s up and up, it was fair and honest, we got nothing to see here. That is what you just heard this person in Georgia saying. “Naw, naw, naw, naw. These are not suitcases. These are the normal boxes that ballots are housed in.” Well, that kind of just changes everything if they’re not really suitcases even though they call them that.


RUSH: William, Minneapolis, great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello, sir.

CALLER: Thanks for taking my call, Rush. Mega prayers. Just a side point. I believe that you deliver news as good, if not better, than the famous and well-respected Paul Harvey. I think he’s the only other person who’s had —

RUSH: Well, thank you. That’s a pretty stellar compliment, and I really appreciate that.

CALLER: Well, it’s well deserved, sir. The point I want to make is that I think there is a couple of aspects to the litigation that’s gonna be going to the Supreme Court. We understand that the main point that legal teams are gonna be pushing — whether it’s Trump or Lin or Sidney Powell — is equal-protection clause. That was what the Bush v. Gore decision was based on, and I think if there’s an equal protection argument that is made regarding the mail-in ballots and the lack of signature verification, if it invalidates the ballot at the presidential level, it would invalidate that same ballot —

RUSH: No. No, no.

CALLER: — all the way down the line.

RUSH: This is the thing. I’m sorry to interrupt, but the audit, if you’re talking about Georgia, is not gonna be of ballots. The audit is gonna be of envelopes the ballots were mailed in. It’s moot! It makes the whole audit moot. It makes me wonder why these guys are refusing to do it, because the signature audit is not gonna be of ballots.

And that’s all that matters. If you’re gonna compare ballots for legitimacy of signatures, you better compare the ballots. The ballots are how people vote, not the envelopes they come in. Anyway, I’m sorry to interrupt, but I’ve got a time problem. I’m out of it.

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