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RUSH: If you get a chance here, folks… If you’re looking for Christmas or holiday gifts out there, we are continuing… You may not know this. We announced it a couple weeks ago. We’re continuing here with 100% of the profits from the Rush Limbaugh Show Store going to the families of law enforcement.


That’s a direct link, or you can go to RushLimbaugh.com and search for the “Store” tab and click on that. Either way, it’ll take you to the store, and 100% of profits from now through Christmas go to families of law enforcement. You might say, “Why would you give 100% of profits? Why not 50%? Why…? It’s a little suspicious you’re not keeping anything for yourself.”

Folks, you know, we’ve got a page where people can share really special stories about people they know in law enforcement, families and friends. Because everybody here — everybody that gets acknowledged on that page — is nominated by people from the audience. We got the entire Democrat Party running around trying to defund these people.

We have the entire Democrat Party running around attempting to impugn, criticize, and say that law enforcement is deadly, it’s racist, it isn’t necessary. Nothing could be further from the truth. And, besides, one thing I’ve always done throughout the entire 31, 32 years of this program, anybody I love — anybody I know, anybody I believe in, anybody I care about — if I see them attacked, we defend them. I don’t care if I even know them.

I spent six weeks defending Clarence Thomas, and I never even met him. But I knew him. I knew the kind of man he was. I knew he was being railroaded. That’s back when there wasn’t a Fox News. There wasn’t anybody but me. That was back in the early days. George H. W. Bush nominated him in 1991-92. This show was it!

One of the things I have always done is defend people I know deserve it, and law enforcement deserves being defended, far more than people know. So that’s why 100% of profits from the Rush Limbaugh Show Store go to families of law enforcement. We’ve made plenty of money on the store. We did well during the Betsy Ross thing.

We gave up a lot of profits there. But even there, that was millions and millions and millions and millions and millions of dollars, and even though I have the proper amount of conservative greed, we also believe in sharing. Just kidding. I know people… I’ve given the media two pull quotes now to have a lot of fun with.

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