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RUSH: I got a couple of good emails. I check them during the break. “Rush, what are you blaming all this on Trump for?” I’m not blaming anything on Trump. One other question was, “Why are you saying Trump has to do this?” That’s a better question, ’cause let me tell you, folks, what’s gonna happen here. If the Republican Party loses the Senate, who do you think is gonna get blamed for it? Donald Trump.

The Democrats are gonna blame him, and they’re gonna have catcalls and laughter, and they’re gonna have all these funny little stories about how his influence is gone, how he probably never had any. He was just a cult leader. I mean, you all know what’s coming if we lose the Senate. They’re gonna take the occasion of that loss to totally dump on Trump and blame him for it.

And when Trump gets blamed for it, guess what else gets blamed for it? The Trump agenda — MAGA — and this will be their effort to do away with it once and for all. Now, that is unacceptable because the MAGA agenda is the only thing that’s seen the Republican Party have any chance at dominant success. I mean, look at three Supreme Court justices.

Look at Trump’s economic agenda before the COVID-19 virus hit. My God, folks, we were on such a roll as a country! It was unprecedented in most of our lifetimes. The change in the Supreme Court was just profound. You know, you look at these Never Trumpers; that’s exactly why they claimed that they wanted to be conservative — and now Trump did it, they can’t even support that.

But that was a major accomplishment — and winning the fight for Amy Coney Barrett to be put on the court at the time she was? Now, you can sit there… Not you. I know you all get it. But believe me, the Democrats have to destroy everybody on our side who is successful, be they television personalities, be they dominant radio media figures, be they elected Republicans. Whoever they are, they have to be destroyed.

They’re never argued with or debated. None of that. They’re just destroyed. Right now, the Democrats fear MAGA. MAGA united the Republican Party to the point of 70 million-plus votes. They didn’t win this election without the fraud, and everybody knows it. Seventy million votes! Trump got more votes in this election than he did in 2016. He built his base.

The Republican Party showed 95% support for Donald Trump. That’s the kind of stuff that scares living daylights out of Democrats and communists and the opposition, and they have deal with it, and the best way they can think to deal with it is to hope that this Georgia runoff results in two Republicans losing, and they can blame Trump for it, blame the MAGA agenda.

They can say, “You know what? The MAGA agenda never did amount to anything, and this proves it. The minute Trump’s out of the picture, look at what happens to Republican Party. They get their senses about them.” That’s what will be said. “The minute Trump’s out of the picture, the minute Trump loses the presidency, then the Republican Party feels free to go back and be who they really are,” and they’ll get praised for losing day in and day out.

Remember the Republican objective in the old days: Lose with honor. Senator Hugh Scott, you remember him? The senator from Pennsylvania, Hugh Scott smoked a pipe out there — and Bob Michel — “Lose with honor.” That’s how you kept your place at the cocktail parties and the receptions in Washington. I’m not kidding.

So I can tell you right now that all of this I have just predicted is going to happen. They would love nothing more than to be able to blame the MAGA agenda for the Trump loss in the White House and the Trump loss in Georgia. Oh, yeah! In their minds, in their the view, they would be dispatching — doing away with — the scariest opposition they have ever had.

Believe me, folks. Take away the personal dislike for Trump, and you’re left with one thing: These Democrats are scared to death to make America great again. They’re scared to death of put America first again. They’re scared to death of Keep America Great.

They are scared to death of the Constitution becoming the primary objective, freedom for the individual in this country. If they can get rid of those things, if they can disparage those things, then they will do it at the drop of a hat. So this is why I say that it’s incumbent on Trump to do everything he can to help these two win that runoff in Georgia.

I understand some of the objections, which I’ll go through here in just a second, but Trump is the guy who has to do it. Because if he does — if he goes out, if he does rallies, if he does appearances, if he shows up and encourages people to vote — and they win, he gets the credit. MAGA is not dead. MAGA cannot be impugned. Oh, they’ll try, but they won’t succeed.

So that’s why the pressure’s on him. Folks, it’s always on the guy at the top. The guy at the top may have surrogates and may have people that do grunt work for him. But when it comes down to the things that really, really matter, the guy at the top has to ’em. I mean, it’s the name of the game, and the guy at the top, he sought the position. He loves the position.

He loves the pressure being on him. He loves being responsible. I’m just saying he’s gonna have to be here because that’s what’s at stake.


RUSH: This is what I was afraid of. This is what I was talking about when the program began today. There’s a story here at a website called… I don’t care what the website is. It doesn’t say what it is. It looks like it’s legit. It just didn’t print.

Here’s the headline: “Democrat Candidates Have the Lead in Georgia Senate Runoffs.” This is exactly what I was afraid of. Even though we know the polls cheat, even though we know the polls do not reflect public opinion, they shape it. That’s why this is important. This is what I was afraid of. “A new poll out this morning shows both Democrats ahead of Republican incumbents in the two Senate runoff races in Georgia.

“The survey was conducted by SurveyUSA…” This is a legit outfit. Well, it’s a named outfit, but I wouldn’t say it’s legit. They did the survey “on behalf of local Georgia outlet 11Alive and surveyed 850 Georgia residents, most of whom are registered to vote and more than half of whom said they are likely to vote in the runoffs on January 5.” Well, that’s not good enough!

You need a survey of likely voters, not registered. Anyway, this is how they get the result they want. “In one race, [the Pajama Boy] Jon Ossoff has a marginal lead over Republican senator David Perdue, 50% to 48%. … In the other race…” Well, I didn’t print the second page where the numbers are. But that is the Reverend Raphael Warnock. The guy’s a real wacko, and he has a bigger lead than two points over Kelly Loeffler.

So this is just typical. Here come the first series of polls. Of course the Democrats are in the lead. Absolutely they are. It’s totally understandable they would be in the lead.

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