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RUSH: I don’t know any more than you do about the Sidney Powell circumstance. I know a lot of people have been curious to know whether there is something beyond that which has been publicly reported. If there is, I’m unaware of it. I’ve made inquiries. I have not come up with anything more than what you know. We’ll deal with it as it unfolds and manifests itself.

There’s a bunch of different theories going around that she really is not going to stop working, she’s just disassembling herself from the Trump team. I mean, it’s a tough thing to deny that she was ever a part of it because they introduced her as part of it. I mean, she was at that press conference last week. The problem with that press conference last week, folks, it goes way beyond Sidney Powell.

I mean, if you’re gonna announce — and, Mr. Snerdley, you tell me if you agree with me. I may be a little bit wrong on this, I don’t know. (interruption) Why are you smiling? (interruption) Why? Because you think whenever I allude to the possibility of my being wrong, it’s never the case that I’m wrong. Is that what you mean?

You call a gigantic press conference like that, one that lasts an hour, and you announce massive bombshells, then you better have some bombshells. There better be something at that press conference other than what we got, such as a hacker who can tell us, yep, everything these guys have said is true. I’ve looked into it. I’ve run the software, I’ve hacked this, I’ve hacked that. Even put him behind a screen, if you want to protect his identity.

I talked to so many people who were blown away by it, by the very nature of the press conference. They promised blockbuster stuff, and then nothing happened. And that’s just not good. I mean, if you’re gonna promise blockbuster stuff like that, then there has — now, I understand — look, I’m the one that’s been telling everybody, this stuff doesn’t happen at warp speed, light speed the way cases are made for presentation in court, but if you’re gonna do a press conference like that with the promise of blockbusters, then there has to be something more than what that press conference delivered.

Now Sidney Powell is supposedly out, jumped the shark, got out over the skis, but apparently she’s still gonna be working along with Lin Wood trying to make the case that she says is there to be made all along. Time, of course, is of the essence now, as it is speedily vanishing. They’re gonna have to act fast.


RUSH: Mr. Snerdley says last night was a sinking feeling all across the MAGAville because of the Sidney Powell circumstance. Is that pretty much what…? (interruption) You know, there’s all kinds of speculation about what’s going on with Sidney Powell. Was she ever really a member of the team? It appears that she was. Did they really ask her to leave, or is she…?

Some of the Drive-By Media think that it’s impossible to be too conspiratorial for Trump and Giuliani. So the excuse being given that she’s gone because even she’s too wacko for them is being refuted because there’s nothing too wacko for Trump, that Trump will believe anything, and Giuliani will believe anything. So the left is going nuts trying to figure it out, folks.

The left is… They’re coming up with some of the most convoluted theories. I might share some of them with you. They’re kind of funny. One of them involved this fictional, dragon-like figure, the Kraken or the Kraken. I don’t know how you pronounce it. I’m not big into that stuff. (laughs) But they’re going nuts trying to figure out what it means, and is she still secretly working on making all of this happen while Trump tries to salvage some credibility by making it look like there is at least one kook that he will reject? (laughs) Ahhh, my friends.


RUSH: You probably have heard that Professor Dershowitz is saying that Trump still has several constitutional paths to victory. Professor Dershowitz said he thinks the president has several legal pathways to a 2020 election victory. Dershowitz said there are a few constitutional paths for the president’s legal team, but he noted that Trump is going to face legal hurdles in all of them. He said, for example, in Pennsylvania they have two very strong legal arguments. One, that the courts changed what the legislature did about counting ballots after the end of Election Day. That’s a winning issue in the Supreme Court. I don’t necessarily support it, but it’s a winning issue in the Supreme Court.

Changing what legislatures did about counting ballots, the courts don’t have that right. Legislatures maintain the sole right to create election law, like any other law, the courts cannot do it, but the courts here did it. Dershowitz is saying that the Supreme Court would more than likely overturn this. He also said the Trump team has a winning issue in the Supreme Court on equal protection, that some counties allowed flawed ballots to be cured while others didn’t. Cured just another way of being altered. Cured just another way of saying they were changed, made up, created out of whole cloth.

It’s one of these gigantic — it’s not gigantic — it’s one of these words that makes it sound like fixing something. Yes. We’re curing. Oh, yeah. We are fixing a diseased ballot. We are curing. No, no, no, no. Curing means they can take a blank piece of paper and turn it into a ballot. Curing means they can take a valid ballot, throw it out if they want to. That’s what curing means. Dershowitz says the team has a winning issue on the Supreme Court equal protection. Some counties allowed flawed ballots to be cured, i.e., fixed while others didn’t. Bush v. Gore suggests that an equal protection argument can prevail.

We got Dershowitz on audio. Let’s go to audio sound bite number 19. Sunday Morning Futures, Maria Bartiromo. She said, “Can you tell us if you believe there is a path for victory for President Trump amidst all of these charges?”

DERSHOWITZ: In Pennsylvania, they have two very strong legal arguments. One, that the courts changed what the legislature did about counting ballots after the end of Election Day. They also have a winning issue in the Supreme Court on equal protection, that some counties allowed flawed ballots to be cured while others didn’t. They have to show enough contested votes under those two legal theories to change the outcome. The other legal theory they have, which is a potentially strong one, is that the computers, either fraudulent or by glitches, changed hundreds of thousands of votes. There, there are enough votes to make a difference, but I haven’t seen the evidence to support that.

RUSH: See, that’s what it comes down to. And that’s why you go back to the press conference that Rudy and Jenna Ellis and Sidney Powell conducted last week – in fact, I got a note from a very learned friend who was so let down by that press conference. He said, “Man, Rush, after that press conference, I was expecting the evidence. I was expecting something to blow this thing to smithereens. I mean, you don’t go out and do a press conference like that with all of those promised bombshells and then zip, zero, nada? So I was expecting there to be some kind of computer expert or hacker who was then going to provide evidence and an example of what they were talking about that was blockbuster, but there was nothing.”

And he said “my real problem with this is it’s making Trump look like he doesn’t know what he’s doing. It’s making Trump look like he’s floundering away out there.” The guy was very upset by this. That that press conference, there was nothing to it when it was over, when it was obviously set up to lay the groundwork for some massive, massive news that was going to shake, rattle, and roll the entire election, but it never came.


RUSH: Jenna Ellis from the Trump legal team just tweeted the following. Well, about a little less than an hour ago. The tweet is: “Third Circuit Court of Appeals grants expedited review for Team Trump’s appeal from Pennsylvania.” Now, this, I think, is the case that the federal judge — the supposedly very conservative, Trump-appointed federal judge — in Pennsylvania threw out on Saturday.

And threw out in kind of a mocking, making-fun-of-the-Trump legal team way. So maybe they’ve asked for an appeal to the third court of appeals, and they’ve granted an expedited review for the appeal from Pennsylvania. It could be that’s what she’s talking about. As I say, we track all this stuff down. It happens in real time. We’ll get as much info as we can.


RUSH: Here’s Suzanne, Appleton, Wisconsin. Great to have you. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush, and prayers to you every night. We love hearing you. Every time we can turn on the radio and hear your voice, it just lifts all of us.

RUSH: Well, I thank you. I appreciate that. Thank you very much. I really do appreciate that.

CALLER: Well, I was calling today about my thought about Sidney Powell, and I really think the Democrats and the media are terrified that what she has is enough to stick. I really think that the only thing they can do now is to ruin her stellar reputation, and what they’re trying to do is call her a conspiracy theorist, and they’re trying to call her a crackpot, and get people to think that’s the only thing they’ve got, and I think that they want to go to the Trump team —

RUSH: Ah, ah, ah, ah! But, but, but wait a minute.


RUSH: All that may be true, but it’s the Trump team that threw her under the bus.

CALLER: Sure. But I don’t necessarily think they did. I think what they did was smart, because they don’t want to get involved in defending her right now and get distracted from the real thing, which is the fraud. So by simply separating their two investigations, they don’t have to sit and answer questions about her and, “How come you have a crackpot on your team?” and all of this.

RUSH: Ahhhh.

CALLER: They can keep focused on the fraud and she can keep focused on her voting machine investigation, and they can both go at it and the media is off the back of Trump’s team.

RUSH: I got you. I got you. You think that they’re distancing themselves from Powell so she can continue to do her work without —

CALLER: So they can too! Because now the media can’t jump all over Trump every time they’re on and say, “What do you got this crackpot Sidney on your team for?”

RUSH: Well, look, not… Yes they can.

CALLER: (crosstalk)

RUSH: The media can do whatever they want. If Sidney Powell is going to continue her work —


RUSH: — and if she’s going to continue to announce the various stages of accomplishment of her work —

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: — the media can always say, “Wait a minute, Trump. You fired her. Wait a minute. What’s she still doing out there working on your behalf?” And the Trump team’s gonna have to say (sputtering) “We’re not over… What she’s doing has nothing to do with us.” They have to continue to disavow her, but they can’t —

CALLER: Well, I don’t think it’s a true disavowal. I think it’s just a separation of their two different functions and their two different aspects of going after the fraud.

RUSH: So you don’t believe that Trump believes Sidney Powell is a kook?

CALLER: I don’t think he does, no, and I think that… I just think they want to keep focused on the fraud, and I think the media’s trying to draw them off into a conspiracy theory aspect and get everybody’s attention on that and not on the fraud.

RUSH: All right.

CALLER: (crosstalk)

RUSH: That’s an interesting theory. It’s an interesting theory out there, Suzanne. And I’m glad you made it through. I’m glad you got through here to share that with you. A number of other people have a variation of that theory, by the way. I’ve been cataloging the emails I’ve been getting on this, and I could basically put ’em into two categories.

One category says, “Look, Rush, she’s either a kook… She’s either a nutcase and it’s finally being exposed or she’s a genius.” That basically is how some people are looking at it. Others (the fatalistic crowd) are looking at it as, “I knew it was too good too big true. I knew that somebody who claimed to be able to go get what really happened here is nothing more than a locoweed.”

So there are reactions here that are running the gamut. There’s massive disappointment, by the way. Regardless what really is happening here, there is massive disappointment. But the one thing about distractions is that you don’t want them or, if they exist, that you have to find a way to use them to your advantage, and it was clear to a lot of people that Sidney Powell had possibly become a distraction.

So they wanted to distance themselves from her.

Now, the reasons why are where the theories get interesting.


RUSH: Very quickly to repeat, Jenna Ellis tweeted about an hour ago, “Third Circuit Court of Appeals grants expedited review for Team Trump’s appeal from Pennsylvania.” I have to think that’s positive. I have to think that there is some good news there. We’ll just have to follow it and see. Let the process play out. That’s all anybody has requested. Let the legal process play out. Let it go.


RUSH: This is Dave, Kankakee, Illinois. Great to have you, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Thank you for taking my call, Rush.

RUSH: You bet, sir.

CALLER: I believe we’re in a revolution. I think the people of this country are rising up. I think the left-wing media and the government are about to find out how big a dog is on the other end of that chain they’ve been tugging on. We’re not ignore accept the voter fraud, just as we’re not gonna accept all these Draconian government lockdowns. I believe the Trump rallies were just a small taste of what’s coming. I also believe that when the people are afraid of the government, it’s tyranny. But when the government fears the people, there’s liberty. And I think it’s our duty to stand for liberty.

RUSH: I could not agree more. I’d like to know however — not disagreeing — you’ve said whatever we saw at the Trump rallies is just the beginning. Isn’t the point that Republicans do not stand up, they do not oppose, they do not tell these people that are trying to impose tyranny and authoritarianism on us, they don’t tell ’em to go pound sand, we don’t push back? Isn’t that the problem?

CALLER: Oh, absolutely. When I said the left-wing media and government, the Republicans fall right into that line, too.

RUSH: Yeah, but you just said we’re not gonna take it anymore. We’re gonna push back now and that the Trump rallies — what evidence of that do you have? I mean, I would love for it to be true.

CALLER: Well, I mean, the evidence when I said that the Trump rallies were just the beginning, a small taste of it.

RUSH: Ah, yes.

CALLER: Look at all the thousands and thousands of people that came out and spent days of their time doing that. It’s amazing, and that’s just a small taste.

RUSH: And there was the rally over the weekend, a couple weekends ago in Washington. Well, the signs are there. I have to grant you that. The signs are indeed there. Dave, thank you very much. I appreciate the call. Do you realize most hosts would have not known how to pronounce where he’s from, Kankakee, Illinois? Because I’m from near there, I knew how to pronounce it. It rolled off of my mouth and tongue like it was an everyday word that I use. A lot of hosts would have said, “Kuh Kuh Kankaka — Kank -” but I just rolled right off there. Kankakee, Illinois.

There’s the good piece that I just discovered in The Federalist, Christopher Bedford. I think he’s one of the founders, in fact, of the website. “Election Fraud Problems Are A Threat To Our Country — And Too Important To Be Left To Conspiracy Theorists.” And this is not just a little disguised criticism of Sidney Powell. It’s much more than that. It’s really kind of a slap in the face.

Okay, look, folks, let’s stop having fun with this. We’ve got fraud going on, we’ve got kooks saying some odd things. If we don’t fix this, we’re finished. If we don’t get this fraud ironed out, if we don’t get this taken out of the system, if we don’t expose this for what it really is and how it happened and get rid of it, then we are forever going to be enmeshed in election fraud and therefore no election going forward is going to be legit. It’s taoo important to be left to conspiracy theorists. I don’t think it is, but just with them, I mean.


RUSH: Man, oh, man, oh, man. So I make a little mistake. I said that Chris Bedford, I thought, may have been one of the founders of The Federalist. I have heard from 10 people, “He was not! He was not! He was not! He didn’t found it! He didn’t found it! He was somewhere else!” Whoa, are these people protective of their turf. Okay. So he didn’t found it. Fine. He writes there, and I’m gonna share elements of his piece in due course.


RUSH: Here’s Kevin, Birmingham, Alabama. Glad you waited, sir. You’re up next on our big program. How are you?

CALLER: Rush, it’s an honor.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: I’m in the middle of three generations of listening. My now 79-year-old father introduced me to you in 1992. I have since introduced you to my now 30-year-old son, and we’re all big fans.

RUSH: I appreciate it. That is fabulous, and I cannot thank you enough. I really appreciate it.

CALLER: So back to the Sidney Powell thing. I think the Trump team had to distance themselves for the simple reason over the weekend at NewsMax she gave an interview that the first state she was gonna blow up is Georgia. That’s her words. And she said something else that got my attention, it must have got their attention, she said something along the lines that Doug Collins actually beat Kelly Loeffler, and so if that affects the Georgia Senate races, the Trump team can’t be part of that. I’m not saying whether it’s true or not. I kind of hope she does prove all of that, but I think the Trump team had to distance themselves in case it cost them the Senate.

RUSH: That Doug Collins beat Kelly Loeffler?

CALLER: Yes. ‘Cause remember it’s a three-person race, nobody got over 50%.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: She alluded in one of the interviews over the weekend —

RUSH: Well, you know, they put something else out. They said that the reason they had to throw her under the bus, throw her overboard is what she said about the governor there, Brian Kemp. She said that Brian Kemp was being blackmailed and bribed by a bunch of communists in Venezuela because he had bought the Dominion means and put them into service in Georgia and that he was part of the conspiracy.

Now, I know Trump has had problems with Kemp off and on, but when you got somebody on your legal team claiming a Republican governor is in bed with Venezuelan communists going all the way back to Hugo Chavez, then you’ve got somebody who has — I think the phrase that was used by some is “jumped the shark.” But your theory could be the operative theory as well.

I’m struck by how many people think this is a head fake, that Sidney is not really out, that Sidney has been reassigned while making it look like she’s been thrown overboard and under the bus, which then frees her to actually move in ways that she wants independently of the campaign and apparently without the imprimatur of the campaign, thereby and therefore not implicating the campaign in anything that she does but that her work is appreciated.

It’s always fascinated me the various thought processes that accompany such unexpected, shocking – I mean, this is the last thing anybody expected to happen. They thought Sidney Powell was actually the brains of that legal team. And then for this to happen, it just doesn’t compute. Anyway, Kevin, I appreciate the call very much.


RUSH: Let me start with the piece I highlighted moments ago. This is from Christopher Bedford at The Federalist, where I erroneously referred to him as a founder. I must have heard from now 12 people. “He didn’t found it! He’s just a schlub! He didn’t… He’s just a writer. Get it right!”

Whoa. Man, these people and their turf. Holy smokes. I just made a little error. At any rate, his point here in the piece, “Election Fraud Problems Are a Threat to Our Country and Too Important to Be Left to Conspiracy Theorists — On Friday, Trump campaign lawyer Sidney Powell told Glenn Beck ‘our forces’ have confiscated a voting company server in Germany linked to alleged pro-Joe Biden fraud committed by Dominion Voting Systems.

“Both the military and the voting company in question have denied this claim. On Saturday, Powell said Georgia Republican Gov. Brian Kemp and his secretary of state are ‘in on the Dominion scam’ and they ought to be investigated for ‘financial benefit received about that time.’ On Sunday, President Donald Trump lawyers Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis released an official statement disassociating Powell from the campaign’s efforts.

“This came as news to every single person watching, including those still involved in Trump’s re-election campaign. When Frank Luntz, a TV gadfly and Republican pollster, pointed out how difficult it is to accept this late-in-the-game distancing,” meaning: What do you mean you throw her overboard now? We’re not buying this! “Ellis accused him of having a ‘micropenis.’

Christopher Bedford says, “There’s a problem here, and it’s more than the tens of millions of dollars hopeful Americans have poured into a legal fight they feel is necessary… The problem is this battle is far too important to be buried by conspiracy-theory accusations from the left and its media, which means it’s far too important to be left to conspiracy theorists.

“Election fraud is not just a real issue, it is a deadly serious one…” It is. This is… Folks, this is why from the very beginning, we spent a lot of time — I spent a lot time tweeting and pontificating — here that this is about the Constitution, the rule of law, and the integrity of the American electoral system. It really is about that.

It’s not about just trying to secure a legitimate victory for Trump if he had one. It’s not just that. Because if this actually is fraud — if it is fraud on the massive scale many people believe it is — then it deserves much more than conspiracy theory treatment. It deserves a serious investigation regardless how long it takes. There isn’t a time limit that’s too short.

You cannot fix this by putting an artificial time limit on it, saying, “You got two days to fix it,” or two weeks, whatever. This is crucial. This is as important as anything could be. The Constitution hangs in the balance. The electoral system hangs in the balance. If this fraud that has been widely alleged — if it occurred, it has to be found out. It has to be discovered through the courts.

It has to be discovered with evidence. It has to be persuasive and convince-able via evidence, and it needs to happen, and it needs to happen outside the purview of the humor of conspiracy theories. It’s too important. It’s too crucial. And it should not, as I say, have any kind of an artificial time limit on it. Because if this is genuine fraud, real fraud, and it’s not addressed and fixed?

Then we’ve got a road map for how every presidential election in the future will be conducted in this same kind of fraud. Only the next time it will be even more perfected. It will become even more sophisticated and more hidden and more difficult to find, until someday somebody really screws up. That will be our only hope: That somebody really screws up years down the road and makes it so abundantly clear that it’s fraud that we can’t ignore it.

But we need to find this out now. We need to find it out as soon as possible. It means that there should be no artificial time limits. It means there should be no artificial limits of any kind that are designed to prevent the discovery of what actually happened. You know, I want these people to succeed with these scandals. I really do.

But, you know, experience guide by intelligence tells me that when you announce bombshells… Do you remember Mueller and impeachment? Remember that “bombshell”? What happened to it? It fizzled, died. There was nothing to it. When you start promising evidence and it doesn’t appear, you’ve got major, major problems.

So while all this is going on, if Trump plays it right, he could become another Andrew Jackson. He could use his righteous grievance to hold the Senate in Georgia, to complete the MAGA-ization of the Republican Party. It’s not over. He’s gotta complete it. He’s got ’til January 20th to do it. Lay the groundwork for the House flipping in 2022 back to Republican hands.

The off-season elections, the first off-year elections for the so-called Biden regime. If there’s no evidence in the next two to three days, then they gotta move on and start doing the practical things here of converting what happened in Georgia into electoral success and victory. Keep in mind (we touched on it), Professor Dershowitz said that Trump has three constitutional paths to victory, and he has spelled them out.

We did this. I mentioned those in the first hour.


RUSH: Jim in Galveston, Texas. It’s great to have you Jim. How you doing, sir?

CALLER: I’m doing fine. It’s an honor to talk to you. I feel like I’m talking to a long lost family member. I love you man and I’m praying for you. My comment on the whole Sidney Powell thing. I don’t think she was fired. I think, if anything, she was, to use a sports analogy, given her free agency so she could pursue the big picture of this whole Dominion scandal, the fraud that goes with it. She has alluded to on a couple of occasions that it wasn’t just Democrats who benefited from this corruption. It was also there were some Republicans. And I think that she’s also said has that she’s had whistleblowers from Dominion.

And I think this information could show that there was corruption, that they could probably show documents of transactions, kickbacks or whatever else. And it’s gonna prove to be embarrassing I think for some Republicans. And I think the Trump team, they’re focused on getting Trump back in office for a second term, but she’s looking big picture. We’ve got to get this thing exposed because I don’t care Republicans or Democrats, this cannot stand. We cannot have our election process so corrupted that people will not have trust or faith.

RUSH: That’s exactly right. That’s above everything else. That’s precedence. That takes precedence. That’s why I say there can’t be any time limit on this, I mean not any irresponsible time limit. This is too serious. There needs to be a serious effort to get to the bottom of it. People need to know what happened if indeed something did.

CALLER: I’m praying that she will. This is really personal for me. I don’t think if it’s a Republican, if they’ve done something that’s illegal or if they’ve been corrupted by this, they should go to jail just like anybody else should. I take this personally. This is not Republican or Democrat for me. People fought and died for this precious thing that we have called the ability to vote. And I’ll be damned if I’ll let somebody come in there and just take this away.

We won’t go down without a fight, and I think this is what her task is, and I think if you listen to her and if you read between the words that this is what’s important to her more than anything else. And I think Giuliani and them, they have their task — like I say I consider her a free agent now where she can go and she can attack this. She’s been a federal prosecutor for 10 years. I think this is really personal to her too. If you listen to her and the passion that she has and that’s pretty much my comment and I appreciate you letting me make the statement.

RUSH: You’re more than with me, Jim. I appreciate it. The purpose of callers, of course, as I have often noted is to make me look good. And the way that happens is callers being especially cogent, brilliant, and well spoken, which you are. (interruption) No, no, no, no. The purpose of the caller is to make the host look good. But that’s not by being complementary. That’s not — no, no, no. You play the hits. You don’t play the stuff that nobody cares to hear. Same thing with callers.

Anyway I have touted a piece, a new essay by David Horowitz which he’s titled, “Fighting Words.” I heard about it, I had encountered it on the Power Line blog. I want to share some excerpts from it when we get back from the break here at the bottom of the hour. It’s nothing you haven’t heard. It simply is an update using modern language, current language to describe — it’s right up my alley. It’s one of the reasons I like it, what has happened to the Democrat Party and when it happened, such as the sixties radicals deciding to take over the Democrat Party is when all of this radicalization literally began.

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