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RUSH: Over the weekend, eight Democrat mayors from cities in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, and Kentucky wrote a joint op-ed that appeared in the Washington Post.

These Gang of Eight mayors claim that we need a “Marshall Plan for Middle America.” For those of you who went to public school, let me explain: After World War II, American taxpayers spent $13 billion to rebuild Europe under the direction of General George Marshall who got all kinds of accolades for being able to figure out how to spend $13 billion, as though that’s some unique achievement. 

So today we’ve got eight Democrat mayors wanting a Marshall Plan for their cities. It boils down to what it always boils down to: Money — your money — bailing them out.

They want $60 billion a year for the next ten years to spend on their wish lists. Some of the money would go toward their environmentalist wacko agenda. Some of it would “seed regional investments,” which means that cronies of these mayors would get very rich.

Well, forget this.

We’ve seen what works: millions of new jobs and opportunities that resulted from lower taxes and fewer regulations on businesses and individuals. That produced record unemployment across the board, with jobs returning to our shores.

The last thing we need is yet another Big Government welfare plan for Democrat cities. That scheme fails every time it’s tried.

I’m tired of paying for it.

You should be too.

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