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RUSH: Douglas Brinkley is a Frank Luntz kind of guy. He’s a pollster, he’s a presidential historian, he’s at Rice University, and he was on CNN Saturday as the Drive-By Media continues to discuss what Trump is going to do when he leaves the White House.

For example, here’s a Politico headline: “Trump Threatens to Wreak Havoc on GOP From Beyond the White House — His attacks on Republican governors since his loss offer a sample of what’s in store. President Donald Trump has spent the three weeks since he lost the election…” This is Politico, not me. Hang on.

“…since he [allegedly] lost the election savaging a pair of GOP governors for not backing his claims he was robbed. Republicans are worried it’s just the start of what’s in store from the soon-to-be-former president,” that he’s gonna throw Republicans under the bus. Look, I do not want to be misunderstood here.

I’m not advocating Trump do anything. But I’m gonna tell you something: He’s not exactly been given the proper amount of support from these Republicans that I think he’s deserved. The governors may be a little different, but some of the House Republicans and some of the Senate Republicans? Look, there’s all kinds of Never Trumpers in both houses of Congress, the House and the Senate.

I will never forget the first six months of Trump’s first year, 2017, where there was no help whatsoever on replacing and reforming Obamacare, because they thought the Russian stuff was true and they thought Trump was gonna be thrown out of the White House and put in jail. It was outrageous. And then after six months or so went by, they finally figured out that it was bogus.

But they believed it because they believed the Drive-By Media. Trump has not exactly been given support from the Republican Party. They’ve tried to undermine him, and I don’t just mean the Never Trumpers. There’s a lot of establishment Republicans that didn’t want Trump to succeed at all. This is another reason why people are calling here in tears and in frustration.

We finally got a Republican leader willing to push back, fight back, stand up for America — and his own party can’t even get behind him en masse! It’s understandable. Anyway, back to Doug Brinkley on CNN. Okay, what’s Trump going to do when he leaves the White House?

BRINKLEY: He’s gonna create a kind of second, shadow government out of Mar-a-Lago. He practically lives next door to Rush Limbaugh. They’ll create a kind of, uh, uh media empire, a voice out there that simply refuses to accept anything that Joe Biden does and go to the attack.

RUSH: (Snort!) So, Trump and I are gonna create some kind of shadow government. Who actually did this? (interruption) That’s right: Barack Obama. We have now learned that Obama ran every operation in the four years of Trump’s first term. He ran the Russian hoax. He ran the Russian coup. He ran the impeachment operation. He ran Stormy Daniels.

He was behind all of it. Obama and Biden were behind all of it. He created a shadow government. I predicted it. The only thing I was wrong about was I thought he’d do it publicly. I thought he’d go on TV and start ripping into Trump every time Trump tried to unravel an Obama policy. That’s where I was dead wrong.

He did it silently, quietly, invisibly. But he was doing it. In fact, the shadow government is a great word to describe what Obama was doing. He literally was undermining a duly elected president. He was doing everything he could to overturn the election results of 2016. It was near criminal what was done.

You know, I remember all those four years we’re digging deep and we’re looking at it. The FBI here and Mueller over there, MI5, all these European connections. We knew that Obama had had a very important White House Oval Office meeting on January 5, 2017, where he dispatched Comey and Clapper to go to the Trump Tower, have a meeting with Trump to tell him about the golden showers story and the Steele dossier.

But not enough of us put together that Obama was the actual ringleader until later. But he was. He was the actual ringleader. He was the guy making sure that Trump was not going to succeed at unraveling the Obama first two terms. He failed at that, by the way. He failed massively. But that was his objective.

Victor Davis Hanson Sunday night on Life, Liberty & Levin with Mark Levin on the Fox News Channel. Question from Levin: “The Democrat Party seems to stand opposite of the so many things that we stand for, our principles and traditions. You got one issue after another. How’d they get here and where do they want to take us,” Mr. Hanson?

HANSON: Think about it. They have social media, entertainment, Hollywood, professional sports, the media, academia, K through 12, the bureaucracy, the administrative state — and so all we have is talk radio and the people and a few other avenues on the internet. So it’s an asymmetrical challenge.

RUSH: “[A]ll we have is talk radio,” and why do we still have talk radio? Because talk radio adheres — we in talk radio adhere — to our principles. Most of us do. That’s nothing new. It’s just the stark reminder of how out of balance things actually are.

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