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RUSH: Scotty, New London, Connecticut. Great to have you with us today, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. What a blessing, honor, and privilege it is to be on with you. And God bless you, and be well. We love you.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: Rush, I just want to know. Tell me. Am I wrong, am I crazy? Because I don’t feel it out there outside of you, me, and the president and a small handful. I am distraught about this. I am torn up. My heart has been torn out of my chest. My country is dying before my eyes, my republic. I’m 47 years old. I’ve loved it unconditionally my whole life. Up until November 3rd I would have given my life for it without asking a question for my children, for the country.

And now if Joe Biden gets sworn in, Rush, I’m taking the American flags down out of my children’s rooms because I’m not with it anymore. If I’m wrong, please, tell me I’m wrong. I’d rather you did. I could have dealt with Biden winning. I could have dealt with Biden winning 49 to 1. That’d be fine. I can’t deal with this.

RUSH: But you can’t deal with Biden winning by virtue of cheating? Is that what you’re saying?

CALLER: Exactly. I can’t deal with the republic being absolutely destroyed fundamentally. And I don’t feel that people are getting that. And maybe I’m crazy. Maybe I’m overreacting and I want to know —

RUSH: Look, I know what you’re saying. You’re going through the day. You know what you think happened. You think this election was stolen. You think Trump was winning big, you believe what these people are saying, and yet you don’t run into anybody who’s outraged by it, or not very many, you don’t run into people who think their country’s being taken away from ’em. So you’re wondering, are you a lone wolf, are you one of the few? That’s unfortunately the role a conservative plays. Thinks he is alone and nobody else thinks like he or she does. Don’t worry, sir. You are not alone in this.


RUSH: The press conference is now over. The Drive-By Media desperate to know who the witness names are so they can hunt them down. Many people on the left after the press conference, “There’s nothing there. They don’t have any evidence. They don’t have any hard evidence. There was no hard evidence presented there. That’s just a bunch of speculation.”

Now, these people that conducted the press conference made it a point to say that they are a strike force. They are working for on behalf of the American people, the Constitution of the United States. They claim that this is like the opening statement today. This is not the presentation of evidence. That’s gonna happen in court. The stuff they do in the court of public opinion will be things like happened today but that they have the evidence and they gave a preview of it.

And again, folks, one of the most shocking things that I heard today, the Democrats all over the country, but particularly in Pennsylvania and Michigan, Wisconsin, didn’t have the slightest idea Trump was going to do as well as he did. And so the degree to which they were prepared to alter votes — let’s just say cheat — they were underprepared for how much they were going to have to do.

And Trump’s level of support, the number of votes that came in for Trump — and again, this is in Pennsylvania, but I’m sure it’s true elsewhere. It’s a Democrat blue state, and Trump was just crucifying there with 800,000-vote lead. The number of votes that came in for Trump overwhelmed the software’s ability to keep up with it and cancel it out. That’s why they had to stop the count at 11 o’clock on election night or midnight, whatever it was. They couldn’t keep up.

The number of legal votes coming in for Trump in Philadelphia, in Pittsburgh, other places in Pennsylvania, overwhelmed them. They had to stop the count. And their algorithms and the systems that were written, the Smartmatic software, the Dominion system, couldn’t keep up with it. That just blows me away. And it actually gives me faith.

My feeling, my theory on this election was that Trump was gonna win big. All of the outward signs said so. I had some reservations about it. And now it looks like it’s being confirmed by these people who have, to me, impeccable reputations, and I trust them, that that’s indeed what happened. And they were unable to keep up with the legal amount of votes.

Sidney Powell points out that the Dominion executives, the people that make the Dominion machine in Venezuela, they’re now missing in action. Nobody knows where they are. Their offices are being abandoned and moved. Why are they not hanging around? What a story. Folks, the Trump votes were so overwhelming, the rigged system, it melted it down. And that’s why they had to stop counting.

And for all these people that say that there was no evidence, there’s no hard evidence that anybody has seen. There was a full hour of constant, overwhelming evidence complete with witnesses who had signed affidavits. So we’ll see. Time will tell.

I want you to hear audio sound bite number 4. This is Alisyn Camerota today on CNN. And there’s panic at CNN today. Because they had a poll. And their poll shows that 70% of Republicans think the election was the crooked. Now, I want to get to this because our last caller in the previous hour said, “You know, Rush I don’t know, I’m feeling kind of alone out here. I don’t run into anybody who’s upset about this. I mean, if there was this much fraud and if the American people were aware of it, this kind of fraud, I mean, there would be people upset all over this country, I’m not hearing any of that.”

I said, “You’re not alone.” You’re engaged now in the plight of the average conservative. You think you’re alone out there. And every other conservative thinks he or she is alone out there. And that’s why they’re not saying anything. They think they’re alone. They also know that if they do speak up, that something’s gonna happen to ’em. If they speak up on social media, they speak up somewhere that here comes the Rasputin guy from Twitter’s gonna be after ’em, or the robot butler from Facebook, he’s gonna end up being after ’em.

Like before the election, other than the Trump rallies, people shut up. But when it came time to vote, look at what they did. So here’s your evidence. There’s a poll. Seventy percent of Republicans think the election was crooked. CNN’s mad they even have to talk about this. Here’s Alisyn Camerota’s report on it.

CAMEROTA: That’s a Monmouth Poll where they asked, do you think that they won, that Biden won this election fair and square. Only 18% of Republicans a week ago, well, even less, a few days ago, thought that. And they think it’s due to voter fraud, 70% of Republicans think that. And so it turns out that the blizzard of, you know, specious court cases and the constant repetition of that slogan, “voter fraud, voter fraud” has taken root.

BERMAN: 70% of Republicans think, wrongly, that this election was somehow fraudulent, is create a scenario where we’re all chasing Big Foot. You’re doing the opposite of debunking them, when you talk about it, you are bunking them.(Camerota blows a raspberry) You are laying them out.

RUSH: Yeah. So that’s John Berman and Alisyn Camerota. They’re complaining about what they do. I mean, for four years these people hammered this lie that Trump colluded and meddled with the Russians in the elections. They’ve conveniently forgotten that. And now they complain about people criticizing Obama. Not supposed to criticize the president-elect. What the hell have you people done for four years where Trump is concerned?

Now you’re not supposed to criticize the election results and these Republicans — My point is, the Monmouth poll, 70% Republicans think there was a lot of cheating that went on. So you see, you’re not alone out there, ladies and gentlemen.

Go to audio sound bite number 7. This is Jesse Binnall. Jesse Binnall was on Lou Dobbs Tonight last night. He is a Trump campaign attorney, and Lou Dobbs said, “It seems like it’s pretty clearly fraud if you have 500 dead people who are voting.”

BINNALL: We have identified thousands of instances of fraud and other irregularities that make it very clear that the result that we got out of Nevada that the media has been so quick to report are simply inaccurate, inaccurate to the point that we now believe that Donald Trump won Nevada once you take out the fraud and irregularities. One of the really amazing things is the Clark County Commission the other day threw out one of the races and based on admitted instances of irregularities. And if this election wasn’t good enough to show that you had an election of a county commissioner, it certainly wasn’t good enough to show an election for president of the United States.

RUSH: His point, if you’re gonna throw out an election ’cause it was fraudulent, the county commissioner, county commissioner rate much above dogcatcher when you’re talking about presidential race. Here’s Steve Cortes on NewsMax TV, Wake Up America today. Rob Schmidt is the host. And the question: “The amount of votes coming in that only had Joe Biden at the top, didn’t have anything down ballot, did that only happen for Joe Biden? Did you see that much more for Biden than for Donald Trump?”

CORTES: Massively more. That’s such an important point. So in the state of Georgia, for example, there were the 95,000 plus Biden-only ballots that were cast. There were only 818 Trump-only ballots cast. So literally just a fraction.

RUSH: Wow, 95,000 plus Biden-only ballots, 818 Trump-only ballots. Isn’t that interesting? Here: 46% of registered voters surveyed said that Trump should concede right away while another 32% said he should concede if he’s unable to back up his claims of widespread fraud. Only 12% said the president should not concede no matter what. Nine percent didn’t know, had no opinion, didn’t care.

Now, the way I read this, if Trump has solid evidence of widespread fraud, 44% of registered voters say he should not concede. That’s 32 plus 12. Thirty-two percent said he should concede if he’s unable to back up, but if he can, then they think he should — so 32, plus 12, 44% think that Trump should not concede. Given the two-point margin of error in this poll, that’s kind of dead even.

This headline is total BS: 46% of voters say Trump should concede immediately. That’s not what the story says. It’s not what the polling data says. But it’s an example of the kind of stuff that is out there.

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