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RUSH: National Review is suddenly trashing Biden’s socialism and praising Trump’s policies. I said, “What? Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!” After the election? So I said to myself, “What is going on?” and I think it is rather obvious.

In fact, I remember now, I did predict this. If you’ve noticed, the Hunter Biden news is out there now, and the Rasputin guy at Twitter… Did you hear about this? He admitted under oath yesterday that it was a mistake to block the New York Post story. For six weeks! They discover this now? Of course they admit this now, after the election is over.

“Yeah,” the Rasputin guy says, “we kind of looked at this and we think that, well, yeah, we shouldn’t have done it,” and I want to know if the guy was under oath when he first gave the reason for doing it because he said the New York Post was trafficking in news that couldn’t be proved, and whatever excuse they gave. So what is the reason now for allowing the Hunter Biden news to flow freely?

Well, here’s the answer to it. Joe Biden is a placeholder. He has always been a placeholder. I’ve never seen this. I don’t know how many presidents (I’ve not bothered to count) I’ve been alive for, but I don’t recall any president ever having so little personal attachment to his voters. I don’t encounter anybody on the left who is thrilled that Biden is going to be president.

They are thrilled that they don’t think Trump is gonna be, but the guy that nobody cares about — the guy in whom very few have any kind of personal attachment, investment, or bond — is the guy who won the election. They think. It just doesn’t make any sense. So because that attachment’s not there, because there is no deep bond, and because Biden is a placeholder… A placeholder for what?

What have I said? I have said what the left wants is something they could not achieve. They could never have run Kamala Harris as the nominee — and she couldn’t have won the nomination on her own, by the way. She tried. Do you know that Kommie got out of the race before the first votes were even cast? She did. She couldn’t raise any money, and so she got out. She tried.

She tried to raise money, but she couldn’t — and she got out before the first votes were cast! That is how undesirable she was. That was how unelectable, unnominatable she was in the Democrat Party. But now look. The Democrats want somebody like her in the White House. They want a radical leftist in the White House but could never get one elected. So what was the one thing standing in their way?

The election.

The fact that the person they really want to be president — or somebody who’s like what they want to be president — would never win an election in this country, couldn’t happen. So what do they do? They go for the old war horse, the guy that’s been there 47 years — a standard-issue, as-typical-as-you-could-get prototype one — a Washington, inside-the-Beltway politician named Joe Biden.

They run him as the nominee, anti-Trump, but they don’t run him. They keep him in the basement, and then they run all these election games instead. That’s where they spent the get-out-the-vote money. They didn’t get out the vote. They spent their money rigging the election in places that they targeted and knew they would have to get — Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin — and so Biden’s elected.

But Biden wasn’t elected. He hasn’t been elected yet. He hasn’t been certified. If anything… It’s all about Trump. So now, however, as far as they’re concerned — and I don’t think they’re taking this recount seriously. They’d better. They’d better.


RUSH: Do you think the Democrats gonna wait however many years for Joe Biden to say, “You know what? I don’t want to do this anymore”? They’re not gonna wait. That’s why the Hunter Biden news is starting to flow free now.

There’s gonna be, all of a sudden, a newfound reason to look into Joe Biden and Hunter and the ChiComs, ’cause they want Kamala in there tomorrow.


RUSH: Yeah, I tell you what’s going on. I think it is dawning on — and not just Drive-By Media. It’s dawning on a bunch of Never Trump media and other anti-Trump media that without Trump, they’re not gonna have a bogeyman. They’re not gonna have a demon. The Democrats cannot move forward without a demon. They have to demonize somebody.

Trump was the perfect demon. He was a demon they could vilify every day. If Trump goes, there’s no demon. They gotta go to somebody like me or pick somebody else in the media on the right to try to demonize. No bogeyman. So you’ve got National Review and other places. They can’t stomach Biden’s socialist agenda with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and so forth.

So it’s time now to start unleashing on Biden, and I think you’re gonna see it, folks. Now, why not do this three weeks ago? Because they hate Trump. I’m talking about conservative media. I’m talking about the Never Trumpers. The Never Trumpers are all of a sudden beginning to dump on Biden. You know, why not do this three weeks ago?

They didn’t want Trump to win, they hate him so much. But now they know that they’ve got somebody really don’t like, Biden, but they made it happen in their minds. They hated Trump more than they feared socialism. They didn’t give a darn for the middle class that’s gonna have to endure the Democrat socialism that results from them winning, if that ends up happening — and the left has no need for the Never Trumpers anymore.

They’re true orphans. The Never Trumpers are truly men and women on a deserted island. There isn’t a Republican candidate out there that’s going to run on an anti-MAGA agenda. So these Never Trumper Republicans are in deep, deep doo-doo. The left is dealing… They have the same thoughts about Biden, but they’ve got a different solution to the problem.


RUSH: What I really believe is gonna happen… I don’t know when it’s gonna happen. Well, it can’t happen ’til after the election’s certified, and it can only happen in Biden ends up being certified as president. But I know what they want to do. They want to get rid of him as soon as they can. They have no intention of this guy serving a full four-year term.

“Boy Rush, that sounds like you really think they’re mean.” (Snort!) Mean? That doesn’t get close. These people are brutal. These people, they don’t have any compassion or concern. Plugs served his purpose. They think. They hope. Now it’s time for Plugs to be an even better soldier and vanish.

“Get back to the basement. We’ll take care of you, Plugs. Don’t sweat it. We’ll make sure nothing happens to Hunter. But get out of there.” They don’t want to wait. They’ve got their prototype. They got Kommie. They got Kommie waiting in the wings. There was no way… Do you know how they’re salivating? There was no way Kommie was ever gonna get elected to anything.

She was never gonna get the nomination. I told you: For Democrats, elections are a problem. They have to find a way around them. They’ve done it two ways here. They’ve cheated in all these different states, and now they’re gonna try to move Kommie in there without her having been… Well, yeah, technically she has been elected VP, but we know that she’s not the reason. This is another thing.

She’s not the reason Biden won. She was not… They barely let her campaign. They barely let her take her mask off. They didn’t want people to hear what she was saying. So they did everything they could to make sure she didn’t say anything. But, man, she’s the package. She’d be the first female president. Historic. See, if anything were to happen that would gently give Joe Biden a shove toward an early exit, it would not be the worst thing in the world.

It’s exactly what they want, ladies and gentlemen. So let’s keep a sharp eye. Let’s keep a sharp eye on how the Never Trumpers and how some of the others and the Democrats treat Sleepy Joe going forward.

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