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RUSH: Smoky in Lexington, Illinois. Great to have you on the program, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, thank you, Rush. Hey, a quick question and a quick comment. My question is, do you think if Biden wins and they get rid of him, will they screw Bernie for the third time? They screwed him once, they screwed him again this year. Do you think they’ll screw him again for vice president? And then I have a quick comment, if you have time.

RUSH: You mean if they get rid of Plugs and Kommie becomes president, will she choose Bernie as her VP? Is that what you’re asking?

CALLER: Yeah. That’s my question. ‘Cause they’ve stiffed his people pretty bad twice —

RUSH: They didn’t —

CALLER: — three times.

RUSH: But they adopted his agenda, and if she ends up being president, that implements his agenda.

CALLER: That’s true.

RUSH: I mean, Bernie is kind of like Hillary in the sense that he expects to be screwed by his own party, and when it happens, accepts it.

CALLER: That’s true.

RUSH: What’s your other comment?

CALLER: My other comment is, the point you’ve been making about how implausible all this election — the way it all turned out, you know, and Trump should have won 450 electoral votes, the reason I see the same thing as what you’re saying is, there wasn’t a single pundit all before the election, during the election who said, “Trump’s gonna win Florida big. He’ll clobber ’em in Ohio, clobber ’em in Iowa, hold his leads in Texas, and then he’s gonna go up to Trump country in the northern Midwest and lose.” And it’s like, if no pundit ever came up with this outcome, it’s probably because it’s just statistically impossible that it could have happened.

RUSH: Well, I understand the way you’re thinking. You’re looking at things as though this is a media centric world, and if the media doesn’t predict something, then the Democrats aren’t thinking of it. I think there’s another way of looking at whether or not we’re talking about a potential Trump landslide here. There’s one other thing. And I’ve mentioned this already two times today, but I’m gonna mention it again. And a lot of people are talking about it.

There is no way that the Republicans win everywhere else down the ballot. And look at how the Republicans that flipped seats in the House are pro-life women. That’s the Trump agenda. There are Hispanics. There are military people, veterans. Not your Republican establishment Republicans that won seats. And it’s all down the ballot. The House of Representatives is in turmoil as far as the Democrats are concerned. They do not have enough of a majority. If that happened, how in the world does the guy at the top of the ticket lose like this? It’s not possible.


RUSH: Do you remember all of these experts predicting all of these House races? Does Charlie Cook have a job today? Yes, of course he does. He did his job. He predicted what he wanted people to think. Experts listed 27 House races as toss-ups. The Republicans won all 27. Yessiree Bob.

How many state and federal races were impacted by all of that erroneous polling? Showed stronger support for Democrats than actually existed. That’s why Charlie Cook and these charlatans, they did their job. Like all these pollsters, they did their job. They’re not out of work. They’re not ashamed. They did their job. People have gotta understand.

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