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RUSH: Well, I don’t know what they expected. Did they just expect for one second that Trump was not gonna fight back in this election stuff? Did they really think Trump’s just hunkered down in the White House, cowering away in the corners, afraid to death of coming out of the room or whatever?

They found 3,000 more screwy ballots in Georgia. The way they have been attempting, Republicans in Wayne County, Michigan, is — ah, it’s just so typical, and it’s just a shame that it continues to work. Threatening them with racism and all of this stuff, you get tired of it. And you get tired of it working, and you get tired of people being afraid of it. And, yeah, I can say that, my friends, ’cause I’ve been accused of all this for 30 years, and I’ve never let it stop me from doing what I want to do, or think what I think, or say what I believe. And other people in politics, it’s just not that way.

Republicans being accused of racism, man, that’s all you gotta do to shut ’em up and many of them will just turn around and become compliant with whatever the left wants to do. I’ll explain what I’m talking about here in due course.


RUSH: Do you think Sidney Powell and Lin Wood…? Look at me. Look at me.

Do you think Lin Wood and Sidney Powell want to do a replay of Geraldo’s vault? I mean, there is no way. You remember what that was? Geraldo claimed to have exclusive rights to bulldoze Al Capone’s vault. Supposedly… You know, when Capone left… A little history lesson here: When Alphonse… That’s what they called him when he was near death because he’d lost his mind.

He had syphilis out there, and it went untreated and at Alcatraz that’s one of the reasons why they let him go, that and other things. So Alphonse and the family buys some palatial estate down there in Miami, and Alphonse continues to deteriorate — mentally, physically, any number of ways — and there was a rumor that when Alphonse had his mind and his wits, that he hid a bunch of money and trinkets, like stuff that would be in a King Tut vault.

Alphonse had hidden this stuff away.

But it was just a rumor, and nobody knew where precisely it was. They kept trying to get Alphonse to tell them where it was, but he lost his mind. He didn’t know what they were asking him. He didn’t know what he was saying when he responded. But they firmly… I mean, his buddies — his Mafia buddies and some in the government — really thought that there was massive amounts of cash and money that Al Capone had sealed away somewhere.

Well, Geraldo thought he found out where it was. And it was in a secret room somewhere, you’d have to blow it up to get in there. So they’re do a TV special on it. I think Tribune. I’m not sure. I think Tribune Media did the special, and it was promoted for weeks and weeks called Al Capone’s Vault. And the day came where they were gonna go in there, blow it up, and find Al Capone’s hidden-away fortune and trinkets and stuff like from the King Tut tomb.

So Geraldo goes in there, they blow everything up, and there’s smoke and there’s sparks and there’s just all kinds of mess. They clear the air, and there’s not a thing in there but a bunch of rat turds and other things. Nothing else. The TV special did nothing but reveal rat turds and other kinds of refuse in this room. Do you think Sidney Powell and Lin Wood want to effectively end up doing Geraldo’s vault?

There’s no way that they’re going to have this end up that way. There wouldn’t be.


RUSH: Here’s Steve in Tulsa. It’s great to have you, Steve. Hi.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, thank you so much for having me. It’s an honor to be talking to you, and you’re in our prayers. And my kids love your books.

RUSH: Well, thank you. Thank you very much. We appreciate that.

CALLER: Yes. Anyway, my question is, because I’m not politically savvy because I’ve been overseas for several years, but if the swing states find out that they do have illegal ballots and so forth and Trump is declared the truthful winner, which we know he is, what is the SOP for getting Biden out and Trump back in?

RUSH: I’m not sure what you’re asking me. Are you saying if they find enough ballots where Trump is the winner —


RUSH: — how do they get Biden out?


RUSH: Well, Biden’s not in yet.

CALLER: Well, it sounds like they’re gonna try and get him in, so that’s why I’m trying to figure out —

RUSH: They can’t get him in ’til December 14th.


RUSH: December 14th is when the Electoral College meets.

CALLER: Uh-huh.

RUSH: And elects the president. That’s where they cast their votes for the president.

RUSH: Okay.

RUSH: So that’s the date by which Sydney Powell and Lin Wood and whoever else is working on this, that’s the date they’ve gotta get this done by. It’s a monumental challenge.

CALLER: Oh, okay. I just wasn’t for sure because like I say I’ve been overseas for 15 years and —

RUSH: You’re wondering how the hell did they go in to the Oval Office and get Plugs out of this. He’s not in the Oval Office yet. Trump still is. He’s gonna be in there ’til January 20th. But still, your question is still valid in this sense, if this ends up like Sidney Powell and Lin Wood claim that it’s gonna end up, I mean, if it ends up as they claim it should and for which there will be evidence, we got a big fight coming.

The Democrats are going to oppose it because they believe the race is over since the networks called it. In their world the networks’ call makes the difference here. But Joe Biden hasn’t been certified yet. And if the events necessary that result in Trump being shown to say win Pennsylvania – if he wins Pennsylvania, we got whole new ball game going here blame. And if Michigan is playing games, this Georgia stuff. It’s gonna be hell. You haven’t seen it yet.


RUSH: I’m telling you that if you listen to Lin Wood and Sidney Powell, they continue to make it sound like it’s a slam dunk. And you know, you just know they don’t want to end up on the wrong end of Geraldo’s vault and that joke.

They don’t want to have hyped all this and promised all this and at the end of the day have there not be enough evidence to even get the court to take it. Here’s Lin Wood. I’ve got some tweets. I think the left is a little shocked that Trump is continuing to fight this, but he is. Make no mistake about it. “The Trump campaign is seeking a partial recount in two counties in Wisconsin: Milwaukee and Dane counties,” which is Madison.

“They transferred $3 million to the Wisconsin government to conduct a recount in Milwaukee and Dane counties.” “Georgia election recount finds more uncounted ballots,” over 3,000 of them. Nevada had to throw out an entire election. Georgia keeps finding thousands of uncounted ballots. There needs to be a full audit of the vote, and I think that in Georgia, there is.

Forty-four percent of Westchester County’s ballots haven’t even been counted. This is New York. Forty percent from Manhattan haven’t even been counted. New York is such a mess. But, of course, Fredo’s brother Andrew thinks he’s smarter and better than anybody else. The government of New York is so bad. They’re not counting the votes ’cause they’re Democrats and they don’t think they don’t need ’em.

Now, Lin Wood was on Brother Levin’s show. Lin Wood told Levin that he thinks Trump won a 70% landslide and won over 400 electoral votes. Now, stop and think of that. Here’s an attorney who has, as we discussed yesterday, an impeccable reputation. He has successfully sued big media companies and won on behalf of the Covington kids and Richard Jewell in Atlanta.

He’s a no-joker guy. He’s not a charlatan. He’s not one of these lawyers that’s running to get behind the cameras all of them. You probably never heard of him. But this guy has a sterling reputation. His integrity is impeccable. He’s out there saying — based on the evidence that he’s seen — that Trump won a 70% landslide and over 400 electoral votes.

How many of you think that that’s…? I mean, he’s out there saying it! He’s citing evidence for it. He’s not making it up out of whole cloth. See, to me, that’s what seems the more reasonable of what happened here. I mean, let’s just set stage again. Here you have a guy who has four years of uncontested hell descended on him with lie after lie after lie.

And a majority of the American people know full well how they’re trying to destroy Trump. They don’t approve of it. They don’t like it. They never abandoned Trump. His approval numbers remain high, especially in the last year. The guy does his rallies, five of them a day. They’re attracting 30,000 to 50,000 people — and going to one of these rallies was an all-day commitment. The other guy doesn’t even campaign.

He stays in the basement, they say, because of COVID. But his veep nominee doesn’t campaign. There’s no get-out-the-vote effort on their side, on their part. They don’t spend their money that way. We now know they spent their money after the election in these vote-counting schemes, stopping the count in Philadelphia. “Trump’s up by 800,000 votes!” Stop the count.

I’m telling you, to me it is more reasonable to think that Trump won a huge landslide than it is to believe — and he got more votes than he did four years ago, he gets more votes than Obama, but Biden somehow ends up with — a guy with no connection anywhere? Just doesn’t make any sense. It makes sense that Trump would be burgeoning, would be splitting seams with votes.

His popularity is undeniable with evidence on the ground. Forget the polling data. Forget all that charlatan, lying garbage that was put out in polls. What you saw, the real evidence that you saw of Trump’s support, it was really a strange thing — you know, there’s so much negative coverage of Trump in the polling stories, which are designed to shape the way you think. They’re not designed to reflect the way you think.

So these polls for over a year show Trump losing by eight, by 10, by 12. I don’t care how tough you are, I don’t care how strong you are, a year of that and you’re gonna think Trump is destined to lose. You’re not gonna be able to fight it. If it doesn’t change your vote, you’re still gonna fall for it. You’re going to believe that Trump’s gonna lose. You’re just gonna find it really difficult to reject it. So when Trump does lose, ah, I expected it, it’s not that big a deal. And you have been totally fooled. You’ve been totally taken in. You have been totally used and manipulated, and you don’t know it.

But you do. I’m just telling you, a year of being told that Trump is gonna lose by eight to 10 because people don’t like his tweets, don’t like this, don’t like that. Yeah, I don’t like him. Yeah, yeah, yeah. You think the reasons are legitimate. You think it’s legitimate that some of Trump’s voters could have grown tired of him and turned on him. The exact opposite is what happened. People that didn’t vote for Trump did vote for him in this election.

People that didn’t like Trump four years ago like him now, after he’s got a record. They like what he did with the economy, before the virus hit. All of the common-sense evidence adds up to a Trump victory and a big one, a huge one. There has never been a presidential candidate drawing five rallies, 30,000 people, 150,000 people in a day. There’s never been a presidential candidate that could do that. If there was a presidential candidate that could have done it, there still isn’t one that did it.

This is what’s been so tough for me. None of this has made any sense. And when they stop counting the vote on election night when Trump’s up by 800,000 and then don’t let any observers in, here comes the count and you see that 800,000 becomes 600, becomes 400, becomes three, then the networks start calling it for Biden here in this state and that state, that the game is in, or on.

And all of this negativity that you’ve been subjected to for two years and maybe more makes you say to yourself, “Yeah, I guess, I guess, I guess Trump could lose.” When the fact of the matter is there was no way Joe Biden gets the votes that he got. The guy didn’t campaign. The guy has never gotten votes like this. The guy’s run for president before. He never, ever performed like this in any election ever. None of this makes any sense.

So Lin Wood, 70% landslide, 400 electoral votes. Here’s some Lin Wood tweets. “Last night, I filed an Emergency Motion for Injunctive Relief against GA Secretary of State. Relief sought includes an order prohibiting certification which includes defective absentee ballots & requiring that a hand recount be performed.”

Trump tweeted: “The Georgia recount is a joke and is being done UNDER PROTEST. Even though thousands of fraudulent votes have been found, the real number is in matching signatures. Governor must open up the unconstitutional Consent Decree and call in the Legislature!”

Trump tweet: “The Great State of Michigan, with votes being far greater than the number of people who voted, cannot certify the election. The Democrats cheated big time, and got caught. A Republican WIN!”

Trump again: “In Detroit, there are FAR MORE VOTES THAN PEOPLE. Nothing can be done to cure that giant scam. I win Michigan!”

I win Michigan.” Another Trump tweet: “The numbers have not improved. It’s still 71% out of balance, stated the Wayne County, Michigan, canvassers. Widespread irregularities in poll numbers. There are more votes than there are people that live there.”

They are not just doing nothing. I don’t know if the left thought Trump would not fight back. I think they did. I think they think he’s sitting in the White House playing a game, trying to figure out how to get out of this gracefully. When Trump knows that he won. And if he thinks or knows that he won, he’s not gonna give up. That’s not Donald Trump.


RUSH: Sidney Powell on Greg Kelly’s show last night on NewsMax explaining why they had to stop counting, the Democrats, on election night, and why people are so afraid to speak up against the fraud.

POWELL: There are no way these programs could have been run around the world to affect elections without the CIA. It’s all part of the same part and parcel of government interference in elections to make choices against the will of the people. And the will of the people in this country was a Donald Trump win in a landslide if we can get to the bottom of it — and I am determined to do that — I think we’ll find he had at least 80 million votes.

They had so far many more votes than they had calculated in advance. Their algorithms wouldn’t perform the functions they’d originally were set to perform. They couldn’t make up the vote count, he had gotten so many hundreds of thousands more than they planned. So that’s when they had to stop the counting and come up with a way to backfill the votes or destroy votes for Trump while they fabricated votes for Biden.

RUSH: This is why she’s saying that the evidence is coming in through a fire hose. She’s got two elements here. She’s got numbers of votes for Trump that they had to destroy and then a corresponding number of votes for Biden that didn’t exist that they had to create. They had to stop the count. Trump’s up 800,000. They had to stop the count and start doing the mess. She believes that Trump had at least 80 million votes.

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