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RUSH: You know, ladies and gentlemen, when Barack Hussein Obama was president, do you remember the Democrats wanted leftists at Thanksgiving dinner to push Obama’s agenda. Do you remember this? I remembered this last night. Obama’s president and they sent out talking points, they published talking points on their fundraising site, and they gave them to leftists ’cause leftists can’t think of this stuff on their own.

So they published the talking points, and at Thanksgiving dinner, they were supposed to assault conservative family members with the Obama agenda. That’s what Thanksgiving was for. That was its primary purpose during the Obama years. So what do we have now? Now that we have Donald Trump, a demonstrable success, the Democrats are canceling Thanksgiving.

Democrat governors are canceling Thanksgiving using the fear of the COVID-19 virus as the reason why you should not have Thanksgiving. And we know what’s really going on. And it really is going on, folks. It is an assault on all of the traditions and institutions that define America, that define this country. They are under assault, and they have been for a while. They are under assault by the entirety of the Democrat Party.

You can’t say that there is a wing or a part of the Democrat Party which, nah, I don’t sign on to that. They may be out there, but they’re silent as they can be. So now the Democrats do not want families to gather, the Democrats do not want families to compare notes. Much of the news has been censored or buried thanks to Facebook, the Rasputin guy at Twitter.

They know Trump supporters are not gonna sit quietly for the BS lectures that come from Obama supporters. (interruption) Don’t tell me they’re Biden supporters. Don’t even know who he is. They know Trump supporters are not gonna sit quiet. And Christmas is on deck. You just wait and see. Christmas is next up. And it isn’t gonna be long.


RUSH: Listen to this. This is Andrew Cuomo. You think I make up what I predicted about these people? Audio sound bite number 25. Cuomo press conference today talking about the rising number of cases of the pandemic.

CUOMO: This living room spread is the new problem. And it will go up after Thanksgiving.

RUSH: Uh-oh.

CUOMO: And you will see orange zones and increased positivity after Thanksgiving. I’ll wager you on it today. And you’re gonna see more dramatic action. And then it’s gonna get worse, ’cause what comes next? Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and that’s gonna be the problem.

RUSH: You’re not gonna cancel Kwanzaa. I don’t care what you say. But they’ll cancel Christmas, I’m telling you. So you’re not gonna cancel Kwanzaa. Ain’t gonna happen. Can you see him canceling Kwanzaa? It’s no way. He’ll open Broadway theaters before he cancels Kwanzaa. It isn’t gonna happen.

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