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RUSH: Folks, I haven’t talked about this a lot because this is not the kind of thing you reach around, pat yourself on the back about. But this program that we started is going so well that I have to mention it. We have 15 more checks going out to police and families of law enforcement. We received the most wonderful nominations for the Support Our Heroes Campaign that we’re running at RushLimbaugh.com on the website.

As I say, we’ve not made a big deal of it. I have mentioned it a couple of times. The stories are just heartwarming that come in from people nominating friends of theirs or people they know who are in law enforcement or families of law enforcement who’ve lost members of their family. Some of the nominations are just beautiful.

It’s the Support Our Heroes Campaign. We ran it this year, and because of the tremendous support of the audience, you all, Kathryn and I have been able to hear about incredibly heroic police and their families. And we have been able to send contributions to them from our little foundation. And it’s been great to do, to be able to do.

You know, the cops are being dumped on. The police have been dumped on ever since the virus hit and George Floyd’s murder — well, some people don’t think it was a murder, but the whole Antifa, Black Lives Matter thing, defund the police. It was outrageous. It was tragic. It was silly. But it was real to the people who were being attacked. And it was largely in blue states, largely, not exclusively, but largely in blue states and blue cities where the cops were being ripped to shreds. They would become targets, and it became okay to shoot them. In fact, one of the most prolific ways that African-Americans — well, I’ll save that for later. ‘Cause it dovetails with another item I want to mention the program today.

So, I just wanted to mention this. I want to thank all of you who have sent in the nominations for our little program, the Support Our Heroes Campaign that we ran this year. Fifteen more checks are going out. Again, if you haven’t heard about it, we haven’t made a big deal about it ’cause it’s not how we do, but the nominations have just kept pouring in, and we wanted to acknowledge them today.

It’s the Support Our Heroes Campaign and what’s so great is that you all out there have participated in it and made it possible by telling us who that you know in law enforcement deserves recognition. And so we’ve been able to do what we can to assist in that area.

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