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RUSH: Right here it is. Inslee cancels Thanksgiving. And they’re canceling where else? They’re canceling it in Madison, Wisconsin. Dane County, which is Madison, just canceled all indoor — what is this? They just canceled all indoor gatherings and limited outdoor gatherings to 10 people. It’s currently 37 degrees in Madison, which is like 70 degrees anywhere else. Well, maybe 55 or 60. But 37 degrees is nothing to stop anybody in Madison from doing anything.

Just cancel all indoor gatherings, I’ll tell you, these people are making a mad dash to cancel Thanksgiving as fast as they can. They are doing everything they can to erase the traditions, the institutions that have defined this country. It makes me sad, and it makes me sick. Washington Governor Jay Palooka Inslee canceled Thanksgiving for his state’s residents as though he can do this? New statewide restrictions come into place tonight at 11:59 p.m. and last through December 14th. Thanksgiving is a week from Thursday, right? It’s not this Thursday, right? I’ve lost track. It’s a week from Thursday.

So he’s canceled Thanksgiving starting tonight through December 14th. Restaurants face new restrictions on Wednesday at 12:01 a.m. He justifies the strong action by pointing to a spike in coronavirus cases. You know, this is a virus – and I know this is not politically correct to point out — with a 99% survivability. And we’re doing all this. That’s a higher survivability I think than most flus. Spike in coronavirus cases. Canceling Thanksgiving. You think the Pilgrims would have done this? “Hey, there’s a new virus out there, afraid of spreading it to the Indians. Better not do this Thanksgiving thing we’re talking about.” “Yeah, you’re right.”

The amount of cases rivals the coronavirus outbreak last March in Washington. The state reported over 2,000 cases a day over the weekend. The average coronavirus cases in the state have doubled the past two weeks. Governor Inslee knows the increased statewide restrictions will mean people will lose their jobs. Of course he knows it. What does he care?

His orders shut down any indoor dining at restaurants. Restaurants are allowed to offer to-go orders. Outdoor dining is allowed if social distancing is in place. All retail stores, including grocery stores, are limited to 25% occupancy. No lingering in seated areas is allowed, gotta keep moving. Religious services limited to 20 — ah, here we go. Can’t go to church. Just join the protest march, though, and nobody will stop you.

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