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RUSH: Michael in Cleveland. Welcome, sir. Great to have you.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. Thanks for taking my call. Hey, maybe I need to adjust a little bit as the show’s gone on. I did feel a little bit at the beginning of this show that you were just sort of reporting facts, and I don’t hear the anger in your voice that I did with the Russia collusion. And I don’t know if we’re all just getting beat down a little bit and starting to accept things.

But, like, during the Russia collusion case, you were furious, and now they’ve stolen an election, and I feel like we’re more just kind of reporting facts. And, you know, I’m just wondering how things are going, you know, if it’s time for us to worry at this point. I mean, they have pop culture. They have the media. They have the news. It looks like they’re gonna have Fox News.

RUSH: None of that’s new. None of it. The pop culture, education, none of that’s new. They’ve had that stuff for years and years and years.

CALLER: Well that, I’m aware of, but as things have progressed, they have now basically stolen an election at this point, and I feel like a lot of the people, a lot of the talking heads are like (crosstalk).

RUSH: Well, it’s not the first election that they’ve tried to steal. It’s not the first election. The whole Russian thing, 2016, was about trying to steal that election. They were trying to reverse the results of it. This is what they do! They tried to steal the Florida election in 2000 and they got beat at it. This is what they do. They lose elections and every damn one of them, they refuse to accept. They’re the ones that do not engage in peaceful transitions of power while accusing Trump and the rest of us of the exact same thing.

CALLER: Well, and I agree with that, and I think what’s happening — and I know that you are in touch with your audience probably more than anybody, and I know that you are aware of the anger out there. But I liken it to the analogy that you make about Democrats being mad that they’ve… You know, the Democrat politicians have promised this and promised that and promised this and promised that.

Nothing ever happens, and then the populace is ready to explode. I think that’s sort of where a lot of us feel, like, out in the middle of America, you know, Comey’s not in jail; Clapper’s not in jail; Brennan’s not in jail; Hillary’s not in jail. They just stole an election! They keep promising, “We’re gonna do it, we’re gonna do it, we’re gonna do it,” and —

RUSH: Well, look, I —

CALLER: — it’s not happening!

RUSH: (big sigh)

CALLER: It’s not happening.

RUSH: I hate… You know, you call here, and you have been accusatory of me. Just two days ago I was making the point that nobody’s in jail. Comey, none of these people. Strzok Smirk. They’re not in jail.

They’ll still on CNN getting paid to lie. I’m just as livid about all this as you people are, if not more so, and I know you can’t listen to every minute of every program, but I made that point twice this week. I think what everybody is getting confused about, why everybody thinks that I acted like this was over, is I talked about Jason Whitlock’s column at Outkick.com.

Jason Whitlock’s… In making the point that he was making, I probably sounded like he sounds like he thinks it’s over, and I was just making the point — reflecting his point — which is that he is disappointed and surprised. He said that this election is not about Democrat-Republican. It’s about love and hate, and love lost. That’s his word; not mine.

I’m simply telling people what he said, and he points out that Trump’s voters love him. They love him unconditionally. They love Trump no matter what. They went to the end of the earth for Trump. They went to rallies. They put themselves through arduous circumstances to attend rallies. They went through cold weather. They left their jobs.

They did everything they could because they love Donald Trump. They even turned out in greater numbers in 2020 than they did in 2016. But Whitlock said — not me, Whitlock said — that the hate for Trump beat him, and I’m simply quoting the Whitlock piece. He was disappointed. He’s acting like maybe he thinks it’s over.

I should have specified that I’m quoting Whitlock with every sentence that I was actually quoting or discussing. But his point was that Biden didn’t win anything, that hate did — hate for Trump — and he was expressing disappointment that in the United States of America, hatred overcame love. He thought it’d be just the exact opposite. Now, my point is, hatred has not trumped…

Well, hatred is driving the fraud. Hatred is driving the cheating. Hatred — the unwillingness to accept Trump as a winner — is driving all of this chicanery the Democrats are engaging in. It is hate that is driving it. I understand Whitlock’s point, and in quoting his piece and talking about it, people might have heard me say that I was agreeing with him that it’s over.

I was just talking about his point he was making. It’s all it was. I am by no means not mad. I’m by no means ambivalent about this. I’m as frustrated about this as the Russian hoax and all this other stuff, because it never ends. It just keeps going. What really irritates me more than anything is that people vote for it.

Folks, I thought — I really hoped — that after five months of American leftists burning down American cities, destroying American businesses, destroying private property, that the people of this country would once and for all see who they are and vote against them. That’s what I was hoping. I was hoping they’d finally exposed themselves.

You know, all this stuff that happened after COVID-19 hits and the lockdown hits, and then here comes these seven blue states and cities locking down, shutting down — the looting, the rioting, the fires; the explosions in New York, Chicago, Seattle (where they took over part of downtown Seattle, literally took over other people’s private property)…

I’m saying, “This has got to open people’s eyes. It’s got to alert people what we are up against. It’s got to alert people to what the Democrat Party is,” and I don’t know if it did or not because there’s too much damn vote fraud in these four states. We just don’t know. Common sense would tell you the American people do not support this stuff. This stuff is not the majority. It’s not how they want their country to operate and proceeded.

Anyway, I appreciate the call, Michael.

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