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RUSH: I’m sorry, folks. I can’t help it. When I watch the Drive-By Media and the news outlets up there and they say Biden is narrowing vote totals — Biden isn’t narrowing anything. Democrat operatives are narrowing vote totals. Anybody doubt this? When you see Biden narrowing the gap in a state, Democrat operatives are narrowing the gap in the state.

JOHNNY DONOVAN: And now, from sunny South Florida, it’s Open Line Friday!

RUSH: Man, oh, man, oh, man. Well, here we are. No place I’d rather be today than right here with you folks. It’s 800-282-2882. No, no. I’m serious. No, no. I wouldn’t rather be at home taking it easy. No way. Right here is where I want to be wrapping up yet another busy broadcast week.

There wasn’t any blue wave out there. Biden didn’t lead any blue wave. Biden didn’t campaign. Jason Whitlock has a fascinating piece. I saw him. He was interviewed by Tucker Carlson last night, and he made a point about this campaign, love versus hate. And it’s a fascinating peace. And he’s a little disappointed that hate overcame love. Well, here’s his point. Here’s his point. And I wasn’t gonna get into this now, but since I’ve mentioned it — and I’ll just give you the rough edges and we’ll get into detail as the program unfolds.

But Whitlock said that this was a contrast in America of love versus hate. And he started by saying Donald Trump’s voters love him. It is pure. It’s unabashed. It is total. Trump’s voters literally love him. They love him for who he is. They love him for what he’s done. They love him because he fights for them. They love him because he never gave up. They love him because he never wilted in four years of character assassination.

The bottom line, as far as Jason Whitlock is concerned, massive love. And he thought, hoped that love would overcome and overpower hate. But he says it apparently didn’t because the hatred for Donald Trump is what defeated him. He points out there isn’t any love for Joe Biden. There isn’t any connection. We all know this. Joe Biden doesn’t have a connection with voters. People were not even voting for Joe Biden. We’ve been through this. They’re voting for the guy with the (D) next to the name, but, according to Whitlock, they’re voting for the guy you had to vote for if you hated Donald Trump.

And he’s very disappointed. He doesn’t think this is good for the country with hate triumphing. And he believes that it was hate that triumphed over love, that there was more hate, literally, unabashed, raw hatred for Donald Trump and that it overpowered and overcame all of the unprecedented love for the guy. That’s basically his point. And it’s an interesting way of looking at it. And I like it because it properly categorizes the Biden vote. There wasn’t any Biden vote. Look, I know, folks. I know. You think it’s irrelevant. “Rush. They had to vote for him. He’s the Democrat on the ballot.”

I know. It doesn’t matter to anything now. But it matters to me. I’m sorry, the guy that won did not have any kind of massive pro support. He was just the vessel, he was just the recipient of whatever anti-Trump sentiment there was out there. Now, he can tell himself all day long he’s been elected president because he has. But the reason I keep mentioning it is that it’s too late now, but there should have been a way, there could have been a way to counter that as part of the campaign. But you’ll notice that the Republicans and the Trump people never once tried to properly categorize the Biden support. But it’s a moot point now and I’ve made my point about it.

Look, I know many of you are extremely upset. You’re angry. You are sad, not just at the thought of Biden pulling ahead, Democrat operatives pulling ahead, but the idea of corruption, shenanigans, the unfairness of it all. It is. It’s outrageous. It should not be happening in the greatest and most developed democracy in the world.

And you know what’s going on now? The cable networks — MSNBC and CNN are waiting to make the call ’cause they want Fox to do it. They’re demanding that Fox proclaim – (interruption) you hate Fox now? Well, they want Fox to make the call. They could do it right now. If they wanted to project Biden, ’cause they’ve got Pennsylvania, and they’ve got Arizona. You know, CNN has not projected Arizona. Fox and AP are the only ones that have, but they could and they could put Biden over the top. They want Fox to do it.

They are convinced that if they beg enough that Rupert Murdoch will do it. Fox had not proclaimed Biden the winner. They want him to project him the winner. Fox has him at 264 — they wanted to give him — whatever it takes. Nevada. You understand this, now? They want Fox News to do it because Fox News is supposedly Trump’s network. They want total repudiation. They want everything that made Trump successful to turn against him. Including you.

They want you who vote for Trump to turn against him. They want Fox to be the one to call the race, to put Biden over the top. They want anybody and everybody who had anything to do with electing Donald Trump president to have to be the ones to proclaim that he has lost. They want everybody who was on Trump’s team to abandon him, and they really want that of Fox News. I mean, Jake Tapper is begging them. Jake Tapper on CNN is begging the Murdochs to put profits aside and do what’s right for America and proclaim Joe Biden the winner.

That’s why these other networks haven’t done it. I guarantee you. They’re waiting for Fox to do it, and they are convinced that Rupert Murdoch and his sons will do it. (interruption) You doubt me? It’s what they’re waiting on. They don’t want anybody to ever try what Donald Trump did here.

This is message day. This is message time. If you try to come in here and bust up the Washington establishment, deep state, you’re gonna have happen to you what happened to Donald Trump. You’re gonna get destroyed. You’re gonna be totally reputed. You’re gonna be sent out of town in the most embarrassing state you have ever lived in.

They are moving in for what they think is total destruction. And it is. It’s outrageous. Should not be happening. Greatest, most developed democracy in the world. I share those feelings with you. You’re not alone. You’re not crazy. Millions and millions are with you today in the exact same boat. But despite this, there’s one thing that doesn’t change, and as hard as it may seem today and as pointless as you may think it is today, folks, we do have to continue to fight to preserve the American way of life, to preserve the America we know and love.

And, by the way, the voters on Election Day gave us a lot of assistance. This country is actually moving conservative. That’s why the presidential election is so strange, when you look at what happened elsewhere, down ballot in the states. U.S. Congress, the House of Representatives, the United States Senate, when you look at what happened to those elections, there is no trend to the Democrats.

There’s a trend away from the Democrats, other than the presidential race. You just have to hope that goodness prevails, that all of this mess leads to something that we can remotely digest. See, the problem is, we know. These votes — and they’re all found when we’re asleep. They find these votes at 2:30 in the morning, they find these votes at 4 o’clock in the morning, the votes for Biden.

And they are as legitimate as the Steele dossier. That’s how I look at ’em: As legitimate as the Steele dossier. We know that both are frauds, and we all know why the Democrats insist they’re real. The Democrats insist the Steele dossier was real! It was totally made up. It was fabricated. There not a single word in the Steele dossier that was true that formed the basis of the coup.

The same people are “counting,” quote-unquote, these votes. (interruption) No, my point is the entire election showed that the country is moving conservative. There are still 34 House races to be called; 18 of those are leaning Republican. This is… It’s unbelievable. The Republicans may get enough seats to be 50-50 with the Democrats in the House of Representatives next January.

The Democrats have lost everything they picked up in the midterms in 2018. Has anybody put it to you that way? The 2018 midterms were a disaster! The Democrats have lost every seat they picked up in the 2018 midterms two years ago. The House of Representatives may end up being 50-50, and yet Donald Trump is losing his ass everywhere else? Well, you know why.

They’re only altering presidential ballots. They’re not taking the time to alter the whole ballot. They don’t have time for that! It’s Trump they want. It’s Trump they want out of town. It’s Trump they want frog-marched out. It’s Trump they want humiliated. In the Senate, the Democrats are trying to take control away from the Republicans.

But it looks like the Republicans are gonna end up with at least at least 51 seats and maybe 52, which puts the kibosh on whatever radical left agenda Crazy Bernie had in mind with Joe Biden and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. But it’s amazing to look at this. In states all over, the GOP won big! Nine states have moved to have a trifecta of all three branches.

Even North Carolina held the GOP in the statehouse and the state senate, and that wasn’t expected to happen. And North Carolina, they’re probably… If I had a wild guess, I’d say, “To make it look good they’re gonna give Trump North Carolina,” and when I say “give,” it’s ’cause I think they’re assigning things now. I don’t think it has to do with who’s actually legitimately winning anything.

I think Democrat operatives are finding the votes they need when most everybody’s asleep. They’re not letting anybody watch them count. (interruption) Yeah, there’s still some options open for Trump, I think. I’ll run through some of them. Time is of the essence, though. I’m telling you: The pressure is on. The Drive-By Media is hoping and praying that somebody will call it for Biden this hour, folks.

I just saw Wolf Blitzed talking. “It could happen in minutes! It could happen in hours! It could happen in a few minutes!” They are sending out the signal. For the entire country to move right like it’s done in this election, but then to have voted for the most socialist, leftist, senile man ever run doesn’t make any sense. None of this makes any sense. None of this makes sense.

All of these down-ballot races going Republican, all of the minority votes going Republican because of Donald Trump… You’ve even got the chairman of the Black Entertainment Network, Bob Johnson, saying this is a tragedy. Blacks would be much better off if Trump had won. Bob Johnson, BET, was saying that today. Might have been last night.

But for the entire country to move right but to have voted (chuckles) for this clown? Sorry, Joe… They didn’t vote for Joe Biden. See, I keep making that point. There’s one other thing here. Listen to this. If this doesn’t put it in perspective, nothing will. This is a tweet from some guy known as the Peoples Pundit. Oops! You know what? This may take me some time to explain. It’s kind of like using numbers although there aren’t any numbers, but it may take some time.


RUSH: So I just get this note. I just got this note from Bret Baier at Fox News saying that I’ve conceded the election. He wants to know if that’s true. “Did you concede the election? You think that Biden’s…?” I didn’t say that. I’m dealing in some hypotheticals here, but I’ve never conceded the election. I’ve never said that this was over. I’ve never said that.

In fact, I just finished saying that Trump’s got legal options open to him. I was gonna get those here in just a second. I’m sorry if anybody misunderstood me in speaking in these hypotheticals, but I don’t… Maybe when I’m talking about how in the world can we win all these seats down ballot…? Pick up seats in the House, maybe be 50-50. Hold on to the Senate.

Hold on to the legislature in North Carolina. And Trump loses? Maybe, maybe when I say that, they think I’m conceding. I’m not. I’m talking about the trend line. I’ve not conceded anything! All I’ve said is that the cable networks are waiting for Fox to do it. By the way, I wrote back; I said, “Bret, you guys better be on the lookout because that’s what they’re doing.

“They’re waiting for you to do it. They want to you eat crow. They want Murdoch to eat crow. They want you guys to be the ones to repudiate Trump.” If anybody out there is thinking I’ve conceded anything, wrongo! And if I gave that impression, then I take it back, because that was not the intention. Now let me… See, I’ve eaten into some of the time I was gonna use here to make a point. A fascinating tweet.

Listen to this: “Donald Trump won the largest non-white vote share for a Republican presidential candidate in 60 years.” Now, we had that bit of news yesterday. Let’s add to it. Trump won the largest minority vote share for a Republican in 60 years. Joe Biden underperformed Hillary Clinton in every major metro area around the country,” except… Are you ready? “Milwaukee, Detroit, Atlanta and Philadelphia.”

Let me go through this again. “Joe Biden underperformed Hillary Clinton in every major metro area” except for four. Milwaukee (i.e., Wisconsin), Detroit (i.e., Michigan), Atlanta (i.e., Georgia), Philadelphia (i.e., Pennsylvania.) It just so happened to be the four states that are gonna put Biden over the top in their scenarios here.

Biden did worse than Hillary — who lost — everywhere but those four. And it wasn’t because the Democrats had a get-out-the-vote effort. That’s the kicker. The Democrats did not win Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia, Pennsylvania, with a get-out-the-vote effort. They did it with a get-out-the-Democrat-operative effort, which is still going on.

Biden isn’t closing any gap. Democrat operatives working in these counting centers overnight are closing the gap. In other words, there wasn’t a get-out-the-vote effort that put Biden over the top in these four states. It is chicanery in the vote-counting process. Again, I have not conceded this election, and I’m not gonna be the one to do it!

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