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RUSH: Julie in Rexburg, Idaho, you’re next. Great to have you here. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. Just letting you know everybody out here is praying for you and for this country. But for you too. Hey, I’ve always been mad at the Democrats, but I am mad at our president. I am mad at our president. He knew this was happening. He tweeted about it. Those battleground states, they created laws to accept absentee ballots. This has been coming for a while.

Why didn’t he motivate his supporters and get them out into the polling locations and get them to make sure that they’re able to watch the vote? Why didn’t he do something about this? He saw it coming, he tweeted about it, and he did nothing. And now he’s left us all sitting here hoping and praying that something will happen. And it just really makes me mad.

RUSH: You know, my friends, I have been waiting for this sentiment. I have thought that I would have heard this sentiment yesterday. And Julie, I’m not surprised that you have this attitude because we’ve all known that this was coming, and the president did too and warned about it. We’ve all known it was coming. And yet what really has you upset — and it’s totally understandable — is despite knowing it was coming, we end up on defense instead of on offense.

You’re asking, where was the offense before this happened? Where was the attempt to keep the polling places honest and straightforward, and where was any advance action to intimidate those who might want to think they can cheat and steel, why are we always reacting to things, especially to things that we know are gonna happen?

CALLER: His supporters, we were on the offense. We protected our vote. We did the red wave. We voted in person. We went to all the rallies. We did what we were supposed to do. Why didn’t he? And now we’re left scrambling and looking like we’re playing defense, looking like we’re the ones trying to steal the election. Why didn’t he have all these lawsuits in place to take away the 12-day absentee vote, you know, allowance —

RUSH: I hear you. I hear you. I’m glad you called too. I’m out of time, however. Not running away from it. I have no choice. I gotta go.


RUSH: I imagine a lot of you are bzz bzz bzz bzz bzz bzz buzzing about our most recent caller, Julie in Rexburg, Idaho. She is very, very mad at the president. If you’re just joining us, if you are a welfare recipient just getting out of bed and just now turning on the radio and having your afternoon coffee, her point was she doesn’t think any of this is necessary. Well, it was going to happen.

She says she is really frustrated with the president. She’s frustrated with Trump, that everybody knew this was coming, that he tweeted about it. He tweeted they were gonna steal. He tweeted that they were gonna try to play games. And that’s true. So her question was, why didn’t he do anything about it in advance? Why not prepare people for it rather than just predict it?

It’s kind of interesting. It bounces off Mr. Snerdley’s question to me, which was, do you think our side is madder today at the Democrats than they’ve ever been? Even if they are, even if you are, if you’re madder today at the Democrats than you’ve ever been, what does that mean? How many of you have pitchforks in a closet you can go get and start marching down to a place they’re counting votes and start throwing pitchforks at ’em? I don’t think any of you have a pitchfork. I don’t. Maybe some of you on the farm do, but I don’t have a pitchfork.

I don’t know what I would do. I’ve been mad at ’em for a long time, the degree to which sufficient that it’s academic. But the point about the president and his team, they’ve known about it, they predicted it. Why are we always on defense? You know, this is something that I know irritates people. It irritates me. We’re always on defense.

Look at this. The Democrats in this scenario knew exactly what they had to do. They knew that Trump was winning in these states. They had to stop it. They went out and did it. They had their lawyers, they had their army of people, they got ready to go. The Democrats run these states that are in question. It’s what makes them so important. And I know that a number of you, I just know attitudinally, you’re sick and tired of being on defense. Always reacting rather than being — what is the word? — proactive.

All I can tell you is I understand. I mean, have no strategic answer for it. I think maybe something that could have been done was just harp on it a little bit more, but you gotta understand something. The more you harp on that, if you’re Trump and if you start at every rally, if you start predicting and talking about Democrat cheating, pretty soon people are gonna say, “What are you so afraid of, where’s your confidence?”

It’s a very fine line. You can’t go overboard in the complaint department or else it starts to sound like whining. And people say, “What are you complaining about?” So the answer to that is you just take action if you think something’s gonna happen, take action to stop it. So we’ll just have to watch it all play out.

There’s something else out there that I think a lot of people are taking false satisfaction from. I think they’re making a big mistake. It’s right here in this headline: “Democrats Wasted at Least $293 Million Trying to Flip the Senate.” And this is a story about all the money that was spent against Lindsey Graham in South Carolina. The Democrat there spent $109 million, 108.9, it’s rounded up, $109 million.

In Kentucky, some Democrat named Amy McGrath spent $90 million trying to unseat Mitch McConnell. In Texas, the Democrat there lost to John Cornyn. She spent $24 million trying to unseat Cornyn. In Maine, Democrat Sara Gideon spent $69 and a half million dollars trying to unseat Susan Collins.

Now, in all of these races, the Democrats were winning in double digits, according to the polls. According to the polls Susan Collins was toast. Lindsey Graham was toast. Remember? Mitch McConnell, Cocaine Mitch close to being toast. Didn’t talk about Cornyn much. But that adds up to $293 million. So here’s the story I got from Breitbart: “Democrats Wasted at Least $293 Million Trying to Flip the Senate.”

They didn’t waste it, I don’t think. Yeah, they didn’t win the seats, but they sure as hell sent a message. You remember how scared Lindsey Graham was? Lindsey Graham when he was guest on the Fox News Channel was practically begging people to donate to his campaign, giving out the phone number and the website. They were scared.

A lot of these incumbents were, because the message was, we’re gonna come after you with everything we’ve got. We’re gonna come after you with more money than you’ve ever seen. Even if we lose we’re gonna have more money after we lose than you have. We can outspend you any time we want, and we will do it, and we will bankrupt you.

I think this money, $293 million on these four Senate seats, yeah, it’s money that they don’t have anymore, but who gets it? Well, the money was spent on TV advertising. The way this works, the commission on ad byes on television is 15 to 20%. So the people that ran the campaign say of Jaime Harrison in South Carolina or Amy McGrath in Kentucky, the consultants who ran, they get 20% of all the money they spent on advertising. That’s a lot of money, folks. So that money stays in the Democrat Party, stays with Democrat consultants, stays with the consultants’ companies.

The advertising money went to where? It went to media networks and media broadcast stations. Where does the money stay? In the Democrat Party. It may switch hands, but it’s still circulating within the Democrat Party, benefiting those who received it. It would have been an added bonus if all these candidates would have been defeated, but the message is, we’re gonna get you. We’re gonna come for you.

And, you know, the Senate, the Democrats haven’t given up trying to flip it. They’re gonna try to take Thom Tillis’ seat away. This count in North Carolina ostensibly for the presidential race, there’s a Senate seat in there, Thom Tillis, don’t think they’re not gonna try to find some votes to unseat Thom Tillis and take his seat in the Senate. Chuck You Schumer engineering this. (interruption) No, I’m not trying to be a harbinger of bad news. I’m just telling you what they’re up to.

And you want to be mad at President Trump for knowing this was coming and not having a plan, not having a strategery to deal with it? I hear you. I understand it.

Here’s Andrew. Go to the phones and try to get as many people on as we can. Andrew’s in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Great to have you, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Great to be on. Thank you very much for taking my call.

RUSH: Yes, sir.

CALLER: I’m currently in Michigan. If you go to the Michigan secretary of state voter information website and you look at the voter registration statistics, we have a registration count of 8,127,804 registered voters in Michigan, according to the state government. We barely have eight million citizens in Michigan over the age of 18. And the same thing goes for Wisconsin. They had 90% turnout when it’s usually around 70%.

It’s pretty obvious to anybody with a brain who’s aware and paying attention that this whole thing’s a sham. And to the earlier caller who was worried about President Trump not fighting back enough and so on and so forth? I would have to remind her that he’s a counterpuncher and I think we’re about to see the biggest counterpunch in our political lifetime.

RUSH: Oh. So you’ve got confidence that we’re gonna see fireworks coming here yet?

CALLER: Oh, I 100% think Trump remains in the White House, absolutely.

RUSH: Interesting. Interesting. Well, I’ve seen these numbers. And they’re all over the place. The number of people who voted, say, in Wisconsin versus the number of registered voters, I mean, there’s no way. There’s so many more voters, millions more voters than there are people registered. It can’t be legit.

CALLER: Absolutely. And I can tell you, I have friends who are lifetime liberal Democrat voters. They voted for Hillary four years ago, and they did not vote for Joe Biden this time. They were so disenchanted with his behavior. You know, everything they accuse Trump of, you got Joe Biden on video doing and so on and so forth.

So, my personal experience as far as what I’ve seen in all the statistics and the numbers and the obvious foul play that’s going on, it just doesn’t add up. And thankfully, Trump is the most relentless guy we’ve ever seen in political history. So if anybody’s gonna pull this off, it’s gonna be him. So I’m very, very excited.

RUSH: And you’re saying this based on his strength as a counterpuncher?

CALLER: Yeah, a counterpuncher and just his overall relentlessness. He’s no stranger to the courtroom, you know.

RUSH: All right. Now, the caller that you’re reacting to, I can tell you, she didn’t… I ran out of time when her, sadly, but I don’t think she shares your sentiment. I think that one of the reasons why she called was that she doesn’t expect any more than what we’re seeing — and that would be Pam Bondi, Rudy Giuliani, Corey Lewandowski, Sidney Powell running around making legal challenges.

I don’t… I think that was her point. So obviously people are gonna hope that your take on this is accurate. But I do like your confidence boost, buddy. I do like it, ’cause people… I tell you, it is so easy to turn fatalistic on this. All you gotta do — and, by the way, they’re shutting down Twitter and Facebook.

Anybody trying to point out the cheating, anybody trying to point out how the Democrats are misbehaving, Twitter is just censoring. They’re shutting them down. All kinds of people have been shut down here, and so where can people go to share information of the cheating and of the irregularities if Twitter and Facebook are gonna shut ’em down?

Which is something that is happening. Anyway, Andrew, pessimism is easy. Everybody falls for it. I appreciate your optimism. I appreciate you calling in here and telling people we ain’t seen anything yet. Trump is the big counterpuncher and you just wait. Thank you. I appreciate it.


RUSH: Here’s Melody, Poplar Bluff, Missouri, not far from where I grew up. How you doing, Melody?

CALLER: I’m doing great, Rush. Mega dittos, Rusty Sharpe —

RUSH: (chuckles)

CALLER: — and I’m praying for you, and God bless you.

RUSH: Thank you. Thank you very much. (laughing)

CALLER: I have a couple things. I did want to comment on the girl that said something about Trump, but my main question is, how did they calculate the House and Senate votes so quickly and not the presidency when they are on the same ballot? That has been puzzling to me.

You know, immediately they called the House and Senate, but they couldn’t do the presidency and it’s all on the same ballot? I don’t know. Just wanted to ask that. My other question — or comment — is I believe Trump didn’t do anything, because he’s letting the enemy expose themselves so that people can see how corrupt they are and then believe it.

RUSH: (sigh)

CALLER: If he was to come out and say this, that, and the other thing, you know, people are gonna be, “Oh, he’s, you know, sour grapes.”

RUSH: Wait a minute. Do you think Trump’s eventually gonna do something about this, or you think he’s just doing this so people can see how corrupt and a bunch of cheaters the Democrats are?

CALLER: Both. I do think something’s gonna happen along with his legal counsel. It may take time. But, yes — and also, to expose them.

RUSH: Well, it better happen fast, because the media’s got everybody believing that if anybody in the media projects Biden the winner, then it’s over, when that’s not the case. But that’s gonna happen, I think, today. You guys better be on the lookout. If you look at Fox, Fox has had it for over 24 hours now, Biden 264 and Trump 214. That 264 includes Arizona. Now, there’s only one other network that has called Arizona.

I don’t know which one it is. (interruption) Yeah, AP. AP has called it. Like CNN’s got 253 for Biden. Fox has it at 264. That means all Biden needs is for Fox News to call Nevada, and people are gonna think it’s over ’cause that’s six votes in Nevada. That’s 270 electoral votes, and that’s all you need. If Fox News projects Nevada, even before Nevada announces that they’ve certified the winner, people are going to think that Biden’s won it.

Keep a sharp eye.

I’m not predicting it, but it could happen.


RUSH: Here is Jim in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Great to have you, sir. I’m glad that you were patient, held on as well. Thank you.

CALLER: Rush, I am so pumped that I got through to you. Okay. Trump needs to continue his rallies. This way he can get past all the media and start advertising in any way he can to expose this corrupt media and what’s happening now. Just like the brilliant way you told us a long time ago, using a football analogy, he is the only one on that football field going against all the NFL, all the college players, and everyone, and we are in his army; we are ready to join the field. And we want to contiue — I think he should continue these rallies to expose them and show it to all the media and use every advertisement, you know, outlet possible to expose this.

RUSH: Now, interesting. You remind me. I’ve got a story here in the Stack, Jim, and it’s from a relatively new website, at least new to me. It may have been out there longer than I’ve aware of. It’s called Revolver. And this website post of from yesterday. The headline: “The Steal Is On. What Republicans Must Do Next To Guarantee Victory.” Now, let me go through some of the things this article says that need to happen.

Every single ballot needs to be challenged in the Supreme Court, if necessary. Now, that’s easy to say. You know, it’s easy for people writing at a website, “Trump needs to do this and Trump needs to do that, and challenge every vote all the way up to the Supreme Court.” Okay, fine, we’ll put it on the list.

Hold rallies in contested states. This is your point. “In the days and weeks to come, Republicans cannot afford to sit on the sidelines. If they want the president to remain in office, they must rally in the streets as well, and vocally reject this coup attempt for what it is. President Trump should immediately announce daily rallies in contested, corrupt jurisdictions in Nevada, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and even Arizona, Georgia and North Carolina if necessary.”

I need to ask you, what are those gonna accomplish, Jim? Seriously. I’m not rejecting your idea. Just, what is a rally gonna do?

CALLER: Rally to us is — of course we know that he’s been fighting for us for four years, but this helps us portray more of our love, that we’re still behind him, to not stop, to keep going. And sends a signal to all the Republicans saying, hey, you better do this, too, not just Trump, you better do this continuing after him even when he’s gone after hopefully another four years, that this is the blueprint of what you need to do. And we need to make sure that blueprint is stamped everywhere on every Republican that ever tries to join anything. And so this is the blueprint. And we want to be able to back him saying we love what you’re doing, fighting for us, and we want to continue that, and we just need to keep going.

RUSH: Let me ask you a question.


RUSH: Let’s say Trump decides to do a rally in Pennsylvania. And let’s pretend that logistics are not a problem. Let’s say that there’s an airport in Philadelphia that will give Trump permission to fly in in Air Force One and do a rally with 35 or 40,000 people. Let’s just assume that that can happen this afternoon or tomorrow.

Now let’s assume that it’s happening. Let’s assume it’s tomorrow. Let’s say it’s three in the afternoon, soon as this program’s over, the rally is taking place. Trump is at the airport near Philadelphia, he’s doing the rally, there’s 35,000 people there. The Democrats that are counting votes in secret in Philadelphia are going to do what while that rally is taking place?

CALLER: That’s a great question. I’m hoping that on top of us going to the rallies that other people at those precincts are able to videotape and able to record something —

RUSH: They can’t get in. They’re not being allowed in. And when they are allowed in they’re being kept 50 feet away. Not even a telescope —

CALLER: We need to report that process, showing up them —

RUSH: It has been. It has been. That’s how we know it.

CALLER: Okay. And so that needs to be advertised — I mean, so we’re hearing it. But in between all the commercials of you I’m hearing ABC and everything saying that Trump is contesting, you know, not so fairly and all that, but we noticed, you know, so it’s so frustrating that — how can we get this out there? We need information of how we can help him. So you’re asking me, but then I don’t know how to do this. I want to learn and be able to help them. And I’m sure millions of —

RUSH: Let me tell you what they’re going to tell you. If you make a phone call, if you knew who to call — I’m just giving you a hypothetical here.


RUSH: If you knew who to call, if you knew that there was a central place to call and say, “Look. I represent tens of thousands of Trump supporters, and we want to do anything you tell us to do. We are ready to mobilize.” You know what they’re gonna ask you?


RUSH: To send them money. They’re gonna ask you for money to fund their recount effort or to fund the lawyers or whatever. That’s what they’re gonna ask you. They’re not gonna ask you to do anything. They’re gonna want your money. And then you’re gonna say to yourself, well, what do you mean, my money? What are you gonna use my money for? They’re gonna say we need to pay lawyers to mount these challenges. We need to pay people to go in and do the recounts. And then they’re gonna tell you they need $25 million.

CALLER: Yeah. That’s aggravating.

RUSH: And then you’re gonna say, “All I wanted was a rally. I just wanted the president to go out, I want the president to rabble-rouse. I want the president to show he’s not taking this. I want the president to do a rally and rally the troops and say that we’re not giving up. What do you mean, I need to send you money?” And I’m gonna tell you that’s the way the political world works.

CALLER: That needs to change. We need to change that. Honestly. I mean, the reason why we’re always playing defense is because we don’t think that corrupt. That’s not on the forefront of our minds. We’re thinking, okay, how do we make this work and think of creative ways, but we don’t think corruptly; so that’s why we’re always playing defense. But maybe we need to —

CALLER: No, that’s not it, either. This is not your fault. You’re playing defense. You’re a voter. You’re a supporter. You are a citizen. You actively support the president and his agenda and his efforts and you will do whatever you can do to show that support. You are not — and don’t misinterpret me here — it’s not your responsibility to come up with a plan, a battle plan or an action plan to help fight this. That’s not part of the deal. Your deal, you fulfill the obligation of your deal with your support, and you may even send money to campaigns, the president, I don’t know.

But your support and your willingness to do whatever anybody would ask you to do, you have met your obligation. We don’t have the responsibility to come up with a battle plan. There are other people that are supposedly experts in that that the president has access to. The president is the president of the United States. He’s capable of hiring the best to do whatever he needs done. And if that is you, then fine. You can let him that know you’re out there and you’re hirable.

But this kind of thing is — you go back to our caller from — was it Idaho? She was upset that the situation had come to this point. (interruption) Julie, yeah, Rexburg, Idaho. That the president had not taken any proactive action to prevent this situation from even starting. Anyway, Jim, I gotta go. I’m glad you called. Appreciate it.


RUSH: Barbara in Sugar Land, Texas, one of my all-time favorite names of a town. Sugar Land, Texas. How are you doing, Barbara?

CALLER: Wonderful, Rush! I’ve never gotten to talk to you. I’ve listened to you for 20 years, and we say our rosary — our family says their rosary — for you and Kathryn every single night.

RUSH: Well, thank you. Thank you. We appreciate that. Thank you so much.

CALLER: We love you very much. You’re still on my bucket list to meet. (giggles) I want to tell you it’s a very sad day that Fort Bend County on Tuesday has almost gone blue now. We’re the second biggest county in the country. We’ve lost. Our entire Supreme Court’s gone blue. The court of appeals, the district court. We lost three really good district court judges in Fort Bend County — and a lot of them, Rush, were almost within exactly the same amount of 20,000 votes. Everybody is livid here, livid about what’s happened. There’s no way these —

RUSH: Wait. Are you talking here about Texas statewide? Is that what you’re talking about?

CALLER: It’s Texas across the board, yes.

RUSH: Yep.

CALLER: If you want to take something all the way to the Texas Supreme Court, you’re totally destroyed in Fort Bend ’cause all the way up, they took almost every single judgeship, took out every Republican judge.

RUSH: Look, I don’t want to be an I-told-you-so, Barbara, but I have been warning people about Texas for over a year. I saw something — and it may be a little longer than that. I saw a county-by-county map of Texas, and you saw every county except one, I think… Every county on the Texas-Mexico border is purple. I said, “Holy, smokes! That’s gotta be immigration, legal or illegal.”

That state… I said, “Texas is going blue!” I couldn’t believe this, and then we have the election on Tuesday, and it’s nip and tuck, and where we used to win Texas by 30 points, we win it by four in this race and that race and we’re out celebrating? If we lose Texas, we’re never gonna win the presidency. We need those electoral votes. There’s nowhere to go to replace them.

CALLER: Exactly. Exactly. We may hold the House one more time, but we’ll probably lose the House here ’cause it was very, very close this time. But it’s just very devastating. I’m just praying, you know, that Sekulow and all those others on that team —

RUSH: I tell you what bothers me, Barbara. I tell you what. As the Democrats implement their agenda and end up doing great damage to one institution after another, it doesn’t seem to harm them.


RUSH: I can’t believe Joe Biden got the number of votes he did. I cannot believe if they have shut down seven cities and ruined seven cities and allowed all this destruction, the economic destruction to the businesses, people’s lives. I don’t know how people continue to win in these blue states when they do this.

But they do, and I think it comes down to Republican brand marketing is so bad. So many people think Republicans don’t care, they have no compassion, they only care about the rich. I mean, it’s just bogus. None of that is true, and yet these are the cliches that way too many Americans believe.

CALLER: Well, we’re just hanging in there and I believe Sekulow and all those will really help him get through — and don’t give up on Trump. He’s a fighter. I believe he’s gonna prevail.

RUSH: A lot of people I know are waiting for this big counterpunch from Trump and the Trump Organization, the people that think that this is gonna get answered. People are fed up. I hope they’re right. I hope that there is a major, major Trump pushback on this. We’ll have to see. I’m telling you… Look, that number of 264 on the Fox News Channel that has been on?

I’ve been paranoid about that ever since they moved Arizona, because that’s just six votes away from 270, and that’s how many electoral votes are in Nevada, and they’re just waiting on this. If Fox would end up being the network that ends up calling for Biden? (sigh) I don’t know, folks. There needs to — and Trump’s sitting with 214. We know he was gonna win more states. It’s just so frustrating.

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