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RUSH: Here’s Kate in Carson City, Nevada. We start on the phones with you today. Great to have you. Hi.

CALLER: Oh, Rush, it’s so good to talk to you and I praise God every day you wake up.

RUSH: Ha-ha. Thank you very much.

CALLER: You know that.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: Listen. You know, I am here in Nevada now, you know, left California, and we are so furious here because let me explain it to you. The Clark County and Washoe County are the two blue counties in Nevada, okay? They’re the ones that have stopped counting or whatever it is they’re doing. Both Washoe and Clark County went for Trump, I am sure of it, and the reason they did was because it’s a repudiation really of our governor, Steve Sisolak. He ruined this state’s economy. And he is trying to continue to ruin this state’s economy. And the people of Nevada voted against him by voting for Trump. And the Harry Reid machine is doing everything they can right now to try and turn that vote back to Biden.

RUSH: Hey, Kate, Kate, Kate, hang on here. I want you to listen. I got a sound bite here from Ric Grenell, who is one of Trump’s favored ambassadors and advisers. And I guess he’s out in Las Vegas. I can’t tell. It looks like he is. He’s the acting Director of National Intelligence. Now, he held a press conference to talk about the vote count in Nevada, and here’s a little bit about what he said.

GRENELL: Ballots are not automatically legal votes until they’re checked. We are not being allowed to check. The Harry Reid machine recklessly threw ballots into the mail, and now we cannot check whether or not there are nonresidents, which we have evidence, publicly available evidence that you all in the media should be also looking at, it’s publicly available information that nonresidents have voted. What the Harry Reid machine has done is throw out recklessly ballots, and now they don’t want us to check those ballots, and we are seeing discrepancies all over.

RUSH: It sounds like what he’s saying is that the Harry Reid machine is just flooding post offices and mailboxes with phony, fake ballots and that nobody can check ’em and they’re being counted. Is that right?

CALLER: Yes. And the one thing that we have that is really our only hope here in Nevada, we have Barbara Cegavske, who is the secretary of state. I don’t know exactly what kind of authority she has, but I’m sure she has some authority to oversee the final report and, I tell you what, we just need to pray for that woman to stay strong in this whole thing. She is the only Republican in the executive branch in Nevada. She won by a slim minority.

RUSH: She’s kind of outnumbered, then.

CALLER: She’s very outnumbered. She’s very outnumbered, Rush. And let me tell you something. The Catholics, the Christians, there are millions of people praying right now for the truth to come out, for the truth to be revealed, and for you to be healed.

RUSH: Well, look, I’m a huge believer in prayer, Kate. Thank you. Thank you very much. Kate, for those of you that don’t remember, she’s an old friend, caller, never met her in person, but when I was in Sacramento 1984 through ’87, she was a frequent caller of my program out there at KFBK. She was from Fairfield, CA. And she’s great. Now she’s moved to Nevada and has become our roving phone correspondent from Nevada.

Look, I appreciate the power of prayer, and I believe it’s magic — well, it’s not magic. I take that back. I did not utter that word. You know what I mean by it. It is powerful. But we’re gonna need more than that. And I’m not trying to be contrarian or anything. But, man, folks, these scandals are just exploding out there, right in front of our faces. And they’re almost doing it with a smile on their face.

I’m watching Democrat commentators on TV tell me how this is gonna end up. “Biden’s gonna win. You watch, Mr. Limbaugh, Biden’s gonna win Pennsylvania, gonna win Wisconsin, he’s gonna win — throw in a couple other states — he’s gonna win by bigger margins than Trump did in 2016. It’s going to be extraordinary, Mr. Limbaugh.”

Their arrogance and their condescension’s on full display.

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