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RUSH: In Philadelphia, the Democrats are refusing to let Trump’s team inside the Philadelphia counting center even after a judge has granted them access. Ryan Fournier tweets, “They are refusing to let Team Trump inside the Philly counting center… Even when a judge granted them access. This is criminal.” So even when a court says the Trump team gets in there, the Democrats say, “Screw you, Trump team, and screw you, Judge!”

What do you do? You force your way in! Nobody forget… They’re telling Trump to stand down. They’re telling Trump, “You’re embarrassing yourself.” They’re telling Trump, “You need to go back to being president. Stop this candidate stuff. You need to be above it. You need to stop this! You need to start acting presidential for once in your life, Trump!”

That’s what they’re all saying. Even some Republicans, even some Trump supporters are telling Trump, “You gotta grow up, man. You gotta stop acting like a spoiled brat child. You gotta go back… You’re president, man. You gotta start acting like you’re being president instead of acting like a candidate. Let them count the votes. Have faith in the system, man.”

That’s what they’re saying. Twenty years ago, in year 2000, Algore fought until December 13th over one state, “hanging chad” Florida, and the media cheered him on the whole way. Even as he took it all the way up to the Supreme Court. Trump is told to start “acting presidential.” Trump is told to “stop complaining” on November 4th. Mr. President, you take it as far as you can. Don’t listen to these people telling you to be presidential.

You are president.

By virtue of that, whatever you do is presidential.


RUSH: The Pennsylvania Supreme Court. I wonder, what are these people hiding? The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has overruled the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court ruling that allowed the Trump campaign to watch the count of mail-in ballots in Philadelphia.

Commonwealth Court said yes, the Trump campaign should be allowed in. Pennsylvania Supreme Court has overruled that and basically said the Trump campaign cannot observe the mail-in ballot count in Philadelphia. What are they hiding? I ask that rhetorically. What are they so afraid of in allowing people to observe the ballot count?


RUSH: Here’s a tweet from Candace Owens. “This is insane.” She’s talking about this guy — somebody — I don’t know who it is, is finding the names of dead people and typing them into the Board of Elections in Michigan and finding that a whole heck of a lot of them have voted, despite the fact that they have been dead for years.

Candace Owens. “He is literally plugging in the names of dead people and they are all returning as having voted in Michigan. Where is our Department of Justice on this? Why is it taking regular Americans to expose this level of obvious corruption?”

It is a great question and you know what it reinforces, folks? You know what it reminds me of is how alone Donald Trump has been, as president, since the day he was inaugurated. By alone, I don’t mean you. I mean, he’s had his voters, his supporters, his base. I mean his party. He’s had some help from Mitch McConnell, but Mitch McConnell benefited. Judges, confirmations, federal district courts, Supreme Court of the United States, so forth and so on.

But in terms of the party. Now, I know it’s Trump’s party, and I know he runs it and all that, but I still get the sense that you watch Republican commentators on TV, and they’re all these establishment, inside-the-Beltway types that come from the branch of the Republican Party that thinks their place is to lose with honor while occasionally winning and then apologizing for that, saying they didn’t really mean to.

It just strikes me how alone he’s been, but it hasn’t stopped him. He’s had people in his own administration attempt to undermine him. You know, a great example of that, remember the huge unsigned, anonymous op-ed that ran I think in the New York Times — it might have been the Washington Post, but it doesn’t matter; one of the two — and it was said to have been written by a big time, very powerful, very high up in the administration person who was watching out for us, making sure that Trump didn’t go off the rails, making sure that our government remained intact, making sure that Donald Trump and his idiocy and his inexperience did not do great damage.

And the media ran around telling us how big and powerful this person was. And it turns out the person was a nonentity, somebody nobody had ever heard of. And yet they published this person’s piece knowing the person was a nobody, lying to us about how powerful the person was. Inside Trump’s own administration there have been people attempting to undermine him. And yet he has gotten up every day and persisted.

And, ladies and gentlemen, it is important again for me to remind you, Donald Trump has been and is president for all Americans. That’s his objective. That’s why he ran. He believes in a great America, he wants a great America. He understands that a great America does not happen unless it is inclusive of every citizen in the country. He wants greatness for everybody. He wants everybody to have the opportunity to reach greatness. He wants the beauty and the uniqueness of this country. He wants it available to everybody here. He already is president of every American.

And, by the way, attempting to stop the radical left takeover of America that will result in America being constituted as something it wasn’t founded to be? That, to me, is being president of all the Americans, because that’s not a majority view. A majority of the American people… It’s not even close to being a majority who are radical leftists. It’s like the Twitter stats.

Twitter is 10% — 10% of the American people tweet, 90% of that 10%’s Democrats. Twitter is not America. The media treats it as though it is. That’s the purpose of Twitter, by the way. The purpose of Twitter is to allow the media to present Twitter as the American majority, and 90% of all people that tweet are radical leftist Democrats.

So what do you think it’s gonna make the country look like? It’s nothing but a trick, and that is how they attempt to force their agenda on us when it is by no means preferred or desired by anywhere near half of the people of the country — not even near that — and they know it. So that’s why all these phony, lying, massive-blue-wave, Joe Biden-winning-in-a-landslide stories to make you think that a majority of America has drifted now into the left-wing, radical camp.

They have to lie, they have to create false premises, and they have continually report them to try to get people to believe what is not true.


RUSH: By the way, folks, apparently it is not true. The Philadelphia Supreme Court has not yet ruled on the lower court decision to let people in. That was an Andrea Mitchell reporting, a flat-out… She was wrong. Let me just say that: Andrea Mitchell was wrong. The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania has not ruled yet.

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