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RUSH: Before the election, the Drive-By Media hyped the “blue wave” that was about to sweep America. The Republican Senate was going to fall, as well-funded Democrats knocked off Susan Collins, Lindsey Graham, Joni Ernst, and others.

The Democrats were going to drive deep into the Republican heartland. They were going to pack the House of Representatives with so many new Democrats that Republicans might as well not bother showing up in January.

Well, something went horribly wrong. In Florida, two first-term Democrat House members lost their seats, including the Clinton hack Donna Shalala.

Republican women won at least five House seats. With votes still being counted, not a single Republican incumbent was picked off by Democrats.

In the Senate, the story isn’t over, but despite never being up in a single poll, Susan Collins was easily reelected. Lindsey Graham, badly outspent, won his seat. Joni Ernst won hers. And in Alabama, Republicans picked up a Senate seat with Tommy Tuberville.

So, the polls were wrong again. And the worst polls were those put out by media outlets. The pundits were wrong again. More African-Americans and Hispanics voted Republican than in 60 years. More Republican women were elected.

So there wasn’t a blue wave. There was never going to be a blue wave. The truth is, you can’t count on the media for the truth about anything, anymore.

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