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RUSH: Now they’re working on stealing North Carolina. It’s the only way to characterize this. “Rush, it’s very… You gotta be very careful the way you talk about this, ’cause, Rush, this is gonna end someday. You don’t want to be in the wrong. You don’t want people claiming you were (muttering).”

I understand that many of you feel protective towards me and my, shall we say, “reputation.” Folks, how are we supposed to look at this? Here the North Carolina Elections Board “just announced over 40,000 provisional ballots will now be counted.” Why? They’re provisional! Plus, 116,000 outstanding absentees. I don’t know if they just found them or if they are completely aboveboard or what have you.

But this is Thursday.

The election was Tuesday.

Why are they just deciding this today in North Carolina? And then when they start counting all these votes, guess what? The vast majority of them end up going to the Democrat. Everything goes in one direction. You would think that Trump… The idea that in all of these ballots outside of Election Day ballots are all Democrat? “Well, Rush, that’s what the early voting is.”

All of them? Folks, Donald Trump got millions — four to five million — more votes this election than he did in 2016. The idea that in one category of vote, Trump’s got not enough to shake a stick at?

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