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RUSH: Here is Bill Stepien, the Trump campaign manager. This is from the conference call he had with reporters not long ago. Here he is. He’s talking about the votes yet to be counted in Arizona and Pennsylvania.

STEPIEN: Anywhere from two-thirds to 70% of these votes are coming to the president. That math adds up to a (keyboard clacking) margin at day’s end of around 30,000 votes in the president’s favor. Arizona — with the votes that are still being counted — will come the president’s way. The president wins Pennsylvania by 40,000 votes — by 40,000 votes.

RUSH: So they are expecting the president to win… By the way, the keyboard clacking you heard is one of the journalists on the call clacking away, typing what Stepien was saying. So he’s pointing out here anywhere from two-thirds to 70% of the votes are coming to the president. These are the votes yet to be counted in Arizona and Pennsylvania.

He said the math adds up to a margin, at the end of the day, around 30,000 votes in the president’s favor. Arizona with the votes that are still being counted will come to the president’s favor, come his way, and president expects to win Pennsylvania by 40,000 votes, Arizona by 30,000. That is their latest tabulation. The minute Fox called Arizona last night, I turned to Kathryn and I said, “This is not gonna… There is something really, really wrong about this.”


RUSH: Now, I haven’t been able to confirm this. I happen to think this is probably true. “Wisconsin now has more votes than people who are registered to vote. The total number of registered voters in Wisconsin is” 3,129,000 (round it off). “The total number of votes cast in Wisconsin is” 3,239,920. So 3.1 million registered voters; 3.23 million votes cast. (interruption)

Nah. No, no, no, no, no, no. How does that happen? “That is direct evidence of voter fraud.” Trump people are totally aware of this. They are as up to speed on this as… There’s nobody better to be running this than the Trump family and the team of people that they have put together. There’s nobody better to be running this operation.

There’s nothing that’s going to surprise them. There’s nothing that’s gonna get sneaked past them. There’s no trick they haven’t seen that they aren’t prepared for. This is not… The Trump family and the team they have is not the old, shall we say (sigh), Republican Party of 20 years ago where we believed that the way to behave was to lose with honor and turn the other cheek.

“Let’s not get political, let’s not get dirty, let’s not (sigh) have politics soil the office of the presidency.” No, no, no. That’s not how we’re going. We’re not dealing with that anymore. We’re not dealing with a Republican Party that believes its duty is to lose with honor. We’re dealing with a family that only knows one thing — Winning! Winning! Winning! — and I’m not trying to be cliched.

Mollie Hemingway with a tweet. This is repeating the Bill Stepien conference call with the media this morning. Just to remind you again, this is at 10:15 this morning. “Stepian (sic) says if all legally cast ballots are counted, even by conservative estimates, Trump wins. On call, Trump team says Trump will win AZ by 30K votes.

“Pointing out that their data has been right thus far (including close race in WI when media claimed it would be a Biden blowout).” The media hasn’t been right about any of this stuff. Their polling hasn’t been right about any of it. Last night or this morning, 1:22 a.m. Eastern time, Sean Davis: “Since Fox News made its utterly indefensible early call for Biden in Arizona … Trump has cut Biden’s lead by nearly a third.

“And we’re still only at 77% reporting (Fox called it at 73%). Then another 4% of the vote was counted and Trump had cut Biden’s lead by nearly a third.” That Arizona call, the investigation of that… I think it’s gonna reveal some fascinating things that are going on in the bowels of the decision desk at the Fox News Channel. I think you’ve got…

In Arizona, you have the McCain family, which just hates Donald Trump. They despise him. Ever since… You know, if you’re the McCain family, the one thing you must do is genuflect toward John McCain. If you don’t, why, there’s something wrong with you — and Trump doesn’t and hasn’t genuflected toward John McCain. He said, “I don’t have a whole lot of respect for military people that get captured.”

Well, that’s all it took.

Since then, there has been abject hatred for Donald Trump within the McCain family. The McCain family runs Arizona. The McCain family is the Republican Party in Arizona. They have been waiting… They devoted McCain’s funeral to trying to destroy Donald Trump! McCain’s funeral at the National Cathedral — which Trump allowed them to use. They devoted the eulogies at the McCain funeral to trying to destroy Donald Trump.

It was a Never Trumper express on parade. You think that they’re not gonna avail themselves of every opportunity they can? Then you’ve got Fox, which is no doubt mad. They let the president go on the air, and he spends half the time he’s on the air ripping Fox, while giving him all that time. I’m sure that they’re miffed and ticked off about it. You got some Never Trumpers at Fox, too, folks.

I mean, I don’t want to name any names, but you do. There are a bunch of them in there, and some of them are on the decision desk. You think they’re not gonna take advantage of an opportunity to harm Donald Trump? Damn straight they will! That’s what they think their perk is. I want to go back to the first hour. You and I, we’re not part of the establishment in Washington. We’re not part of the deep state.

The people who are consider it a perk not to have to obey standard norms of behavior or regulations or the law. That’s what being a member in good standing of the deep state means! It means that one of your perks is you don’t have to obey the regulations that are passed for everybody else. You’re exempt. That’s a huge perk — and here comes Donald Trump, and he wants to shut that down.

He wants to drain the swamp. He wants to eliminate one of the big perks of being in the Washington establishment. In other words, he wants people in government to be held accountable rather than get a pass. Well, being part of the establishment means explicitly not being held accountable! Want me to name names?

Take anybody in the Russian coup. Name one of them that’s gone to jail. Name one of them who’s even been charged. They’ve all still got their CNN gigs. They broke the law like you can’t imagine the law being broken. Everybody knows it. That’s the perk. Trump wants them held accountable. You think they’re just gonna sit idly by, let Trump do it? No.

They’re gonna do everything they can to ruin him and destroy him and his family. And he knows it. And you know what, folks? It hasn’t made him chicken out. It hasn’t made Trump back off. Trump hasn’t said, “You know what? I’m gonna stop draining the swamp. You know, we don’t need to do it.” He hasn’t done that, has he? He keeps talking about draining the swamp.

Every shot they take at him is met with a pushback. He’s still in there fighting for you, folks, and he’s doing it now with these election shenanigans.


RUSH: Misty in Jacksonville, Florida. I’m glad you waited. Hi.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. God bless you.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: Just wanted to note, Fox’s early Arizona flip was telling to me. Right before it flipped, Brit Hume was reporting that the betting markets had Trump overwhelmingly winning.

RUSH: Yep.

CALLER: And concurrently, China’s currency went down, our markets went up, and that moment in time told me all I need to know about who is best for this country.

RUSH: And it was exactly… I remember. I’m glad you called, because I had forgotten. Brit Hume on Fox was paying attention to the betting markets. He was mesmerized. He was fascinated by the betting markets, and he kept chronicling how they were changing. They were slowly moving away from Biden. And at one point, he reported the betting markets are now majority Trump, and that’s when all the excrement began to hit the fan, Missy. When the betting markets turned, it was noted that’s when the vote counting stopped or very near it.


RUSH: When the betting markets and when the Chinese currency started plummeting, that coincided with the momentum shifting to Trump, and that’s when everybody stopped projecting winners on the networks, and that’s when they stopped counting votes, and that’s when… Well, that’s when the Democrats realized they were in trouble.

Now it’s out there that the betting markets have gone all-in for Biden now, which I don’t know if it’s true. I didn’t click the link. I’m clicking on fewer and fewer links. I don’t know about you. But I see a bunch of… I don’t know. If I see something that I don’t want to see and I don’t want to believe, I just don’t click on it, because I don’t think it’s real. I think there is so little in news today that is legitimate that I don’t even waste time on the stuff I think is fake — and more and more and more of it is fake.

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