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RUSH: By the way, the Trump campaign has now made it official, demanding a recount in Wisconsin because there are more votes that have been counted than there are registered voters in Wisconsin. Also, very odd: Michigan. Michigan found over 100,000 ballots. Yeah. They just came across a hundred thousand ballots, and you know what? Every single one of them has Joe Biden’s name on ’em.

That’s right, my friends. Michigan was set to be a state that went to Trump. But, miraculously, a bunch of early votes were found, and every one of them was a ballot with Joe Biden’s name on it — and when I say, “every one,” I mean every one of them. Every single found ballot had Joe Biden’s name. There was not one of these 100,000 ballots with Donald Trump’s name on it.


RUSH: No, I’ve just heard that ABC News has taken Arizona down for Biden, so I gotta… I just found this. I don’t have enough time to research it myself, so I have assigned somebody to try to… (interruption) Okay. So they have. They have taken it away.

ABC has taken it away from Biden. It’s not that they’ve given it to Trump. It’s just it’s still gray, undecided. Well, at least they took it away. Now, CNN is projecting Biden wins Wisconsin; Fox isn’t. Fox says too early to call Pennsylvania and Michigan. Trump won Pennsylvania! This is what ticks me. He won Pennsylvania. These things were won last night.

He won Pennsylvania, Michigan. This Wisconsin business, he’s demanded a recount because there are more votes that have been counted than there are registered voters in Wisconsin. North Carolina? They called North Carolina last night, called Georgia last night. The Fox decision desk can’t bring themselves to do it. Also, one other thing. Oh, it was just right here in the forefront of the cranial-cell department.

It slipped my mind, but it will come back to me. Things always do. But Arizona being pulled down for Biden by ABC is big. That means others will probably follow. CNN is projecting Biden wins Wisconsin, but that’s in dispute. Oh, I know what it was.


RUSH: Fox News has now followed in the footsteps of CNN and is projecting Biden to win Wisconsin. Now, the Trump campaign has already said they’re gonna demand a recount in Wisconsin because there have been more votes cast in Wisconsin and counted than there are registered voters in Wisconsin. So, they’re gonna demand a recount there.

And I’ve heard that Biden, at 4 o’clock today, is gonna go out there and declare victory, even though he hasn’t been counted anywhere with 270 electoral votes. I can’t say that that’s gonna happen for certain. It’s just one of these things, scuttlebutt that you hear out there, as a powerful, influential member of the media like me.


Scott Walker, the former governor of Wisconsin, has weighed in on the recount procedures. And let me give you just some of the highlights. Scott Walker says, in Wisconsin, a candidate can request a recount if the difference in votes between the candidate and the leading candidate is not more than 1% of the total votes cast for the office where more than 4,000 votes are cast, which, of course, has happened here.

The petition has to be filed no later than the third business day or, in an election for president, no later than the first business day after the state Election Commission receives the last statement from a county Board of Canvassers. So the margin between Donald Trump and Joe Biden is less than 1%. So it qualifies. Requesting a recount is a legitimate legal option for the Trump campaign, when you consider that the margin of about 21,000 votes out of the millions cast in Wisconsin.

Four years ago the presidential election results in Wisconsin went through a recount with Trump picking up 131 votes. In 2011 there was a swing of 300 votes in a Wisconsin Supreme Court race. So Scott Walker says that the canvass could lead to a tighter election result in Wisconsin, which would make the prospect of the outcome changing much more likely. Bottom line is nobody should be declaring victory in Wisconsin until the canvass is certified by the state, the recount.

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