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RUSH: Now, here’s a few things that have happened, just some things that we’ve picked up on in the afternoon here as the program has been ongoing.

I’ve referenced many times today about the huge Hispanic bloc in South Florida that flipped for Trump. That has totally shaken the Democrats. It has dest… Well, “destroyed” is a strong word. It has really upset their whole notion of identity politics. The fact that Trump turned a bunch of Hispanic voters Republican in South Florida, in Miami-Dade, has shaken them like you can’t believe — and if the Republicans are smart, they’re gonna take what the Trump campaign did in South Florida and use it all across the country.

In fact, they could remake the GOP if they could wake up and find a way to get the Hispanic vote in a whole… Particularly if they could… They’ve got to get it in Texas. Do you know how close Texas was? Texas used to be a Republican landslide. There was never, ever any question Texas was gonna go Republican. Now we’re celebrating ’cause we won by four points?

The governor, Greg Abbott, God bless him, was celebrating him last night. “A four-point win in Texas! Texas stayed red.” Not for long. You take a… I’ve been pointing this out for a long time. You take a look at the county-by-county map in Texas and you look at the counties on the border of Texas with Mexico, and they are purple. That is immigration — illegal immigration.

If the trend continues, it isn’t gonna be long that we lose Texas — and if we lose Texas, we never win the presidency because we never win the Electoral College. We cannot. Republicans cannot win the White House without Texas, and they are very close. So what happened in South Florida yesterday and in the weeks preceding?

What Trump did — the Trump campaign did — in flipping the Hispanic vote in South Florida, they’ve got to find a way to implement that nationwide wherever there are concentrated Hispanic populations. I think it did happen in parts of Texas, not just South Florida. I think Trump turned several dominant Hispanic counties in Texas red, certainly in Florida.

The Hispanic vote in Miami flipped two seats Republican, including getting rid of Donna Shalala, who was in the Clinton administration. “Eleven New Republican Women Will Take Seats in the House in January.” Of course, the Republican Party hates women, right? Republicans hate women. Women hate Republicans, and yet: “Eleven New Republican Women Will Take Seats in the House in January.”

Not a single Republican yet has lost a House seat. Trump has changed the Republican Party, win or lose — for the good — into a middle class, working class party with increasing Hispanic and black support. He has turned the Republican Party into a blue-collar party! He’s taken that away from the Democrats. They have become a white-collar, elitist, academic party.

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