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RUSH: There are some Republicans out there that are really slamming Trump for trying to cast doubt on the quality of the vote count. Adam Kinzinger from Illinois — I think he’s from Illinois — who’s a member of Congress that hates Trump, they had a falling out. I don’t know if he was ever really pro-Trump; I don’t remember. But he’s out there saying (paraphrasing), “You can’t go out, start trashing the process like it is. You’re gonna be patient. Just let ’em count the votes and you either win or you lose. Be patient.”

And then Chris Christie’s out there on ABC last night, former governor of New Jersey, “You can’t be trashing a system like this.” And all of these people have had a falling out with Trump at some point since 2016. And this is an opportunity for some of them to get payback.

By the way, a heads-up, folks. The Biden campaign, from what I’m hearing, is aiming to declare victory by 4 o’clock this afternoon, Eastern time. I don’t know what that means in the whole legal process. But I know that he was advised to do that by a bunch of people last night. So that’s what they’re apparently aiming for.

Little random bits of information here. Twitter has now censored four out of the past seven Donald Trump tweets. Four of the last seven Trump tweets have been censored. I mean, you could say Twitter the new gulag. And one other thing. Is anybody else interested, anybody else aware, anybody else cognizant of the fact that so far there doesn’t appear to be any Russian interference in any of this despite Adam Schiff and the entire Democrat Party and the American media telling us that the Russians were already — I mean, weeks ago they were telling us, “The Russians are already meddling in the election.”

We’ve even had members of the Trump administration intelligence community telling us the Russians were meddling, and the North Koreans and the ChiComs all were tampering in the election. Isn’t it amazing that there isn’t any reference to that last night or through today? Apparently, the Russians didn’t interfere. A lot of people think that Biden is gonna win. The Russians didn’t interfere. Isn’t that fascinating?


RUSH: Here is a tweet from President Trump that has not been censored, 10 minutes ago. “Wow. It looks like Michigan’s now found the ballots necessary to keep a wonderful young man, John James, out of the U.S. Senate. What a terrible, terrible thing is happening in Michigan.” Yeah. Somehow they found the ballots necessary to keep John James out of the Senate, and a bunch of Republicans are running around telling Trump, “Yeah, well, you just gotta accept it, man. Let it go. Screw it. Do not disagree with the process, Mr. President. It’s beneath you, all that rotgut.”


RUSH: Folks, here’s what’s happening with these Republicans that are seemingly trying to sabotage Trump.

Trump is fighting for the same people he has always been fighting for: You and me. He’s fighting for this country. He’s not fighting for himself. I mean, yeah, he is, but he’s fighting for us. So you’ve got these Republicans. I just shared with you this Adam Kitzinger — member of Congress, I think from Illinois — is basically telling Trump to shut up and stop complaining and be patient and let the votes get counted and then deal with it if you lose.

And then Chris Christie was on ABC News. “I think it’s very…” I’m paraphrasing these. “I think it’s very, very unfortunate what the president’s doing. I think the president should trust the process.” You realize, folks, that there are a lot of RINOs — Republicans in Name Only — a lot of Never Trumper Republicans who are trying to position themselves for 2024.

That’s gonna take precedence over trying to help Trump win this election. A lot of people in politics are out for themselves. It’s just the way it is, it is what it is, and while… This is what I meant earlier by describing us. You know, you and me, we play by the rules. We have a (sigh) — I don’t know — moral code that has been instilled in us that we try to follow.

We do our best to uphold it, and we’ve got a guy working his tail off for us, and we just don’t understand his own party undermining him. Yet we do. I mean, intellectually, we do; emotionally, we don’t. I don’t understand why every Republican isn’t all-in on beating the Democrats. That’s what baffles me. Okay. If you cannot support Donald Trump winning, why the hell can’t you support the Democrats losing?

Especially given who they are and what they intend? We have these seven blue states that are shut down, locked down. They’re being destroyed economically. Why in the world are there not Republicans that want those kinds of Democrats defeated? I understand they don’t like Trump. Not everybody’s universally liked and likable.

I understand human nature. What I’ve never understood is a bunch of Republicans, particularly in this day and age, who don’t see any urgency in defeating what has become the new radical left that’s today’s Democrat Party. You know, this bunch of people that has never thought there’s a crisis out there. “The country’s not really in danger.

“There’s nothing unique here, Rush. You’re just paranoid. You know, you’re just overwrought, but it’s just the Democrats and Republicans like it always is. The ship of state will always sail on,” they say. “It doesn’t really matter who wins! They’ll win their share, we’ll win our share, and you gotta learn to take it, Rush. So if Trump’s gonna lose, you gotta learn to accept it.”

No, that’s not some… I’m not gonna accept the Democrats winning. But beyond that, I don’t… See, I say, “I don’t understand,” but I do. That’s what galls me. I don’t. I wish… I’m trying to find a way to express this so that people aren’t gonna laugh at me being naive. I really wish that the Republicans could at least understand that the Democrats have to be defeated.

But I guess if you’re an inside-the-Beltway Republican, and if you’re a traditional Republican, and you’re not part of the new Trump coalition that is the Republican Party… If you are from the Bob Dole-George Bush wing of the Republican Party — the Bob Michel wing — where you lose with honor, and that defines your character. And then you win sometimes, but you lose with honor. You certainly…

If your fate is losing an election, then you accept it. That’s what I don’t understand. But that’s who modern-day RINO Republicans are, and there’s a bunch of them out there, and there’s a bunch of them that want to run for president in 2024. Like McCain. You know, McCain wanted to run for president. I don’t know that he ever seriously thought he was gonna win.

I don’t think McCain thought he was ever gonna beat the first African-American running for president, and I don’t think he wanted to. I don’t think McCain wanted his name in the history books as the guy who defeated the first legitimate African-American candidate for president. And, by the way, who was it that proclaimed Obama legitimate?

It was none other than Joe Biden, and what’d he say about him? Joe Biden said it was good (summarized), finally we had a “clean” and “articulate black guy” Democrat running for the presidency. That’s what he said about Obama. There was barely any criticism of it. Hardly any at all. Yeah, Al Sharpton was offended, but who cared?

Al Sharpton takes shower every day, so he said, “What do you mean? I’m clean. I’m articulate!” Yeah, but you’re not articulate like Obama was, and he’s got a much better crease in his slacks than you’ll ever have, Reverend Al. Just ask David Brooks. So there’s so much arrayed against Donald Trump because he is the outsider — and what’s happening to Trump is what pushback by the Washington establishment, the administrative state looks like.

It’s what it looks like. I mean, they were never gonna just sit idly by and let it happen, and if they have to jury-rig elections, well, then that’s what they’ll do. Let’s see. Da, da, da. (muttering) “Races Not Yet Projected.” This is ABC. Yeah. They’ve taken… Arizona has indeed been taken down from Biden by ABC. Yeah. (muttering) What…? By the way, what happened to counting every vote?

We’re not doing that now. We’re letting news networks project winners! We’re having newsrooms call winners — the Fox decision desk, the CNN decision desk, or whatever it is. When did this happen? I mean, they don’t make it official! A network projection does not determine who wins elections. The tally of legal votes is how you determine who wins elections.

Let’s see. What else? (muttering) Let me grab audio sound bite 6 and 7. Larry Kudlow. He was on CNBC this morning talking on the program Squawk on the Street. First question: “Chris Christie overnight said the president’s decision to make comments casting doubt on the electoral process is a bad strategic decision.” By the way, why is that?

If you think votes are being taken from you, if you think an elections i being stolen from you because they spent four years trying to steal an election from him. What does Chris Christie not see here? By the way, pardon my agitated state here. But all of this seems so patently obvious to me. I don’t understand why Chris Christie doesn’t see what’s going on. They spent four years trying to steal the 2016 election from Donald Trump.

They’re trying to steal another one and Christie’s out there saying, “He’s casting doubt on the process.” That’s not casting doubt on the process. The people running the vote tallying in these states is where doubt is being cast on the process. Anyway, here’s Kudlow’s answer to the question, “Do you think it’s a bad decision for Trump to be doing what he’s doing?”

KUDLOW: No, I don’t agree. The president was annoyed last night. He’s very angry ’cause it’s just seemed like time stopped and counting stopped, and he had leads in crucial states, and none of the networks were giving it to him. There is a suspicion here of fraud. I’m not gonna declare it. I’m just gonna say we are taking the proper precautions. The president is in very good shape in our judgment. We are confident. He needs to pick up one or two of some key states. Not all the mail-in ballots are going to go to Mr. Biden.

RUSH: They have so far.

KUDLOW: He is in very good shape on the remaining swing states.

RUSH: He’s right about something. I remember last night was filled with ebb and flows. And there were a couple of periods last night where, ah, it’s not looking good. And then it turned. And then it turned, and everybody on Fox, for example, started singing from the same hymnal, “It looks like Trump is gonna win again, looks like things are lining up.” You go to other networks, same thing. And that was about the time I decided to cash it in. And that’s when they stopped counting.

When it looked like the momentum in these ebbs and flows had turned back to Trump based on the vote count in these swing states, that’s when the counting stopped. Kudlow says the president was very angry. Seems like time stopped. The counting stopped. Just like in 2016 for Pennsylvania. Counting stopped for an hour and a half, and everybody knew what was going on. They were looking for votes for Hillary. And they ended up being unable to find them. Kudlow was not finished. He had one more thing he wanted to say.

KUDLOW: I want to make another point. There was no blue wave yesterday. Okay? Republicans did very well in the Senate. They may lose one seat; maybe not. But they are gonna maintain the majority in the Senate. So that right away says, guess what? No socialism, no major tax hikes that destroy the economy and the stock market.

Also, there was no blue wave in the House. So far as I see it, the GOP has picked up at least four seats in the House. This was a very strong day for the Republican Party and its principles of free enterprise, low taxes and regulations, maintain energy independence, and tough, fair trade deals. President Trump’s agenda did very well yesterday.

RUSH: Exactly right. He was not repudiated. Trump personally was not repudiated, much to the real annoyance and depressing of the Democrats and his agenda wasn’t, either. And, folks, I can’t tell you, I can’t emphasize enough, they really were, the Democrats, the media, they were so hoping that there would be a blue wave landslide. And they know that it wasn’t gonna be a landslide for Biden. They know that there is no connection to Biden.

They wanted this to be pure anti-Trump. They wanted this election yesterday to be able to be interpreted as a thousand percent anti-Trump. They didn’t care whether it was pro-Biden or not. They wanted to be able to say last night and today that the nation had repudiated and rejected Donald Trump. That’s what they were hoping and praying for. They didn’t get it.

There’s something else. One more thing before we go to the break. And I kept waiting for somebody to realize this last night. Finally Bret Baier did on the Fox News Channel. Everybody seemed to forget, they’re sitting around talking about the obstacles that Trump faces and various things he’s gotta overcome to win the election. And it was as though nobody remembered that Donald Trump had to endure four years of character assassination by the American mainstream media.

In other words, whatever percentage of people in this country only are informed from mainstream media, you can’t blame those people for thinking Trump is the biggest scumbag ever to walk the earth. Because for four years that’s how he has been portrayed. He has been portrayed as an incompetent boob, a criminal, a Russian agent, a traitor. There isn’t an American politician, president, you name it, who has had to endure four years of outright character assassination like Donald Trump had to put up with and is still getting.

It hasn’t stopped. And so when you want to talk about Trump being repudiated, when you want to talk about Trump being refuted and the American people rising up in anger, the fact that they didn’t after four years of character assassination of the guy is amazing to me that he’s even still standing.


RUSH: Back to the phones. Here is Chad in Lake Ariel, Pennsylvania. I’m glad you called, Chad. Great to have you on the program. Hi.

CALLER: Mega dittos and well-wishing prayers to you, Rush.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: The reason why I called is, briefly, I told your screener that my wife — we’re here in Pennsylvania – received two mail-in ballots under two different names. Now, we didn’t know that we even received these until we got a phone call from an election official asking if her ballot had been sent yet and she said, “I didn’t think I received one.” She then proceeded to go through her Stack of Stuff and found two ballots, one under her current married name, and one under her name previous to us being married.

And, you know, it certainly calls into question I think some of the validity of this mail-in balloting. I mean, there was nothing really to stop us from sending in both ballots, and as they were under two different names, who knows if it would have ever been caught.

RUSH: Well, I don’t think there’s any doubt that this kind of thing is going on. We have evidence it’s been going on. I think this is why Trump is justified in questioning the process. There have been so many electoral changes in the last few months going back to the summertime that were obviously designed to help Biden or whoever the Democrat nominee ended up being. All this mail-in stuff and the expanded early vote.

Trump was right to question this stuff when it happened, he’s right to question it now. You got all these RINOs out there, “It’s really beneath Trump and it’s beneath our party to start questioning the process” and so forth. No, it’s not. Not when this process has obviously been changed, altered, in ways that are designed to assist and help somebody who would otherwise lose. And in that instance we’re talking about Biden.

You know, the power of incumbency is incredible. Incumbent presidents rarely lose. I mean, it is so rare. And the Democrats know that. So they’ve come up with ways to alter the system: mail-in ballots, early voting, absentee, all of this stuff. I mean, every one of those techniques is designed to be able to be abused, if you will.


RUSH: “Rush, what do you mean by all these things that changed over the summer to help the Democrats?” Well, Joe Biden has benefited from a wholly unvetted mail-in ballot scheme. Folks, a simple question. Real simple question. What do you think the Democrats would be doing? How do you think the Democrats would respond if states began to change voting procedures to help Republicans, if state courts began to change voting procedures to help Republicans?

That’s what’s been happening out there. If major Republican areas, all of a sudden, came up with hundreds of thousands of mail-in ballots the next day, how do you think the Democrats would be reacting? Just reverse all of this and these questions answer themselves. But isn’t it interesting that’s never happens? There are never trunk loads of ballots found with Republican names on them.

There are never a lot of mail-in ballots that somehow never got mailed that have the Republican candidate’s name on them. Every one of these mail-in ballots or early ballots all end up in big numbers having Joe Biden’s name on them. Now, just reverse that. What would the Democrats be doing if there’s a bunch of recently discovered, out-of-the-blue, “Hey, look at this, Mabel!

“Why, we just found a hundred thousand ballots out there with Donald Trump’s name on ’em!” Do you think the Democrats would be talking about respecting the process, and not questioning what’s going on? So Joe Biden has benefited from a totally unvetted mail-in ballot scheme.

There’s no tested system to minimize mistakes or fraud — and at the same time, there is nothing to give voters any confidence at all that these ballots (i.e., elections) are trustworthy. For crying out loud, now we’ve got states with voting loopholes big enough to fly a fleet of jets through. Key states don’t have systems to facilitate corrections.

They’ve got systems that facilitate cheating — and it’s all being done on purpose, and it’s not like we didn’t know this would happen. We knew it was gonna happen. Trump knew it was gonna happen. Trump predicted it happening when he was on this program for the greatest MEGA MAGA Radio Rally ever a few weeks ago.


RUSH: Here is Jeff in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. Great to have you with us, sir. Hello.

CALLER: My wife and I are praying for you, Rush.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: New mantra for the Republicans: Demand recounts. Hey, some quick comments on what we have to do to kill voter fraud. There’s two things that we have to demand and move forward with. People need to vote in person and people need to prove who they are. So I heard you being concerned about this early voting. I think early voting is the killer for the mail-in voting. We have to get rid of mail-in and absentee voting. We have to pick the lesser of the two evils. If you’re conservative, we have to give up this laziness of absentee voting. You have to be in person and prove who you are.

And the second thing, hey, a few months ago you asked about some policies that Trump might have for going forward in the second term. A few months ago. I almost got in through your screener. And the second thing, people need to prove who they are. Okay. So that goes towards voter ID. But the way Trump can do that, the way Trump can do that is through a national ID card. This is not a new idea. But the way Trump can put it through is Trump is a fixer. He fixes problems.

And so what he does is he comes out and he says we gotta solve this problem of identity theft. These stupid little Social Security cards that we have, let’s get a national ID card to say, hey, you’re a citizen, people who are legal residents, they can finally actually have a green card. Citizens can have a red and white striped card. And they can go — what that does, what that allows is he can do that from a national level as president, the Social Security Administration under the department of —

RUSH: Okay. Let me step in here because I’ve got less than a minute and I want to comment on this. In the first place you’re never gonna get rid of absentee voting. It’s too legitimate. In an absentee ballot you do have to show an ID. You have to prove who you are to get an absentee ballot. Now, there may be places where you can skirt that rule. But I mean that is the law. Mail-in ballot requires nothing. You don’t need to show anybody a valid ID or anything. Mail-in needs to end yesterday. Early voting, I agree with, needs to end yesterday.

Absentee voting, you’re never gonna get rid of it. It’s legitimate. It exists for a long time, for a reason. National ID. I couldn’t agree more that you ought to have to be able, you ought to be required to prove who you are before you vote. The Democrat Party has turned that into an issue of racism. The Democrat Party’s got African-Americans believing that that is a trick to identify African-Americans to send them out of the country. That’s what they have told African-Americans the reason for voter ID is.

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