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RUSH: Come on, folks, you gotta keep the faith. Stick with me here. Stick with me. Greetings. Great to have you. Great to be with you. Been looking forward to this ever since I went to bed last night at — what time did I go to bed? I guess it’s about 11 o’clock when I figured the rig was in. I said, this is not gonna change — and it still hasn’t changed. Fox News: still too early to call a bunch of states that they know Trump has won. But, anyway, anyway, I really do. I consider it a blessing to have an opportunity to be with you all today.

The telephone number if you want to be on the program is 800-282-2882. And we’ll get the phones today. Email address, ElRushbo@eibnet.us.

Look. I know that many of you were up all night. Many of you are anxious. Many of you are walking on the ledge. You are frustrated. You are ticked off, and legitimately so. You are angry. You play by the rules. You do it up and up. You want a legitimate win. You play by the rules, and you get up and you realize every day the other side isn’t playing by the rules.

One thing that I said yesterday — and I’m gonna keep saying it again today — keep the faith, folks. Just keep the faith that the America we know, that the America we love, is preserved and will continue to be preserved. The American way of life is going to be preserved. Keep the faith. The best days of our country are still ahead of us.

This was a devastating night last night for the Democrats, based on their expectations. They once again believed their polling units. It’s uncanny. Folks, I can’t tell you how down in the dumps, devastated and blown to smithereens the Democrats really are today. And you can read about it if you know where to go to look.

We are going to reelect. We did, we have. We’ve reelected Trump, a man who loves our country. A man who unabashedly loves our flag, our traditions, our founding. He worked tirelessly to win every single vote, not ballot. This is another thing. Kamala Harris is out there saying, “We’re not gonna stop ’til every ballot’s -” No, no, no, no, Kammy, we’re not going to count every ballot. We’re going to count every legitimate vote. It’s a big difference.

And right there is where Kammy, which is short for Kamala, that’s how she says her name should be pronounced. I think it’s rather clever to call her Kammy for short. She’s out there we’re gonna count — no, we’re not. If we have to go all the way to the Amy Coney Barrett Supreme Court, you are not gonna count every ballot. We’re gonna count every legitimate vote. We’re gonna play by the rules. We’re gonna win playing by the rules, despite the fact the other side does not.

Folks, there’s nobody better fighting for us and our side than the guy who’s already in the White House, Donald Trump. Look at how hard he worked to win every single vote. And I still believe strongly he’s gonna be reelected. He has earned it, his tremendous achievements, implementation of a great agenda that he promised to implement and did.

And, folks, again, there was not a gigantic blue wave as the media tried to sell us for months and months. Their polling was as wrong as I told you it was going to be. And I don’t mean to sit here and do “I told you so, I told you so.” It’s not about me proving I was right. It’s just we know certain things after we’ve done this long enough and been involved in it long enough and we’ve seen it operate long enough, we know.

We knew there wasn’t gonna be a blue wave. We knew there wasn’t any kind of enthusiasm behind Joe Biden, and there still isn’t. He’s a generic guy that’s getting older looking by the day that has a D next to his name. The polls, as expected, could not have been more wrong. There was a gigantic turnout. The Democrats, I can’t tell you how depressed they are today that Trump was not repudiated.

I’ve got audio sound bites coming up. You will hear from their own oral cavities — that would be mouths, for those of you in Rio Linda — how devastated and disappointed they are that the people of this country did not repudiate Donald Trump. That’s what they really wanted to happen. You gotta remember, they figured that they were gonna win in a landslide. They’ve thought this since Inauguration Day 2017. I’m not kidding.

They thought 2016 was a fluke, you know, whatever lies they told themselves and they lied to themselves every day for four years with the lie compounding in intensity to the point that they literally believed the people of this country hated Donald Trump as much as they do. Donald Trump was not repudiated last night. Donald Trump was reelected last night. Time will show us this. You know this. When they stopped counting, it means they’re looking for Democrat votes. It means they don’t have Democrat votes. It means they gotta go find ’em.

We are wise to their ways now. The Al Franken technique of finding, “Why, looky here, a trunk of a car here at a Joe Biden rally. Why, we got 500 ballots here in the trunk of a car at a Biden rally. And look they’re all for Al Franken.” Remember how that happened? That’s what they’re trying to pull off in all of these states.

Arizona last night, can I tell you what that’s about? Fox News calling Arizona, what do you think that was about? I see you guys talking amongst yourselves in there. Are you disagreeing with the points I’m making here today? Is that what you’re doing as you talk to yourselves in there? Let me tell you about Arizona. A, Cindy McCain despises Trump, hates Trump, maybe understandably.

Fox News. They’ve got big problems with Trump. I mean, there’s Trump yesterday on Fox & Friends, before I appeared, and what’s he doing? He’s ripping Fox News. He’s on Fox News, Fox & Friends, his favorite show, and ripping Fox News at the same time. If I’m one of the Murdochs, “He’s gonna pay for this.” If I’m one of the Murdochs, if I’m Rupert or one of his two sons — I think I’ve even heard friends that the Murdochs have said, “You tell Trump if he keeps this up, then we’re not gonna have him on any more as a guest. We’re not gonna put up with this.”

Okay, so you’ve got Arizona. I mean, the minute the polls close, they call it for Biden with all of those ballots outstanding? It’s personal. It was absolutely personal. But Trump’s gonna end up winning Arizona. I’ll explain this in a moment. He’s gonna win Arizona. Trump’s gonna win Arizona. I think he already has. It’s just a matter of this playing out. There’s great lawyers on the case in Arizona.

But, folks, the bottom line here is — and I’m not trying to be (What’s the word?) phony in my optimism here. I’m not trying to be something I’m not genuinely feeling just to make a programming mark today. This did not go the way the Democrats dreamed it would go last night. There are two different stories today — one is in The Politico; there’s another one somewhere else — about how this was a devastating night for the Democrats.

(interruption) Yeah, TheHill.com and The Politico. It was a devastating night because they lost… They didn’t lose control of the House, but they lost some powerful freshmen that they thought were locks, like Supreme Court justices are lifetime. They lost! They lost the Hispanic vote in Florida. They have lost a racial component they thought they owned forever.

And Florida represents a model for how the Republican Party — if they’re smart enough to figure it out — can make what happened in Florida happen in a bunch of other states going forward. Winning the Hispanic vote in Florida so huge, the Democrats never saw it coming. But I’m telling you, they were hoping. These people are vindictive.

They are single mindedly hateful. They since… Let me go back. Since Inauguration Day 2017, they have been waiting, and they have been dreaming, they have been hoping, they have been planning on, they have been counting on you and every other American telling Donald Trump to go to hell yesterday — and that didn’t happen.

There was massive Republican turnout for Donald Trump. They can’t believe it. I’ve got all of this coming up in audio sound bites. You will hear it, as I say, from the oral cavities of various Democrats in the media. They literally thought Trump was going to be sent packing — they were hoping — but it didn’t happen. Trump’s troops showed up in a massive number, landslide-type numbers.

The media tried to tell us a gigantic blue wave was coming for months and months. The polls, as expected, could not have been more wrong. I mean, strikingly wrong. But that raises another question: What are pollsters? If you think pollsters are people that reflect public opinion, you’re wrong. See, I could make the case that the pollsters did their jobs.

I could make the case that the pollsters don’t feel disappointed. They did their jobs. They shape public opinion. They suppress. They try to suppress Republican turnout. In that sense, they failed miserably. Republican turnout was through the roof, specifically for Donald Trump. Trump is going to win this. Now, this doesn’t mean that I’m not livid, and it doesn’t mean that I’m not ticked off and mad like all the rest of you are, because I am.

Now, we’re gonna go through here just some random thoughts combined with bits and pieces of knowledge and fact that I have acquired this morning as I’ve engaged in daily show prep. And I talked to people in the White House who really think they’re gonna win this. They’re trying to win without being seen as overturning any existing votes.

They think they have counts in Arizona and Pennsylvania to do it, and they are leading in Arizona. Here’s a story about it: “Trump Campaign Manager on Why He’s Still Confident in Re-election — Bill Stepien is confident that [Trump] will be reelected. But that only happens, he explained on a Wednesday morning phone call with reporters, if there are no shenanigans.”

Now, Trump has promised to go to Supreme Court if need be to stop states from counting suspicious ballots, ’cause the Democrats are pushing to count late ballots. They know that if only legal votes are counted, not ballots, that they win. They are confident in the White House, and they made this known in a phone call to various reporters. (interruption)

What do you mean, why am I confident? Okay, let me review for you why I’m confident. I don’t want anybody to think that I am striking a pose here, because I’m not doing that. That would be misleading you. Folks, if I literally thought that this was over and that we’re gonna lose, I’d tell you. I’ve got no reason ever to mislead you about anything.

You being positive versus negative, arguably, isn’t gonna change what’s gonna happen. There’s no reason for me to keep you artificially up if it doesn’t matter. Your votes are in, you have voted — and, by the way, you did it. You did show up, and you voted in overwhelming numbers. But let’s take a look. What is the track record for Donald Trump?

Remember the coup that they ran that was designed to reverse the election results 2016. That was a four-year operation, arguably still ongoing. They didn’t have a shred of evidence. They had nothing. I mean, there should not have even been an investigation. There was never any fact. There was never any collusion, meddling. The Russians did not do anything! There was nothing to investigate.

And yet the Mueller team investigated, and everybody in the Drive-By Media was part of it, and they ran a coup. They ran a silent coup. Who won? Donald Trump. Then they threw Stormy Daniels. Who won? Donald Trump. How many negative tell-all books have there been out there filled with lying disinformation about Donald Trump? Who won, the books or Donald Trump?

Trump says they “spied” on his campaign. They did, but that’s not even half of what happened. They weren’t spying on the campaign. They were attempting to implant and embed operatives who would reach out to Russia and make contact so that they could then establish that Trump campaign was colluding. But the Trump campaign didn’t hire any of the people the FBI tried to embed.

Who won? They’ve tried to get Donald Trump thrown out of office and put in jail over his taxes. Who’s still in the White House? They impeached Donald Trump on a phone call that now turns out to be the epitome of legitimate. He was asking Ukraine to look into the corrupt arrangement between Joe Biden’s son Hunter and Burisma. He was exactly right.

Who won? Donald Trump. They didn’t convict on impeachment. He’s still there. COVID-19. They have done everything. They shut down seven states that are still shut down. They’ve destroyed the economies in their own states, in their own cities. Donald Trump still in the White House. Attack after attack. He has beat all of this back. There is nobody better prepared to beat them on this than the guy who beats them on everything.

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