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DOOCY: Meanwhile, let’s stay in Florida and the Sunshine State. And joining us right now, we are pleased to say, Rush Limbaugh, El Rushbo, joins us live. Good morning to you, Rush.

RUSH: Hey, it’s great to be back with you guys. How’s everybody?

DOOCY: We’re doing okay. Okay, so I’m sitting at home last night at about 6:30 and I’m looking at the typewriter, my little texting machine, and I get a message from Rush: “Hey, I don’t know if it’s too late, can I come on the show today?” And I talked to the boss and he said, “Absolutely.” Rush, why did you want to be here today?

RUSH: Because I think it’s crucial. I think this is the day that we are going to determine what kind of country we have going forward. I also wanted to thank President Trump. I am so proud of him. He’s worked tirelessly for us, for the American people. He’s fighting to preserve the American way of life. He wants all Americans to have the absolute best future possible. He wants opportunity for everybody, no matter what their starting point is.

He’s maligned. He is impugned. He is ripped to shreds and so forth. And I think that he deserves much more credit than he has gotten for what he has done for America in the three and a half years or a little bit longer now. And I just wanted to throw in my two cents for my preference for him to win, and I want him to win big today. I don’t want there to be any doubt about this.

KILMEADE: So, Rush, what do you think will happen? I know what you want. It’s pretty clear you guys are buddies, whether it’s politics or not. But what do you think, how does this unfold today, Rush? ‘Cause I know you crunched the numbers too.

RUSH: Well, I look at the conventional wisdom and I make it a point never to follow it. It’s always wrong and it’s groupthink. Why do you want to go along with what everybody else thinks? So early voting, absentee voting, what’s everybody think? Everybody thinks it’s a bunch of Democrats that hate Trump showing up because they hate the guy and they can’t wait to vote, it’s what the Drive-By Media has been telling us.

What if, what if this early voting is a bunch of Trump voters who are fed up with the way their man’s been treated? They’re fed up with the way he’s been lied about. They’re fed up with this Russian conspiracy hoax and this impeachment hoax. They’re fed up with the attempts to destroy this country via Antifa and Black Lives Matter and they’re tired of watching the cities burn. They’re tired of watching Democrat governors and mayors shut down their cities and states.

What’s to say this early voting isn’t a bunch of Republicans and Trump supporters showing up to get it out of their system? The idea that the enthusiasm is all on the Democrat side, that’s media made-up stuff. So I think there’s a whole different way of looking at this. It is my way of looking at it, and I welcome everybody to join me in my way of looking at this, because my —

KILMEADE: So a blowout, you think it’s gonna be a blowout?

RUSH: — because my way is Trump winning and preserving the American way of life. And isn’t that what this is all about?

EARHARDT: Rush, how fearful are you if the Democrats win across the board? What if they do win the president, Biden’s elected, what if they get those three seats in the Senate, they keep the House, they pack the court?

RUSH: Ainsley, I’m very worried. That’s the whole point. The thing that frustrates me, Biden, he doesn’t even have a bond with his voters. He’s just the generic Democrat with the (D) next to his name on the ballot. Kamala Harris had to get out of the Democrat primaries before a single vote was cast. So the people that are really running this Biden/Kamala Harris operation, are people we don’t — I mean, we know who they are. They’re Big Tech, social media tech giants in the media and so forth.

But, I mean, we’ve reached a point in America where the American left doesn’t like this country, they haven’t liked it for a long time. And I think if they have the chance, Ainsley, they’ll rip the Constitution to shreds as best they can and rewrite it, and they’ll make government, government power, the centerpiece of American life, and the American people are not gonna know what hit them. Because this isn’t the old Democrats versus Republicans.

It used to be that the Democrats and the Republicans at least had the same objectives. They wanted prosperity for people, wanted a good life, kids great future. We don’t even have that in common with the Democrats anymore. There isn’t any overlap. So, as far as I’m concerned, they are to be defeated, politically defeated, not cooperated with and not gotten along with ’cause I don’t know that it’s possible.

And it’s not that I have any personal animus against them. It’s their policies and what they are promising to do to the United States of America. They want to ruin your kids’ future. If you really care about the American way of life and what you think it is, it is on the ballot today, folks, and there’s one guy standing in the way of the Democrats and the American left succeeding in this anti-American agenda, and it’s Donald Trump.

And I would just cringe if we lose this election because of somebody’s personality, because they don’t like the personal way he tweets or speaks or whatever. It’s so irrelevant to the big picture. Plus, he’s a good man. He’s a fine guy. I know him well. He’s somebody that you would want to go out and have a beer with, except he doesn’t drink. He’s somebody that you would want to spend time with. He’s a funny guy.

Look at these rallies. These things are unprecedented. The numbers of people. And, by the way, you don’t just drive up, go to the rally, and leave. This is a full-day commitment that people have to make to go to these, 57,000 people in Butler, Pennsylvania. And Joe Biden’s drawing two to three people in cars honking horns. Obama maybe 20.

EARHARDT: They waited 14 hours, Rush, in Grand Rapids — 14 hours in line in Grand Rapids.

RUSH: I know, and DeSantis was just talking about what happened out in Opa-locka Sunday night in Miami. It’s just amazing. How can somebody drawing crowds like that — even bigger than four years ago! How can this guy lose? It doesn’t compute with me, especially when the other side has no enthusiasm behind them, no excitement, just that (D) next to his name on the ballot.

And, folks, one other thing here. You gotta vote today. I don’t care how long the line is. If you get in line, do not leave the line. Stay there. Do not let them intimidate you. Don’t let them scare you out. Election Day turnout is the best weapon we’ve got against Democrat vote fraud. Election Day turnout is how we win this. If you show up — and please do — do not leave the line.


DOOCY: Until you have voted. Indeed, because as we said earlier: If you don’t vote —

RUSH: Exactly.

DOOCY: — you can’t complain.

RUSH: ‘Til you vote.

DOOCY: That’s right. Okay. So, Rush.

RUSH: No. No. Every vote counts!

DOOCY: Yeah!

RUSH: You know, I talk to people, “Rush, there’s 300 million of us. My vote can’t possibly matter.” Yes, it does. Your vote could cancel a Democrat vote, for example. But it’s the franchise. If you don’t use it, we’re gonna lose it someday, folks. I’ll tell you something: The Democrats, the modern-day — the American left, not the Democrats.

If they could get rid of elections, do not doubt me, they would. Elections are the one thing standing in their way. They lose more than they win. It ticks ’em off. I’m telling you. I’m not trying to sound frightening. It’s just we’ve reached a point here where the kind of country that we’re going to have is at stake here. It’s on the line.

DOOCY: Right. Sure. And you’ve made that very clear, the passion in your voice. Rush, you know, Joe Biden has been trying to present himself to America over the last couple of months as a moderate —

RUSH: (shaking head)

DOOCY: — as a centrist —

RUSH: (big sigh)

DOOCY: — and people in his party who are way to the left and very progressive, they’re going, “You know, as soon as we get the job and Joe wins it, we’re gonna pull him further to the left.” And when you look at the fact that Kamala Harris is his vice-presidential running mate and she was labeled the most liberal senator in the U.S. Senate, what does it tell you about the direction things will go. I mean, we think they’re gonna go a certain way. But if they win, are they gonna make a super hard-left turn as soon as they get in the door?

RUSH: I don’t know as soon as they get in the door, but it isn’t gonna take long. I mean, they’re gonna be salivating with the opportunity. They’re not gonna be able to contain themselves for very long. Biden will not be long for the job. He’s a placeholder. I don’t know how much he is aware of the fact that he’s just a placeholder, and I don’t know to what extent Kamala Harris is actually the future, either.

I mean she obviously would be the president if something happened to Plugs. But I… Yes. To answer your question: They can’t wait. They can’t wait to make this left turn because once they make it, in their minds, they know there’s no going back. They don’t think they’re gonna ever lose again if they make this left turn.

DOOCY: Right.

RUSH: They don’t think that we’re gonna have the power at the ballot box to ever defeat them again. So, yeah, they’re gonna be moving as quickly as they can to consolidate this victory if that’s what happens today.

DOOCY: Right.

RUSH: I shudder at the thought.

KILMEADE: Adding states is very real, and getting rid of filibustering is something very real if they happen to get the Senate. But, Rush, I have to ask a personal question.

RUSH: Sure.

KILMEADE: You’re very good at broadcasting. You should get your own show. No wonder… (chuckles) No wonder you’re the best ever. Number two is you go through such harsh treatment. How much has your friendship with the president — not only as the president and an impactful conservative voice but a golf partner and a friend. How much has that helped sustained you through this time?

RUSH: It’s been tremendous. You know, I’m day to day. I wake up every day and thank God that I did. I woke up this morning and I thanked God that I did. I have had a very, very good fortune with the course of treatment that I’ve had, and I’m just thrilled to be here. Every day, I’m thrilled to be here. I’m thrilled to be here and to be able to be part of this today.

This was an objective. This was. When I found out my diagnosis, being here today was one of the objectives. I wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for my family, particularly my wife, who has just… This stuff is hard, folks. A lot of people have been through it, and you know, and I don’t want to spend a whole lot of time on it.


RUSH: But you know the sacrifice that people closest to you make, and they don’t get any help. They don’t get any assistance. They just do what they have to do. And I have been the beneficiary of some of the most loving and devoted people. And I’m so glad that when I sent you the note last night, Steve, you let me come on.

Folks, they could have said, “What do you mean? We asked you three weeks ago and you’re calling us the night before the show? Who do you think…?” I would have fully and totally understood. So I’m grateful that you let me come on today, because I really do believe that we owe President Trump a lot.

The man has done more than anybody I can think of in the Republican Party to save this country, to put it together and grow it and put it back together as it was founded to be. It’s been a blessing to be able to work with him on this and to be on his side and on his team in this. So, yeah, I’m blessed in so many ways, I can’t really count them all — including being allowed on your program today.

EARHARDT: We’re so grateful that you are.

DOOCY: Our pleasure.

EARHARDT: We’re so honored to have you on here. For the folks that are watching that — and most people are grateful every day. I know what you’re going through makes it even more powerful in your mind. But for those folks that are watching that are grateful, that love God, that love country, that worry about the future, love our children: With your diagnosis, how do you balance it all? What’s your advice to all of us?

RUSH: I think that we… The way I look at it is life is the most precious thing we have, and it’s probably the thing that most people just take for granted. We’re busy. We don’t even take time to consciously think of our lives because we’re too busy living them. But I really appreciate mine now, I have to tell you — and I always have. But we all only get one.

And we all have the opportunity starting out to make the most of it or whatever we want it to be. And we get a do-over every day. If we screw up one day, we get a chance to fix it the next day. And we’re Americans, which means we have the freedom to invest in whatever it is that makes us happy. That’s in our founding documents.

In my case, I’m grateful that I have been able to make it to Election Day. I’m grateful that I am still able to do my radio show. I’m grateful that I am still able to have meaningful conversations, relationships with my family. I’m grateful for everything that happened. There’s so much to be thankful for, especially when right in front of you is the prospect of it being taken away.

And it just amps up the appreciation for all of the goodness that you have in your life and for all the… You know, we all have rotten things happen to us, and we all have unfortunate things. But I tell you: One thing I’ve learned is that there’s good in everything that happens. It may not present itself for weeks, months, whatever, but there’s good in everything that happens if you look for it, and I firmly believe that —

EARHARDT: Even an election that doesn’t go in your favor?

RUSH: Yeah, and I actually believe… You mentioned God. God is a profound factor. Jesus Christ is a profound factor. I have a personal relationship. I’ve not talked about it much publicly because I don’t proselytize these things. But, yeah. I just try to give thanks every day for all of the blessings. I have had a blessed life. I have had so many great friends — and still do — that it’s been nothing negative for me.

There’s nothing — nothing — that I have deep regrets about because I’ve been too blessed.

DOOCY: Well, I have known you since you were at the Kansas City Royals, so it goes way back to Kansas City.

RUSH: Oh-ho yeah! (laughing) 1980s!

DOOCY: That’s right — and I love the cafeteria with the free food they had up there. That was fantastic. Rush, you know a lot of people are praying for you and love you and are so happy to see you on this Election Day. But, as you said, you only get one, and today is the day. And ultimately you wanted to come on TV today to say what to your millions of viewers?

RUSH: Thank you. Thank you for being part of my life. Thank you for being instrumental in making my life what it was — not “was,” is. I think I have so much in common with President Trump. You know, I look at the rallies that he does. I have a similar bond with my audience that he has with his voters, and I cherish it. The people in my audience are a sophisticated bunch of people.

They know what patronizing sponsors means to my success. They know what their role is and their involvement in sustaining the radio show and they do it. And, you know, I don’t want to go overboard in this, but I tell you: I have so much to be thankful and grateful for, and I am. And I tell my audience as much as I can without overdoing it —

DOOCY: Right.

RUSH: — how much I appreciate the fact that they are there. It’s been 32 years now, 32 years! There are people who have been listening 32 years. Stop and think about that. Mindbogglingly mind blowing!

DOOCY: Right.

RUSH: If you guys were old enough, you would be in the group.

HOSTS: (laughter)

KILMEADE: No, I have been. I feel like I have been listening for that long. So, Rush, in particular, I have bad news for you: You’re not going anywhere. You have never sounded better and more insightful and more interesting than you do now —

RUSH: Well, thank you.

KILMEADE: — and even this morning, for example. So we’re gonna see about getting you a TV show, too. I’m going to talk to some people. But, Rush, on lesser note — a less important note — I see you’re a traditional conservative. A lot of times maybe you’re calling out the Bushes and maybe you’re upset on Republicans. Why is it you can look at the president being an atypical as a conservative and you accept him, and there’s people like Bill Kristol and David Frum and George Will — traditional conservatives — that just can’t?

RUSH: (groans) Oh, what a —

KILMEADE: In fact, they’ve formed a group. They’ve formed a group against the president.

RUSH: Jealousy. It is pure jealousy. Look at these guys. They set themselves up as the intellectual powerhouse of conservatism. They asked for money. “Go with us on our cruises. Subscribe to magazines. We are the intellectual heft that’s promoting conservatism.” But conservatism never got promoted with these guys. They did! They are out begging people for money to fund their cruises or whatever. Then Donald Trump comes along — who they hate on a class basis — and ends up implementing everything they’ve devoted their lives to and do they support it?

No, because they are jealous, because Trump is doing it. So now they are actively endorsing and voting Biden after how many years have these guys begged conservatives and Republicans for money and how many Republicans and conservatives have sent them money and how much of that money has been totally wasted because these guys never meant it? They were all in it for themselves. They were in it to be the smartest guys in the room.

They were in it to be thought of the intellectual heft and power behind conservatism and here comes this guy, Bad Orange Man and Twitter feed and he implemented everything they believe in and they can’t even deign to support what they’ve devoted their lives to. And I think it’s pure jealousy, it’s pure envy, plus Trump has rendered them irrelevant. How much more irrelevant could a conservative be than to have to join the Democrat Party in this era and end up being part of a party that is as anti-American as the party has ever been? And that’s where they’ve ended up, maybe that’s where they should have been from the get-go.

DOOCY: And from the get-go today, Rush Limbaugh made it very clear, today is the day everybody who can needs to vote.

RUSH: Let me tell you something.

DOOCY: Rush, thank you very much. It’s been a real pleasure.

EARHARDT: Thanks, Rush.

RUSH: Thank you very much, guys. I appreciate you letting me come on today. I really do.

DOOCY: What did you want to say, real quick?

RUSH: Even though 100 million people have voted, they tell us, the numbers of people that haven’t voted is still bigger than that, so don’t draw any conclusions. I expect the network to call the victory for Biden by 5:00 o’clock today just to suppress the vote. Do not let this work, folks. They’re going to run tricks like exit polling predicting Biden, they do it every four years. Do not lose the faith. Keep the faith. Stay up, stay positive, go vote. Election Day turnout is the determining factor in who wins today.

KILMEADE: Go get them, Rush. Thanks.

EARHARDT: May God bless you, Rush.

RUSH: Thank you, Ainsley. God bless all of you too. I really appreciate it.

DOOCY: Ladies and gentlemen, Rush Limbaugh.

HOSTS: (applause)

KILMEADE: That was Rush Limbaugh. Of course, go listen to his show today.

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