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RUSH: I had a story in the first hour of the program that Florida’s…

Yeah. Here it is, and this was… I got this news just before the program started today. This was at 10 minutes ’til noon Eastern. “Florida Has Now Reached 100% of 2016’s Voter Turnout.” Before 12 noon, Florida had reached 100%… We may be looking at, in certain, places turnout records today — and I’m telling you, folks, Election Day turnout is a Republican phenomenon.

If it is this humongous in Florida or wherever, it is momentous. It is why I have been urging everybody to vote. You know, it’s one of the stupidest sounding things to say, “It’s Election Day. Go vote.” I know it sounds stupid. (griping) “Rush, you don’t need to tell me to go vote. I’m gonna do it or I’m not gonna do it, but I’m not (mumbling)!” Well, see, that’s the rub.

The average turnout in your average presidential election year is pretty small. It’s in the 60 percents, and that’s not much, considering the potential, the possible. I guess it is. But my point is, there’s room for much more, and your vote… The only way your vote doesn’t really count is if you don’t cast it. I hear people say, “My vote doesn’t count.” They either don’t trust the system — which I understand.

You see today reports of massive cheating in Pennsylvania at both ends of the state, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. I understand the impact that can have on you. But let me tell you something, folks. Your vote counts if you cast it. It can cancel out a Democrat vote. It can be the difference maker. Every vote cast counts. It is nonsensical to say that it doesn’t.

It counts from the standpoint of using the franchise. If you don’t do it — and more and more people don’t do it — we’re gonna lose it. We’re gonna lose the vote someday. Not in our lifetimes. But I’m here to tell you that today’s American left, which has its home in the Democrat Party, would love to eliminate elections. They would love to find a way to do it.

And if more and more people decide not to vote, it’s gonna be an easier thing to bring about. Now, today that cause is being severely hampered because there is record turnout in a number of places. The more Republican votes, the better chance we have to counter the Democrat fraud. That’s the importance of Election Day turnout.

It has been demonstrated over and over again in previous elections that Election Day turnout is the number one poison for voter fraud and cheating.

There’s nothing they can do about massive turnout. When they’re cheating, they are trying to make up for a lack of turnout on their side, is what it means. When the Democrats are engaged in all kinds of voter fraud — burying votes, hiding votes, trying to create votes that didn’t exist — it’s because they’re not getting a lot of turnout.

You don’t have to cheat, you don’t have to play games, if you engage in voting, if there is a massive turnout — and in Florida, it appears that there is, and in some other places, it appears that there is. And you can look at massive turnout in a number of different ways. You can look at it negatively, as some people are, or you can look at it positively as other people are.

It all boils down to where you think the enthusiasm is. Do you think the enthusiasm is on the Democrat side and it’s all oriented toward hatred of Donald Trump? Do you think massive turnout today is happening because so many Americans just despise Trump? They have fallen for every trick in the book that the Drive-By Media has used.

They have been pummeled.

People have been beat over the head for four years what a rotten guy Trump is.

Trump himself has done some things that make it tough to like him, personality-wise and all of that. Or, on the other hand, is the enthusiasm pro-Trump? I can make the case for both. I could just as easily tell you that this massive turnout is comprised of people who voted for Trump in 2016 and have been livid every day since, as they have watched the Washington establishment.

Don’t forget: A vote for Trump was a repudiation of the mainstream media. It was a repudiation of the Washington establishment, a repudiation of the deep state, the administrative state — and they won! The people that voted for Trump won. They won, not just Trump. They won. Their outsider candidate won, and their outsider candidate actually had success. He implemented the agenda.

He brought back jobs from overseas. He cut taxes. He increased people’s standard of living. The U.S. economy was roaring. There was record low African-American and Hispanic unemployment, all due to the policies of Donald Trump, and this is exactly why people voted for him. These are the things that they wanted to happen were happening. He kept his promises — culturally socially, politically, economically.

And all the while that’s happening, they have to listen and watch and read the mainstream media lie every day about Trump being a traitor, a Russian agent, that he meddled in the election and stole it. They had to put up with the Mueller investigation. If I were one of those people (and I am), I would be livid. I would be fed up. I would be ticked off at these people, and I would want them to pay a price like they have never paid a price.

I would want the Democrats to lose and lose huge. I would want the media to lose and lose huge. They don’t deserve to win, the Democrat Party and the media. After the cheating and after the unfairness, after the lying, after all of the character assassination they’ve engaged in with Donald Trump, they do not deserve to win. Joe Biden certainly doesn’t deserve to win.

Kamala Harris doesn’t deserve to win. They’re a bunch of nonentities with a D next to their name. They don’t have any bond with any voters. They don’t have a connection with people. Donald Trump does! He has worked it. He has developed it. He has created it. He has worked tirelessly for this country, for the people of this country — and everybody that voted for him knows it.

Now, there may be a few people that voted for him who don’t like the tweets and don’t like the personality and, you know, maybe were made uncomfortable by his strategy in the first debate with Plugs. But when you get down to the nitty-gritty, none of that matters. It may to some people, but it shouldn’t. So we find ourselves here on Election Day looking at what might be recent record turnout in various places.

We’re left to wonder what it means, and all we can do is be patient and wait for the votes to be counted. Then we start being concerned about integrity and honesty in the vote counting and all of that. And we’re very much aware of who the left is. We’re very much aware that they will pull out all the stops, whatever it takes to win, and they want it all now. You know, they used to be satisfied with an incremental approach to progress.

That was one of the hallmarks of the Soviet Union, by the way. You know, we do everything in four-year plans here because that’s how long presidents serve. The president’s term, four years. So everything is geared to be measured in terms of success or failure within four years. Soviet Union, communists, they don’t care. As long as the end of the day shows progress, that’s enough. You know the old statement, three steps forward, two steps back, you’re still ahead.

But today’s left, particularly the left here in the United States, Democrat Party, the incrementalism, they’ve grown impatient. They want it all, and they want it all now, and that means they want you dealt with. They don’t want any opposition. They don’t want to have to win your heart or your mind. They don’t want to have to win a persuasion contest. If you don’t agree with them, they don’t exist. They don’t want to have to give you the time of day.

They don’t care what you think; they’re not interested in what you think; they’re not interested in persuading you; and they certainly aren’t interested in you persuading them. You don’t agree with them, you disagree with them, you think differently, you don’t exist. They want you not to exist. There is no concept of democracy with these people. That’s who they are. That’s who they’ve become. That is the modern-day the Democrat Party.

And don’t tell me it’s just a bunch of kook freaks. These are the people that tried to impeach Donald Trump. These are the people that made up this entire Russian collusion thing. These are the people that ran the silent coup. They knew exactly what they were doing from day one. They wanted to get rid of Donald Trump in five days. They wanted to get rid of him the first month of 2017. They actually didn’t want him to be inaugurated. The whole thing with General Flynn and the effort here of having Sessions recuse himself as attorney general. During the transition, James Comey and the rest of these people doing everything they could to see to it that Donald Trump never saw Inauguration Day.

James Clapper, Obama’s Director of National Intelligence; John Brennan, this clown that ran the CIA; these people were all in on taking your election victory away from you. And they still are. And I just, these past four years, I have had a tough time understanding how that could be rewarded.

And now on the other side here’s Trump, who’s done nothing more than what he said he was gonna do, who expresses an unabashed love for America. But then I had my eyes opened, folks. I had my eyes opened during the campaign of 2016. Donald Trump, Make America Great Again was the most controversial thing that the left had ever heard. I said, “How in the world is making America great controversial?” I mean, that stopped me dead in my tracks.

I know I’m naive. I know I’m slow to pick up on some things. I know the American left, and I know Marxists and socialists and communists. But I didn’t think that the Democrat Party was majority made up of those kinds of people. And I might be wrong. Because these people tried to tell the rest of American, Make America Great. You know what that means? A return to slavery. Donald Trump wants to go back to the days of white supremacy.

That’s not what Make America Great means. It has nothing to do with race. It has nothing to do with slavery. It has nothing to do with any of that. For crying out loud, how can you misunderstand what Make America Great Again means? And yet the opposition to it was and is real. They don’t want any American greatness. And it’s because of many factors, but the number one factor is we’ve lost the education system, and we just weren’t paying attention to that, for 50 years, two generations, American young people who are not so young anymore — some are 55 years old.

They’ve had their brains literally poisoned with the idea that America is a slave state, that it still is a slave state, and that the Republican Party wants to return to the days of a slave state. And so you have all of these white, college-educated Millennials and older — and sadly, many of them women — who believe this garbage and have now started hating themselves because they’re white. So there’s a bunch of self-loathing out there among white liberals who have been taught and spoon-fed the guilt that they are the reason for inequality. They are the reason for the misery and the unhappiness and the unfairness and the racism and the bigotry and the homophobia in America.

And they don’t want that guilt. They want to get rid of that guilt; so they transfer it to us. And they become liberals, they become Marxists, they become good people so they can point fingers of blame at us, when all Make America Great Again means is exactly what it means: greatest nation on earth for human liberty, freedom, and prosperity. How in the world could anybody oppose that? But they do.

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