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RUSH: Now we want to welcome back to the program Donald Trump Jr., who joins us from… Where are you today at the moment, Mr. Trump?

TRUMP JR.: It’s my first time off the road. I’m actually in D.C. so I guess theoretically still on the road, Rush. But I’ve been traveling the country for the last 90 days. In the last month, I’ve done 107 rallies. Each one of those is preceded by multiple radio hits, multiple TV hits. We’ve just left it all on the field, and so I’m banging out the last sort of get-out-the-vote radio today to make sure that everyone just understands what is at stake this election. And it’s just been awesome. The energy on the ground is insane.

RUSH: How are you interpreting this? I guess in a lot of places… Florida at noon today, Donald, had equaled their entire turnout of 2016, for example. It was a big, big turnout today. How are you guys interpreting that?

TRUMP JR.: Florida looks great. Again, I want everyone to still get out and vote. That’s the biggest thing. But what we’re seeing in Florida, in Pennsylvania, we’re just getting good turnout, which is what we need. Our guys are showing up. The Republicans always lag in the early ballots.

They don’t participate in the early voting as much as Democrats. We — rightfully so — don’t trust those processes, especially when you see the gamesmanship that’s being played like, you know, by the attorney general in Pennsylvania and, you know, they don’t want ballots to have to match signatures to the registered voters.

RUSH: Isn’t that amazing? How in the world can that stand, that ballots do not have to match signatures? How in the world can they let that stand in the Pennsylvania courts?

TRUMP JR.: What I want to know is how do they sell it to the American people with a straight face. Rush, you know, maybe I’m not the brightest guy but I cannot think of a single reason — unless you’re planning on cheating — why the signature of a registered voter should not match that person’s voter registration.

RUSH: Yeah!

TRUMP JR.: But those are the games that are being played, which is why we need a win overwhelmingly. If the people that have shown up to rallies — whether it’s my father, ones that I’ve done. That energy. If they show up and they vote, I think we win this thing really big tonight and we probably put it to bed tonight, which would be really nice.

Because the Democrats have totally forgotten about even attempting to have a ground game. They haven’t done it. They haven’t put together those teams. They’ve staffed lawyers to fight this thing starting on November 4th. That’s always been their game plan. They want to have focused on anything other than that, and, you know, given —

RUSH: Now, wait.

TRUMP JR.: — the way things go in the courts imagine want to win big tonight.

RUSH: I’ve been telling people all day that the best way to overcome whatever chicanery/cheating they try is just massive Election Day turnout. There is nothing that can stop that. Massive Election Day turnout is how all of the fraud that they may be attempting is rendered ineffective. But you say that they have forgotten about having a ground game.

It’s not they’ve forgotten. They’ve chosen another way. They’re not trying to get out the vote for Biden. They’re trying to get out the vote for the guy with a (D) next to his name. But they’re… Are you suggesting that their efforts really are focused on trying to win this thing, shall we say, in less-than-upfront ways after the election is over? Is that what they’re —

TRUMP JR.: That is 100% my opinion, Rush. It’s not like they didn’t know this date was coming. They’ve had years to be able to do this. When you look at Democrats’ fundraising with ActBlue, they have more money than the Republican Party by probably multiples. And they haven’t tried fielding a ground game. They don’t have people doing get-out-the-vote. They don’t have people doing door knocking. They haven’t focused on that a little bit. And, frankly, that was always a strong suit of the Democrat Party.

RUSH: Yeah.

TRUMP JR.: They always did that much better than the Republicans. We have 2.5 million trained volunteers going around the country knocking on doors, following up with people, making phone calls. These are trained volunteers that are doing this because they believe in their president. That has never been put together before, and we’re looking at what we’re up against, and it’s as though there’s not even an attempt.

They’re taking those millions of dollars that it takes to train those guys and to get them out there, and it seems like they’re hiring lawyers in every state to be able to try to play games later on. We’ll see what happens, but if it’s close, I can imagine those shenanigans are going to kick into full effect, which is why everybody needs to get out there and vote —

RUSH: I know.

TRUMP JR.: — and bring their friends. Make sure everyone understands that our freedoms and our liberties are on the table this election.

RUSH: Now, hold that thought. That is… “Freedom and liberty are at stake in this election.” I want to come back to that, but I want to run something by you first. It’s a story at a good website called American Greatness. And you probably have seen this. I want your take on it. “Joe Biden Plans…” This is a Democrat Party strategy.

They plan “to Assume Role of President-Elect” tonight if somebody in the “Media Declares Him Winner — Even” if your “Legal Challenges” are in the process of still being heard and all. All it’s gonna take is one network declaring Biden the winner, and this story says that he is going to go on television and presume to be the president-elect and start setting up the government to run on that basis.

He’s gonna start with his transition tonight and into tomorrow.

Now, you guys obviously have to be prepared for this kind of thing.

What is your take on that?

TRUMP JR.: Well, it doesn’t surprise me at all. I mean, you know, Hillary Clinton’s been foreshadowing this one for months. She said, “He should concede under no circumstances.” Even if he wins zero Electoral College votes, he should just fight it. You know, they’ve contested the election in ’16. They still haven’t given up on that one. So, you know, this shouldn’t surprise us all that this is their gamesmanship.

And, by the way, the way that Democrats have a stranglehold on the mainstream media, you know that we could have literally every single Electoral College vote and ABC, NBC, CNN, MSNBC — one or all of them — would probably still likely say, “You know what? It’s looking good for Joe Biden! Fire up the transition team.”

I mean, that’s the game. If anyone’s been watching, that’s what’s so critical about this election. If you’ve been watching… Ten days ago I wouldn’t have said this, Rush, but our First Amendment rights, our basic freedom of speech is on the table this election. And I know that because I saw Facebook, Google — you know, Big Tech with social media and mainstream media — totally ignore and totally silence those that are talking about the greatest corruption scandal in the history of American politics.

They are running the most corrupted and compromised candidate in the history of the U.S. presidency, and no one’s even heard about it. No one’s even trying to get the message out.

RUSH: The Hunter Biden laptop, you’re talking about, right? The Hunter Biden laptop?

TRUMP JR.: Well, there’s multiple scandals, right? There’s obviously the laptop. That has more corroborating evidence, Rush, by a factor of about two billion than anything they had to utilize to start the Russia hoax that they were able to push for four years. The hoax that they were able to call my father an agent of Russia. The hoax that they were able to try to throw me in jail and had me do 30 hours of testimony about.

They have a thousand times more evidence. They have the receipts. They have the wire transfers. They have the hard disks. They will have the emails. And they have a naval intelligence officer — who happens to be a Democrat — as a witness. And it’s as though it didn’t exist.

The mainstream media — the same people who cried like petulant children every time Donald Trump correctly called them the fake news — are actually canceling their peers, those peers who are actually willing to do journalism today. Which is very few of them. But the ones that aren’t activists and are able to look into these stories and report them, they’re canceling each other. That should scare everyone in America because if Big Tech can suppress a story like this, such a story of corruption —

RUSH: Oh, yeah.

TRUMP JR.: — and pretend that it’s not even happening in the face of a presidential election where the guy could be president of America! The leader of the free world could be beholden to China, Ukraine. I mean, we know there’s money from these places. We know Hunter, in his own words, was saying he’s “holding 10% for the Big Guy.”

RUSH: It’s about this. Everything they accused your family of doing was baseless. There’s never been a shred of evidence for any of it —


RUSH: — and yet the Biden family is it in spades. Now, by the way, we’re talking with Donald Trump Jr. You have a propensity to speak rapidly. I want to go back to something that you were saying. You were on a roll, and I want you to slow down on something. They put you under 30 hours of testimony to perjury-trap you, any number of things. And they were trying to ruin you, they were trying to ruin your dad, they were trying to ruin your family. They were trying to get the election results of 2016 overturned.

In the meantime… What I want you to do is explain to people what they were accusing you of doing in those 30 hours of testimony that you were under oath, perjury trapped. And they were not talking to the Bidens about a single thing they have actually done. What were they trying to get you to admit to? What were they trying to find you guilty of in those 30 hours?

TRUMP JR.: Well, I think the idea was, really, they knew there was nothing there, and we sort of know that now because we know that the FBI worked with the Russian asset — a Russian spy — and the CIA to fabricate the dossier and create all of the nonsense around it. I think what they were trying to do with me was simply if you ask someone a bunch of ridiculous questions over 30 hours, in three different committees, over a few months, maybe — just maybe — you know, “The meeting was at 12:02.” “No, it was 12:03!” Perjury trap. You’re done.

You know, I wouldn’t have gotten the benefit of the doubt that the McCabes and the Brennan’s of the world who’ve lied before Congress, I wouldn’t get that benefit of the doubt. I’d be in jail. And when you see what’s going on, again, there is 10,000 times more actual evidence and corroborated evidence against the Biden crime family than there ever was about us. But they’re doing whatever they can to protect it.

The important point I think that everyone in America has to understand, Rush, which should scare us all is the reality is this. Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats impeached Donald Trump for being right about Joe Biden and his corruption. I mean, that was the whole case of the impeachment. Impeachment was a distraction to get people off of the Biden corruption, that they must have known about.

Because don’t forget, the FBI has been sitting on that laptop since 2019, before there was ever impeachment. The FBI didn’t say a word. They didn’t say, “Hey, yeah, they are under investigation for money laundering. We have’t been looking at this.” They let this stuff go on. And they let them impeach a president for being right about his corrupt opponent. That should scare us all. Now, we shouldn’t be surprised, given what they did to try to set up and railroad me and my family with all of the nonsense that they pushed for years as though it’s gospel, there are still people in mainstream media today that are running with the Russia hoax as though it’s real.

RUSH: I know. It’s amazing. They’ve yet to give it up and they keep doubling down on it. You know, as one human being to another, I mean, I can hear the frustration in your voice. I can actually hear the anger in your voice. And the thing that a lot of Americans ask, “But wait a minute. Your dad’s president. He could have shut this down anytime he wanted. He could have gone public with it. He could have exposed these people. Why are you guys sitting there mad about it and not doing anything about it?” A lot of people —

TRUMP JR.: Well, you know, yeah. I think it’s a fair question. But the reality is this. Even today, even as president, Donald Trump is still the outsider. You know, Donald Trump is still the anti-establishment guy, and you have a lot of those forces. You may have a cabinet, you may have this, but the reality is when you look at the swamp and the way it’s stacked with lifetime appointees, people who aren’t willing to do that, they have loyalties to elsewhere, they want to return things back to the normal where all of their buddies are getting the kickbacks.

It’s like why we’re not getting out of the endless wars until Donald Trump finally said enough is enough. It wasn’t that our generals could even articulate why we are there, because they can’t, and I’ve been in the room when my father has asked that, you know, they get marbles in their mouth. The reality is we’re in Afghanistan 20 years later because everyone wants a board seat at War, Inc. You know, they want that board seat at Raytheon.

RUSH: That’s right. (crosstalk)

TRUMP JR.: — retirement package. So they don’t get out, they send our kids over there to die, they spend trillions of dollars mortgaging our future and our children’s future so that they can get their retirement package. That’s what Donald Trump is fighting against. But there’s a lot of people in Washington that he doesn’t put in there, that he doesn’t appoint that have their own interests at heart, and they’re going to do whatever they can to protect it.

Again, just look at what’s going on for the last few years. What’s most impressive about my father and why I fight so hard for him every day is that his record of accomplishment is so much more impressive when you look at it through the lens of he’s done it through unprecedented incoming fire from the media, unprecedented lack of cooperation from a Democrat Party hell-bent on tarring and feathering him throughout his entire presidency, working against him, and he’s still able to pull off Middle East peace.

He’s still willing to go against the establishment and pull us out of the endless wars, he was still able to crate the greatest economy in the historical of the world where there was not a single metric where we were not better off than under the failed Obama-Biden administration.

That’s why I’m out there every day fighting so hard, Rush, because I believe in the man. I’ve seen what he can do, and if we send a mandate, a shot across the bow in Washington, D.C., and we get back the House and we hold the Senate, imagine what this man could you do for America?

RUSH: Well, I know. It’s a great point. We’re talking with Donald Trump Jr. We have a brief obscene profit time-out. We’ll take that, be right back and continue after this.


RUSH: And we are happily back with Donald Trump Jr. joining us here on Election Day. I got a couple of headlines I want to share with you, Mr. Trump. First up from JusttheNews.com. This is John Solomon’s outfit. “Despite Polls Favoring Biden,” which I think are bogus, “Most Voters Believe Trump Will Win Election.” This is a poll of people who are asked what they think is gonna happen, not who they are supporting.

They think your dad is gonna win. Marco Rubio tweeted recently that early turnout reports indicate that Florida is witnessing a Republican voter participation percentage of historic proportions. Republicans are rocking it here in Florida. I know you’re in D.C. But I’ve heard reports of Florida going crazy today with turnout. And if it’s happening here, what are the odds that it’s happening all over the place in a lot of these battleground states?

TRUMP JR.: Well, like I said, I think pretty good. You know, I don’t ever count my chickens before they’re hatched. I don’t want people putting out misinformation so that other people think we have it in the bag.

RUSH: Well, that’s true. It’s a good point.

TRUMP JR.: Everyone has to get out and vote. I don’t want to take anything for granted. Who knows what happens. Who knows the gamesmanship. You know, I think if we go into this thing even at the end of the night they’ll figure out a way to steal it. So let’s run up the score. I’m not into mercy rules.

RUSH: Amen.

TRUMP JR.: Let’s just own this thing and let’s just win it big and put an end to this and hopefully send a mandate to D.C. and for the Democrats to start working with Donald Trump to actually start fighting for the American people for a change, because they seem to have forgotten about the American public and I think that’s gonna come out in today’s vote. That’s why you’re seeing that. That’s why Donald Trump is able to put 30,000 people into a stadium four times a day as he goes around —

RUSH. Oh, my God. It’s incredible.

TRUMP JR.: These are people that are excited that someone is finally fighting for them, not all talk. ‘Cause guess what? If Joe Biden could have fixed anything by now, Rush, he would have done it. No one gets into their stride after 47 years.

RUSH: I know. That’s another thing — and your dad kept pounding that. And it’s so right on the money. You had 47 — you had eight years with Barack Obama and you’re complaining about things that you didn’t do in eight years. I think it’s a great point you guys kept pounding.

TRUMP JR.: Yeah, I wrote a book about liberal privilege, and that’s pretty much sums it up right there, it’s that mentality of I’m gonna do it now. It’s like, well, why’d you wait? I mean, my father was pretty light on him and said, “Hey, you didn’t do it in your eight years as VP.” You know, perhaps as it relates to fixing race relations or doing opportunity zones or the First Step Act and prison reform.

But the reality is this. If he cared about those things, why didn’t he do any of them with his other 38 years in the United States Senate? You know, Joe Biden is the camouflage that the radical left and their media lackeys are using to try to get that radical agenda in there.

They try to say, you know, it’s moderate Joe, moderate Joe from Scranton. Well, you’re not moderate Joe if Kamala Harris is your VP or Beto, “Hell, yeah, I’m gonna take your AR-15” O’Rourke as your gun czar, or you’re stealing Bernie’s platform. And I understand that Joe Biden has a long history with plagiarism. But stealing Bernie’s platform is not a moderate proposal. And —

RUSH: He’s not —

TRUMP JR.: — eliminating the American oil and gas —

RUSH: He’s not stealing Bernie’s platform. It’s being forced on him. He’s a placeholder. He’s a placeholder candidate. He’s not gonna be there long.

TRUMP JR.: I agree. He’s the camouflage to bring in that radical left agenda. And anyone who’s witnessed Joe Biden, who sees him there, you know, he thought he was running against George W. Bush the other night until Jill Biden basically had to stick her arm up the back of his shirt, do the ventriloquist act and basically say, no, no, no, he’s running against Donald Trump.

RUSH: We saw that.

TRUMP JR.: It’s embarrassing at this point. If Joe Biden, even if he were a moderate, he doesn’t have the fortitude, he doesn’t have the stamina to stand up to the radical left that has taken over the Democrat party.

RUSH: That’s exactly right.

TRUMP JR.: That’s what people need to understand.

RUSH: Exactly right.

TRUMP JR.: The Rust Belt, this is not your grandfather’s Democrat Party.

RUSH: Exactly right.

TRUMP JR.: This is not your parents’ Democrat Party.

RUSH: We got Donald Trump Jr. with us here, folks. Mr. Trump, one minute left. Give us your pitch for people to get out and vote. It’s 2:30 Eastern time. Many people think the day’s over. Why you should they go out and vote?

TRUMP JR.: Get out and vote because we need to run up the score. Fight for a president that has fought for you and delivered unprecedented results. Remember when Obama said there was no magic wand to do what Donald Trump did with the economy? Well, abracadabra, there is a magic wand. Obama just didn’t have it. You add that on to Donald Trump being willing to take on the establishment to pull us out of the endless wars.

You add that to him being willing to take on Big Pharma who’s bought off everyone else in D.C. to be able to cut consumer drug pricing so Americans aren’t being gouged by our pharma companies while selling it pennies on the dollar to the rest of the world. Someone who’s willing and able to change up the game enough in the Middle East to knock out four peace deals.

RUSH: I don’t want to have to be rude and interrupt, we’ve got five seconds. I want to make sure I thank you so much for your time, best of luck, great to talk with you.

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