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RUSH: I got a note from a friend, an email from a friend. And I want to share it with you. “Rush, I was looking back over the left’s stuff about a month ago, stuff they were doing, writing, saying. And they were writing that Trump’s next debate would be worse, that Trump is fat, that he’s old, he’d be on a ventilator, got COVID-19, it would take weeks to recover if he even fully did recover, that his rallies were finished, that he was through. You remember this, Rush?

“In the immediate days after Trump announced he had COVID-19, they were celebrating. It was gonna be the end of Trump. He can’t campaign like he normally would. And, once again, Rush, isn’t it fascinating. The left, the Democrats, the media, they have no idea who Trump is. They have no idea who he was. They have no idea what he’s about. They have no understanding of who the man is. His indefatigable energy level, his commitment, his love of country, they still don’t know it.

“They had no idea that his next debate would be brilliant. They didn’t calculate that he would use COVID to allay fears, to cement his image as indestructible, middle class warrior, and that he created these huge rallies again on upbeat, defiant optimism. They got all of it wrong, Rush. It’s one of the most remarkable upticks in election history, what Donald Trump has engineered here. Not that I think he was ever really behind, Rush, but to so disabuse the left is quite incredible. What Trump has done to disabuse them, to prove them wrong at every turn is incredible.

“Nate Silver saying Pennsylvania all but done. Back then, you know, looking back over the past month, Nate Silver was saying Pennsylvania was all but done and over, that it was a Biden sure win. Ten days ago. Ten days ago, Nate Silver wrote, ‘Democrats, you don’t need Pennsylvania to win.’ Now he’s saying, ‘Without Pennsylvania, Biden has a hard time winning.'” That’s right. We just shared with you that sound bite. Here, grab sound bite number 4 again, just to illustrate that my old buddy here knows what he’s talking about. Three, two, one. Hit it.

SILVER: It would come down to Pennsylvania, and maybe a lot of little things add up and Biden loses Pennsylvania by half a point, and then he doesn’t quite pull off Arizona or North Carolina. Without Pennsylvania, then Biden becomes an underdog.

RUSH: Right. Ten days ago, though, Nate Silver wrote, “Democrats, you don’t need Pennsylvania to win.” Now he’s saying without Pennsylvania, Biden has a hard time winning. “By the way, Rush, your analyses and your own defiance of your own health challenges have really emboldened the Trump base. It’s really dovetailed into and accelerated Trump’s new ascendance.” That’s an awfully nice thing for my friend to say. And my wife, Kathryn, keeps pounding this at me. You know, I don’t like to make things about me. So I bring up the humility factor a couple notches. But it’s a really nice thing to say. And she tells me every day. She tells me every day, and I love her for it. And now my buddy is echoing it.

And he finishes by saying, “I was always really confident, Rush. But now I think Trump can swing enough states that even vote fraud won’t matter.” Folks, that’s all gonna depend on turnout tomorrow. It really does. I can’t emphasize this enough. So many people think that there’s so many votes that their single one vote doesn’t matter. You know, I’ve even had people tell me, “Rush, if the polls close at 7 and I show up and vote at 6:55, are you telling me my vote counts?”

Yes, I’m telling you your vote counts. My point is there are people who think that if they vote very near the time the polls close, that their vote doesn’t count. It doesn’t have as much weight. It doesn’t matter. Folks, it does. It matters in ways you can’t possibly calculate or comprehend. More than anything, it matters that you do. If you don’t do it, we’re gonna lose it eventually. You gotta believe me on this.

The left would love to be able to eliminate elections. If they could figure out a way to still call this a democracy and eliminate elections, they would do it. They don’t win elections on their own. They are not the majority in this country. “What about the popular vote, Rush?” That’s people with party loyalty, folks. That does not indicate we’ve lost the country yet.

I’m just telling you that exercising the franchise, the right to vote, is how you preserve it. Your vote matters. It counts no matter how irrelevant you think it is. “Rush, it’s one vote out of however many hundreds of millions -” you’re right, it’s one, and so is everybody else’s. There is nobody else’s vote that counts more than yours. Your vote can cancel out a Democrat vote. You never know the math and how it works. But it doesn’t work if you don’t do it. You have to vote.


RUSH: Alpharetta, Georgia, this is Dale. Thank you for waiting. I appreciate it, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, no worries. Rush, it’s a real honor to speak with you. Thanks for taking my call.

RUSH: You bet, sir.

CALLER: Absolutely. So I’ve got two things to add to the show today. The first is that my wife and I yesterday drove over to Rome, Georgia, for the rally. And we couldn’t get in. The Secret Service closed the gates at 35,000 people. There were thousands and thousands of us not able to get in. And you have to realize, this is on a Sunday night late, it’s cold and windy, and people just could — I mean we were all just standing around. We just wanted to be part of it. It was an amazing sight to see. He’s really changed the dynamic of modern politics.

RUSH: I think there’s no question about that. I mean, I marvel at the numbers of people that are showing up, like you. Why did you want to go? What were you hoping to experience?

CALLER: Well, it’s just to be part of history. I mean, he’s an incredible president. And just to be part of it, just to feel the energy.

RUSH: Yeah. A lot of people say the same thing, that they just want to be around like-minded people, that they’re so sick and tired of seeing the country portrayed the way it is in the media. They know that’s not their country. They know their country is not made up of a majority of people that want to burn down cities, keep the schools closed, ruin and destroy private sector businesses, defund the police.

I mean, this is not who America is. And going to a Trump rally is a way to hang around people who are the same as you, people that love America, people who crave a return to the America they grew up in. And that’s what Donald Trump represents. Donald Trump represents a return to that America. And that’s not a white supremacist America. It’s not a misogynist America. It’s not a bigoted America. It is America of worldwide dominance for good and greatness.

And people want to go to these rallies just to hang around like-minded people, ’cause they’re so sick and tired of seeing this country portrayed the way it is.


RUSH: Don, Salinas, California, welcome, sir. Great to have you here. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Mr. Limbaugh. When I heard you talking about the individual vote counting in this election, it really struck a chord with me. In 40 years of voting, 2016 was the only time that I ever felt my actual individual vote counted for something, that my voice was actually being heard.

And like the liberals say, “I felt part of something bigger than myself,” because I campaigned for and voted for Donald Trump — and, against all odds, he won! And this was beating the entire news media. This was beating the lying-est presidential polls in the history of presidential polls. This was beating political machines on both sides! I mean —

RUSH: It’s amazing.

CALLER: It was amazing.

RUSH: You voted for 40 years, and the first time you voted for Trump, that’s the first time you thought your vote really counted?

CALLER: Yes! But all the other times I was just voting with the wave, you know?

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: Voting with the wave, my party’s wave. But this, you know, this really made me feel like an American, when I voted for Donald Trump and he won. And I want the people out there to know —

RUSH: Well, now, wait a minute. Wait a minute. Does that mean that you’ve always voted for losers? Was Trump the first winner you ever voted for?

CALLER: Oh, no. Well, I voted for loser McCain and loser Romney. But I voted for what I thought —

RUSH: Well, okay. They both lost.


RUSH: Have you ever voted for somebody who won?

CALLER: Yeah. George W. Bush.

RUSH: All right. Okay. All right.

CALLER: (laughing)

RUSH: You didn’t want to admit that.

CALLER: (laughing) Yeah. (laughing)

RUSH: But look, I’m the host and I had to drag that out of you. See, I have the instincts. I know what… I know what lawyers are trying to hide things. And not necessarily from me but rather, other people. Anyway, Don, I’m just joshing with you. I’m just teasing. I know what you mean. I know how you felt when you voted Trump. You voted for an outsider, and the outsider won.

And you were all excited about it ’cause you felt like your vote counted. And I’m telling you, you’re gonna feel the same way. But you have to vote tomorrow, folks. I’m telling you: Don’t let anybody talk you out of it. Don’t let anybody scare you out of it — and they’re going to try like mad to intimidate you, frighten you into not voting tomorrow. Do not let them.

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