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RUSH: President Donald Trump first rally of five today, Fayetteville, North Carolina. We now join that rally in progress for couple minutes.

THE PRESIDENT: — talked about more than I actually talked about during the campaign.

CROWD: (applause) Thank you. Thank you very much.

RUSH: They love him.

CROWD: (chanting) We! Love! Trump!


CROWD: (roaring applause and cheers)

RUSH: President Trump in Fayetteville, North Carolina. The crowd will not be quiet so that he can continue.

CROWD: (roaring applause and cheers)

RUSH: So I’m taking over here during the Trump rally while he waits for the crowd to quiet down.

THE PRESIDENT: I thought it was, this was a small, little, cute area.

CROWD: (cheering)

THE PRESIDENT: You know, this is a small, little cute area. When I came in, I’m watching Fox and a gentleman, an anchor, said, “They have a small crowd of about 2,000, 2,500.”

CROWD: (grumbling)

THE PRESIDENT: No, I knew. I knew. You know, it’s an incredible thing. This is a lot more than that. (chuckles) This is a lot of people.

CROWD: (wild cheers and applause)

THE PRESIDENT: This is a lot more than we… I wanted to be here because it’s so important.

RUSH: Right on. Right on.

THE PRESIDENT: I mean, my granddaughter is named Carolina.

CROWD: (cheers and applause)

THE PRESIDENT: Do you know that? And we’ll give South Carolina some credit too. You know, they’ve been with us. Is that okay? I want to get your permission. No, we’ll give South Carolina… South Carolina’s great. They’re great people, too.

RUSH: Yeah, we love South Carolina.

THE PRESIDENT: A vote for Biden is a vote to hand the keys to government over to people who despise you —

RUSH: By the way, speaking of South Carolina, whatever happened to that guy running against Lindsey Graham? We haven’t heard about him in two weeks.

THE PRESIDENT: A vote for Biden is a vote to give control of government over to the —

RUSH: Hey, Brian, put that picture up. Put the picture up while we got the president up. Look at this. Folks, that is the picture that the governor of Pennsylvania said is not photoshopped. That’s Butler, Pennsylvania. It’s a high-res shot, 30,000-plus people. Leave it up, Brian.

THE PRESIDENT: If you’re pro-life, you can forget about it. You know that, right?

CROWD: (cheering)

THE PRESIDENT: Tremendous support.

RUSH: It’s just incredible. That is an incredible photo there.

THE PRESIDENT: We have people in California. They have lines of hundreds of miles of cars and tractors in Iowa.

RUSH: Oh, yeah. They have… There was one in Hawaii on Saturday! Okay.

THE PRESIDENT: — with the flags and —

RUSH: Thank you very much. That’s President Trump. He’s gonna be at rallies all day today. After Fayetteville, he then goes to Avoca, Pennsylvania (the Scranton area, I believe), for the next rally at 2:15. Oh! And we have Eric Trump on the program here in an hour, at 1:33, bottom of the 1 o’clock hour break. When we come out of that, we’ll have Eric Trump with us for a while, and we will be back shortly. Stick with us here, folks.

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