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RUSH: A great pleasure and honor to have with us Eric Trump joining us now from the campaign trail. Hey, Eric. Are you getting any sleep?

ERIC TRUMP: No sleep, Rush. No sleep. I’ve done about 200 events in the last 52 days. We are burning the midnight oil. I’m actually going to meet my father in Scranton, Pennsylvania, as we speak, and I’m so proud of the guy. I’m so proud of the guy. I know you are as well.

RUSH: You know, I want to ask you about that. And, by the way, Eric, let me say something just from my family to yours, Kathryn and myself. We really love and admire all of you. Your entire family obviously loves the country. I know you’re eminently, profoundly successful, but you’re sacrificing a great deal. You didn’t need to do any of this.

You’re taking all of this heat for a lot of us and for the country because I literally love the country, and you’re willing to engage in all the fireworks that come with that. And I remember I met Ivanka for the first time at the rally in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, before the 2018 midterms. And I walked up to her, and I said, “You have to be so proud.”

President Trump was addressing the crowd. I had just introduced him. I said, “You’ve gotta be so proud. If my father had been elected president, I would have just been so proud, I would not have been able to contain myself,” and she said that every one of you were. And it’s got to be an exciting thing for you. It has to be a big deal, and you’re eminently part of it.

ERIC TRUMP: It is because he did it against all odds. We ran against the entire media, the entire left-wing party and everybody else who didn’t give us a chance. And, you know, we did it as a family. We did it. My father, Ivanka, Don, myself, I mean, we did it as a family, we beat all odds. And it’s because he was a better candidate, he had a better message.

And people are sick and tired of seeing this country disgraced, sick and tired of seeing the American flag burned. They’re sick and tired of seeing law enforcement, you know, harassed and defunded. People love this nation. They love their anthem. They love our Pledge of Allegience. They love faith in society. And the radical left wants to take it all away.

They want to take it all away and people are sick and tired of it. That’s why… I mean, you’ve been covering this longer than anybody. When was the last time you heard 40,000 people chanting “We love you!” to a politician? Normally, they do the exact opposite. They chant “We hate you!” to a politician.

They’re chanting “We love you,” and that’s because my father, I truly believe that he’s saving this country. He’s saving faith. He’s saving society. He’s saving our flag. He’s saving our values and everything that we believe in. He’s done a great job for the nation.

RUSH: Well, I think that he is doing all of those things. That’s why people love him. That’s why they’re willing to say so. That’s why 40,000 of them wait in line in freezing Pennsylvania today singing, “God Bless America.” There isn’t — and, by the way, folks, I don’t mean any of this to be suck-up. I’m not… This is really phenomenal what is happening out there.

This degree of support… “The bond,” I call it. The bond of connection between Trump voters and the president himself is unparalleled in American politics. I’ve never seen in my lifetime anything like this, and it’s fascinating to watch your father react to it. He’s humbled by it; you can tell.

He’s humbled by it, and his humility surfaces and you see him deeply moved by this love for him. And I think that has to even steel him even more for the job, to get it done, to accomplish all these things that he’s accomplished and wants to add to the list.

ERIC TRUMP: You know, you’re gonna think this is crazy, but I really believe that the Democrats had a plan to make his life — the radical left, to make his life — so miserable that he said, “You know what? I want to go back to living a cush life, you know, the great life I lived before.” Rush, you know this. You know him so well, right?

I mean, he lives the epitome of the American dream. And, you know, I really think that they wanted to harass him so much that he said, “You know what? This stuff isn’t worth it. I’m gonna go back and…” You know, I think they don’t know Donald Trump. They don’t know the man that you know, that I know. It actually made him fight much harder.

It’s actually an amazing thing. It made him double down and made us as a family double down. We will work every second of every day to make sure that we win because, again, we really believe that we’re saving the country. And people are revolting against this kind of elite… You know, the media out there. They’re revolting against indoctrination of society, where people are just being led.

I mean, the media really believes that they can lead people. They’re revolting against this cancel culture that we see every single day — and again, that’s why. I mean, all of this stuff has backfired on them. It has backfired on them. The Democrats have played their hand too hard every single time they do it. They did it with Kavanaugh. They did it with the Russian hoax.

They did it with the Ukrainian hoax. I mean, they always go too far, and they always end up catching themselves and America sees through this stuff, they see through the games that is Washington, D.C. They’re exposed for who they are, and that’s where the love comes from. I mean, that’s where the love comes from.

RUSH: I think it is. I think it is. You said something very important moments ago. You said, “They don’t know who he is.” Now, stop. Eric, stop and think of this. Four years ago, they are shocked and stunned beyond their ability to comprehend it that your father wins. It’s the last thing in the world they thought possible. They believed their polls. They believed that Hillary was destined.

A third term of Obama was just, you know, waiting for the election count to come in, and they still haven’t recovered. And would you think that as shocked and stunned as they were that they would made some effort to understand why it happened, to make some effort to understand how? But, no! All they’ve done is try to blame it on some mythical Russian conspiracy —


RUSH: — and they’re making the same mistake again now. They’re still not. They don’t know who the Trump voters are. All they’re doing is making fun of them, laughing at them, impugning them.

ERIC TRUMP: Mmm-hmm.

RUSH: They’re making no effort. Where is the Biden campaign? It doesn’t exist! They can’t let him out very much. He doesn’t draw crowds. Obama’s not drawing any crowds. It’s almost a replay of 2016. Is that how you guys see this?

ERIC TRUMP: Absolutely. It’s the greatest mystery to me. Maybe this comes from kind of the, you know, business mentality that we have. But you think you do some inward reflection. You get it all wrong, you get the message wrong, right? I mean, literally you have the radical left they call them “flyover states.” The flyover states! They literally ignore the people.

They didn’t listen to them. All of a sudden, these people came out of nowhere and threw a loop, and guess what? I mean, you still have them. I mean, look at Stephanopoulos and all these people. They don’t leave their million-dollar studios in New York City. They don’t get out on the campaign trail. They don’t understand the voice of this nation, Rush, and you know that better than anybody. You understand the voice of this nation better than anybody. You’re the first one to call this whole thing.

RUSH: I’ll tell you —

ERIC TRUMP: These guys do not understand the voice of this nation. They don’t get it. They don’t understand that burning the American flag isn’t popular and kneeling for the national anthem isn’t popular and —

RUSH: You are so…! You are so right about that! But they —

ERIC TRUMP: They don’t want law enforcement attacked. They don’t think it’s okay to throw frozen water bottles at law enforcement officers’ heads. I mean, they’re not into this stuff, and yet… They don’t think — this country does he think — Antifa’s an “idea.”

You know, and this country doesn’t want a stacked Supreme Court with radical leftists, right? And yet the people on the media will go, they’ll fight for these crazy ideas, these crazy notions that are not popular in this country. They’ll go fight for them all day long while real Americans are at home watching this nonsense and rolling their eyes.

RUSH: Let me tell you what real Americans are doing in addition to that. They’re rolling their eyes and they’re frustrated and they’re angry, but you know what else they’re doing, Eric? They love your dad. They’re out there saying so: “We love you,” the chant.


RUSH: And it’s serious. They mean it. But you know what’s behind it, Eric? Not only is it an opportunity for them to thank your dad and to tell him how much they love him, they’re also expressing their love for America too —

ERIC TRUMP: That’s right.

RUSH: — and that is the connection that your dad has to the America a vast majority of Americans want to see again. And they realize your dad is the only ticket to that America again, and that he is actively working to find that America and make it prominent and dominant again. And that’s why they love him, and it allows them to also express love for America at the same time.

ERIC TRUMP: Yep. Yeah, it’s exactly right. And that, Rush, is why we fight tirelessly as a family. This is the last thing my father needed. This is the last thing we, frankly, needed. But that is why we fight tirelessly. We fight for red, white, and blue. We fight for a nation that we love. We will never let it down. This nation gave us everything. It gave my father the American dream.

It gave all of us the American dream, right? All of this the American dream. And that’s why we go out and fight, because this other side, this isn’t the party of JFK, this isn’t the party of Bill Clinton. This party will tear down what we are as a country. Red, white, and blue won’t exist under these people.

The Ilhan Omars of the world and the Nancy Pelosis and the AOCs, it won’t exist, and that’s why we fight. And, you know, Rush, I really… I thank God every day we have a fighter in the White House because we haven’t had one in there for a very long time. And our country was getting used and abused and ripped off and desecrated, and it’s not anymore. It is not anymore.

RUSH: Eric Trump is our guest. You gotta couple more minutes? I got a little commercial break. I can come back and —


RUSH: All right. Eric Trump will be with us for a little while longer as we continue right after this.


RUSH: We are back, ladies and gentlemen, and we are happy to have with us Eric Trump, son of President Trump, Trump Organization. Eric, nitty-gritty time here. You guys have access to internal polling, and you have a sense of how things are going. As I observe your dad — and I’m not trying to put words in your mouth, so please don’t misunderstand. Your dad seems to be having the time of his life up there, Eric. Your dad seems to be enjoying this. He was dancing at 1 o’clock this morning down in Opa-locka after five rallies all day yesterday. Indefatigable energy.


RUSH: How are you guys seeing this? What is it looking like from your perspective?

ERIC TRUMP: Look, I never like to get ahead of — you know, ahead of my skies, but I feel great. I feel great. People have to go out there; they have to vote. You just have to get out there and you have to vote. I have to say that. But I think we’re gonna have a beautiful night. I see the passion. You know, Rush, I’m not on the ticket, nor do I have any political ambitions. I just care about fighting for what’s right for this country and fighting for a man that I believe in tremendously.

And I was in Jacksonville Beach, Florida, yesterday, you know, 2,500 people show up. I was in Scranton the day before and literally 1,500 people in a parking lot. I’m on the back of a pickup truck speaking to a crowd of people, I mean, organic groups all over the place. I’ve never seen anything like this.

Then you see the fire that my father has, I mean, just the energy — and I’ve seen it my entire life. I mean, I worked with the man. I’d get a call at 5 o’clock in the morning from him, “Hey, let’s change the layout of this bathroom.” I’m talking about back when we worked together. I’d get a call from him at 11 o’clock at night.

I mean, he’s always been the Energizer bunny. It’s who Donald Trump is. But you take that enthusiasm and you take the love that we were talking about before and you combine that with just a guy who’s type A, who is an absolute winner. I mean, that’s what he wants to do, that’s what he wants to do for America. He wants America to win again. And it’s an unbelievable combination. And you compare that to Biden and literally he’ll go four or five days without coming out of his house. I mean, who would you rather have in the Oval Office, a guy who has no energy, no charisma, no backbone —

RUSH: Yeah, there’s something strange about that, and I think it goes beyond whatever his lack of mental acuity is. You know, your dad touches on it, and it is that he’s not really the guy that is the power behind the throne. He’s the placeholder. And it’s other people — maybe Crazy Bernie, maybe the tech giants — but it’s other people that are literally going to be running the country should this guy win. And Eric, he’s generic. He’s just the guy on the ballot with the D next to his name. That’s it.

ERIC TRUMP: There’s no question about that. I mean, look at the way he guides his campaign. Look at the way my father does, right? I mean, he’ll come out, he’ll say something outrageous, like we’re gonna ban all oil, gas, and fracking. And then all of a sudden, you know, three hours later he’s coming out, “No, I didn’t mean that. You know, they took it out of context.” Right?

RUSH: Exactly.

ERIC TRUMP: Or “We’re gonna abolish law enforcement.” And then he gets to Pittsburgh, “No, no. I didn’t mean that. The other guy is gonna do that,” because somebody’s telling him, “No, you can’t say that.” I mean, you know how many quote, unquote, unpopular things my father has said, and he goes, “No, that’s what I believe, I believe deep down in my heart.” No one’s guiding him. My father’s guiding himself. But you’re a hundred percent right. You better believe there’s a huge team of people guiding Biden. I think it’s terrible advice that they’re giving him, but they’re certainly guiding him. And, yeah, I fully believe that he will not be the person in the Oval Office making the decisions for the United States of America. There’s almost no question about that.

RUSH: Right. It’s the strangest campaign that I’ve ever seen. I mean, you’ve got President Obama out there, and people showing up in their trucks and their cars and the applause is honking the horn in the trunk of the car. And nobody is showing up. Biden missed his cue twice —

ERIC TRUMP: How bad was that.

RUSH: — yesterday. To me, I’m asking myself, how in the world can that campaign — forget that guy — how can that campaign be anywhere near polling for victory? There’s nothing about that campaign that is throwing off the image of victory, power, winning, nothing about it.

ERIC TRUMP: Rush, look at his Eagles jacket yesterday. He comes out (imitating Biden), “I married a woman from Philadelphia and I’m wearing my Eagles jacket.” He’s wearing a jacket with a logo from a high school in Wilmington, Delaware.

RUSH: Right, exactly.

ERIC TRUMP: He can’t even get his logos correct. It’s an unbelievable thing. No, you’re right, you know, it’s really interesting. Patton, I just finished a book on him, he always said, you know, America loves a winner, will not tolerate a loser, right? His famous quote. And that’s why I believe my father’s gonna win. America sees a difference between a person with a winning mentality, which is what my father has. My father wants to win for this country. Versus, you know, the exact opposite, a person who doesn’t have the winning mentality, doesn’t have the killer mentality, doesn’t have the type A, you know, personality. And I think Americans are drawn to that person who wants to win at all costs. It’s why we like so many of our national icons. It’s why we love you. You know, people are drawn to winners.

RUSH: Well, Eric, I really appreciate your time. You say you’re going to meet your dad where, next in Pennsylvania?

ERIC TRUMP: I’m literally arriving to Scranton, Pennsylvania, as we speak. It’s massive crowds here and —

RUSH: That next rally is scheduled to start at 2:15, according to the sheet that I have here.

ERIC TRUMP: Yeah, that’s right. Then we head to Michigan, Wisconsin, and then back to Michigan, and we’ll probably get back to D.C. at, you know, 2 o’clock this morning, and we’re at it all day tomorrow, and we’re gonna bring this home for you, Rush. We’re gonna bring it home.

RUSH: I hope you do. You do not know — well, no, you do know. Eric, you’ve gotta know how much the people who support your dad want this, how much they think the nation needs this. Your dad needs to win. We need him to win. That’s why everybody is so all-in. That’s why this grassroots support that we’re seeing for your father, Donald Trump, is unprecedented in our lifetimes. We’ve never — the Democrats have never seen anything like this, and I will guarantee you they have to be scared to death about it no matter how they try to ignore it.

ERIC TRUMP: They’re scared to death. And I’ve never been more proud of a person in my life. I mean, he’s my hero. What he’s done is incredible. And I’m so honored to be on the front line of this fight, as you’ve been. But I’m so honored to be to the front line of this fight.

RUSH: Well, it’s great to have you here. And, by the way, say hello to your wife, Lara. She’s one of the most brilliantly strategic political people I have ever met.


RUSH: She’s right up there with you and me, dude. She’s great.

ERIC TRUMP: She’s certainly better than me. She’s a wonderful person and I absolutely (unintelligible).

RUSH: Thanks, Eric. Eric Trump.

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