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RUSH: By the way, folks, that crowd in Butler, Pennsylvania, we’ve been talking about all day long, show the picture of it on the Dittocam, lieutenant governor Pennsylvania assuring Democrats on CNN that it’s not Photoshopped and it’s the real deal, the crowd size, 57,000 people gathered to hear President Trump in a rally in Butler, Pennsylvania, 57,000 people.


RUSH: Very quickly, grab sound bite number 24. I want you to actually hear the sound bite. This is the lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania. He’s on CNN today with Alisyn Camerota. They all saw the massive turnout for President Trump in Butler, Pennsylvania, over the weekend.

They could not believe it. Democrats immediately started accusing the Trump people of Photoshopping this picture that had a massive crowd, and the lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania, John Fetterman, wanted everybody to know it was not Photoshopped and to take Trump seriously.

FETTERMAN: It’s just a fact here that the president does remain popular here in Pennsylvania. The president has undertaken a [sic] unprecedented engagement of small-county Pennsylvanians through, uh, a level of barnstorming that I can’t recall another candidate has done before. You saw that crowd in Butler. The Secret Service estimated it at 50,000 plus. So there’s an inherent level of popularity there, and you — you have to take that seriously, and don’t —

CAMEROTA: Fifty thousand people? I didn’t realize that. That photograph, some people have wondered, you know, was it shot in a certain way that made it seem like it was bigger? You’re saying that’s the estimate, 50,000 people?

FETTERMAN: I read that Secret Service estimated the crowd at 57,000.

RUSH: Fifty-seven thousand! Now, the CNN infobabe is telling you in this bite that her immediate, initial, default reaction is to not believe it. (impression) “Oh, it’s taken at some kind of a weird angle. Nooooo. Fifty thousand? I didn’t realize that! That photograph, you know, some people wondered, was it shot a certain way that makes it seems like it was bigger.” They don’t even allow in their own minds for the reality of what they’re facing.

Fifty-seven thousand people, folks! That is larger than some professional sports stadiums. Some of them, you know, max out at 42,000. Some max out at 50 to 55. This is incredible, and, as the president says, “There’s no guitar on stage,” meaning there’s no rock band up there drawing the crowd. It’s just him. Fifty-seven thousand people, and the crowds I don’t think are any less than 30,000 anywhere else he goes.


RUSH: The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette newspaper has endorsed Trump. They haven’t endorsed a Republican, I don’t think, since 1972. Newspaper endorsements usually don’t matter, but I think that’s out the window with Trump. I think this one will matter. At any rate, folks, Trump’s got rallies all day today. He’s on to his second one now near Scranton, Pennsylvania.

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