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RUSH: Here’s Brenton in Lexington, Kentucky. You’re next. It’s great to have you, sir. Hello.

CALLER: (garbled cell) How are you doing, Rush? Great to hear your voice.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: Gotta tell you, I’m 31 years old, and some of my earliest memories are listening to you on the radio or seeing you on TV. You’ve been there all my life, and it’s wonderful to actually talk to you for the first time.

RUSH: Well, thank you. I appreciate that very much.

CALLER: The reason for my call is because I’m on the board for Central Kentucky Right to Life here in Lexington, and over the past 48 hours we’ve become aware of voter fraud here in Kentucky — excuse me, election fraud. Basically, there’s mailers being sent out to northern Kentucky in Louisville that are not from Kentucky Right to Life.

They’re being funded by these super PACs that are associated with Amy McGrath, bringing in money from Democrats all over the country, including from the Save America Fund, which is a single-candidate PAC for Amy McGrath. That’s raised almost $4 million as well as several other groups, including with donors from AOC and Bernie Sanders and the like.

And these mailings are being made to look like Mitch McConnell is pro-abortion, and the Libertarian candidates — which, the Libertarians here in the state are pro-abortion — are made out to be pro-life. And they’re being sent out to swing areas to sway the vote away from Senator Mitch McConnell, who is essentially one of the most important people in the United States Senate. So my question for you is: What advice do you have for us who are trying to make sure that Mr. McConnell gets elected in the face of these illegal tactics (garbled) and Democrat money from all over the country?

RUSH: This is largely up to Mitch. Mitch has got more experience than you can imagine in dealing with this kind of fraud. You know, every six years when he runs for reelection, he has to deal with this kind of outside money, outside-the-state money, the lying fliers. Mitch McConnell being pro-choice? Nobody’s gonna buy it!

These people are wasting their money. Now, that may not comfort you, but I think all that’s a sign of desperation. If that’s all they’ve got? If that’s their best route to unseating Mitch McConnell? He’s dealt with it before. He’s dealt with this kind of outside money. I’ll tell you, there’s a companion story to this. Not to deal with Mitch, but this is a story from American Greatness.

The headline: “Is China Funding the Phony Joe Biden Campaign?” Now, what this story is about is that Biden and Kamala Harris aren’t going anywhere. They’re not engaging in any kind of retail campaigning. They’re not doing appearances, they’re not drawing crowds, and they don’t seem to care. They don’t seem to want to. It’s as though it doesn’t matter.

Now, the question raised by this piece: “Is China Funding the Phony Joe Biden Campaign?” Here’s some of the assertions made here: “Joe Biden is running a profoundly phony campaign. Hillary’s defeat is famously blamed on her low-energy decision to not show up in the Rust Belt. But Biden isn’t showing up anywhere.

“No candidate since George Washington has campaigned so little and with so few live supporters.” So how can Kamala Harris and Joe Biden…? “How can Biden be a contender when he gets 30 supporters at his rallies and Trump attracts 30,000? Biden attracted 130 cars to hear him in must-win Pennsylvania. In Miami, Latinos for Trump organized a 30,000-car parade on their own.

“In a rare joint appearance, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris went to Phoenix. Biden needs Arizona to win. Zero supporters turned out to greet them.” I mean, literally! “Zero. Video of the eerie empty scene was carried on a local news station only. The Biden campaign says they did not let the public know about the visit to avoid large crowds.”

They didn’t want a large crowd because of COVID-19.

“More oddities: The Democrats are not mounting a ground game. No volunteers knocking on doors. Very little effort to register new voters, either. This strategy doesn’t pass the sniff test for an honest campaign.” It doesn’t make any sense. “The answer, as usual in politics, is to follow the money. President Obama never came close to the money supporting Biden’s campaign.

“Democrat leadership doesn’t care who their figurehead candidate is because Democrats have enough dark money to buy the election. They are outspending Republicans in swing states by a large margin. Money on this scale has never been seen before in American politics.” Is it going to matter? How do you overcome this?

Let me remind you: Vote. That’s how you overcome all of this. The fact that the Democrats are having to spend this kind of money argues against the fact that they are a fait accompli victor. The answer to all of this: V-o-t-e. Vote. Just do it; take as many people with you as you can.

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