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RUSH: Andrew here in Bloomington, Illinois. Andrew, are you there?

CALLER: Yes, sir.

RUSH: Good. What’s up?

CALLER: I have a prediction. I think Trump is gonna win, but in the event Biden does win, I think that the day after the election you’re gonna see the radical left come after him unlike anybody’s expecting, because at that point the only thing standing between Kamala Harris — correction — radical left Kamala Harris and the presidency is Joe Biden’s criminal family history.

RUSH: Oh, yeah. You know, this has been advanced out there that the best thing that could happen to Kamala Harris is for Biden to win and then for this thing to be taken seriously. Look, Biden is not — if he wins, he’s not gonna be president after the first six months. I’ve thought this since he got the nomination. And, hell, he probably knows it.

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