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RUSH: We got a lot to do on the program today, folks. There’s a lot of what I consider to be optimistic, good news.

If it’s legit, we’ve got an endorsement of President Trump by Brett Favre today. I think it’s legit. It’s a tweet, in the form of a tweet. This goes along with the Jack Nicklaus endorsement from yesterday — and how about Lil Wayne, the rapper, having met with President Trump.

We’ve got some polling here, the Rasmussen Report, showing 31% black community support for Donald Trump. If that’s anywhere near true, then we are in Fat City. Let me give you some headlines. “Democrat Delusions About Early Voting.” This is David Catron at the American Spectator. “They aren’t coming close…” Democrats “aren’t coming close to the numbers they need in key battleground states.” Little, hidden gems like this are all over the place.

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