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RUSH: This is Carrie. Back to the phones, Salem, Oregon. Welcome to the program. Great to have you. Hi.

CALLER: Hey, thanks, Rush. Thanks for taking my call. I’m a longtime listener, and I’m praying for your recovery.

RUSH: Thank you very much.

CALLER: Hey, one thing quickly before I get to my point. I want people to know, there’s a lot of support for Trump in Oregon, but because we are such a rural state, Portland overrides us. That’s why we’re blue. So he’s got a lot of people that love him and are voting for him here. Just want people to know that.

RUSH: Okay, good. We’re not gonna hold Portland against you. Don’t worry about that.

CALLER: Thank you. Okay. My point. Got up this morning, turned on Fox, first thing I saw was people attacking the Girl Scouts for congratulating Amy Coney Barrett.

RUSH: Right. I saw that.

CALLER: And also they had on their screen all of the women who have been and are on the Supreme Court. What the heck. I even heard that someone was threatening to start producing Thin Mints, which you know is what the Girl Scouts sell. I just want to hear what you have to say about that.

RUSH: About what? The Girl Scouts not being allowed to make Thin Mints anymore? I hadn’t heard that.

CALLER: Yeah. There was somebody who actually threatened to start making those, and that’s their main fundraiser. I mean, that’s what they get supported by.

RUSH: Okay. I’m totally confused. (interruption) What’s that?

CALLER: Have you heard about this?

RUSH: Oh, oh, oh. You’re not asking me about Thin Mints? You’re asking me about something else?

CALLER: About the whole thing that’s happening. I want to know what your thoughts are.

RUSH: Okay. Well, I think I’ve got the story here in The Stack. I do know that the Girl Scouts officially thanked or congratulated Amy Coney Barrett for making the Supreme Court, and they were dumped on. “Girl Scouts Deletes Tweet Congratulating -” here it is. “The Girl Scouts have been forced to delete a tweet that they posted congratulating Amy Coney Barrett on her appointment to the court because of the backlash on social media.

“They deleted a tweet congratulating Amy Coney Barrett after the post triggered apparent backlash on social media. The post read, ‘Congratulations, Amy Coney Barrett, on becoming the fifth woman appointed to the Supreme Court since its inception in 1789.’ They had a photo of other female justices, including Ruth Bader Ginsburg, whose seat Amy Coney Barrett filled along with Sonia Sotomayor. The Girl Scout post received criticism from social media. The actor Amber Tamblyn tweeted a scathing rebuke.”

Folks, look. This is just the continued assault on the United States of America. It’s an assault on American history. It’s an assault on American values. It is a direct assault on the traditions and institutions that have defined American Greatness. This is what we’re in the midst of here. This is what this campaign is about. This is what this election is about. This is what the last 30 years have been about. It’s about the left getting away with this with no pushback.

The Girl Scouts tweet out a congratulation to Amy Coney Barrett, and now they’ve gotta withdraw it. Why? Because some people we’ve never heard of bitch, whine, and moan about it on social media? Screw them. But that’s not what we’re doing. We’re all kowtowing and we’re all backing down. We don’t want to be offensive and we don’t want to offend them and so forth. We’re trying to buy a little peace by letting them have what they want. You can’t buy peace with these people because that’s not what they want.

They’re trying to destroy the definitions of this country. They’re trying to destroy everything that defines this country as unique and great. They’re trying to eliminate everything in this nation’s past that they find offensive. I can’t understand why Biden is getting the level of support that he’s getting. It can only be because a tremendous number of Americans to this day still don’t know what is actually going on.

They watch it happen. They watch speech shut down on campus. They watch people violently attacked on campus for saying what they want to say, basically for saying conservative things or things that dovetail with American traditional values. They watch looting. They watch destruction. They watch rioters set fire to American cities. And we’re about to elect the political party that supports that? I don’t understand it. I haven’t understood it for a long time. It’s happening right in front of our eyes. It’s not as though this is a gigantic, hidden bunch of activity that’s taking place out there.

They are destroying our past. They’re tearing down statues. They’re tearing down every bit of evidence of our greatness from the past. They’re doing everything they can to intimidate and frighten people into expressing support for anything positive about the country.

Everybody in the world can see it. To me, there ought to be a secret, gigantic backlash waiting to show up and vote and render these people the minority that they are. But I don’t know that that’s gonna happen. All I know is this. Back when I was growing up in my little hometown of 25 or 30,000 people, if this kind of stuff had started, it would have been shut down before it got anywhere near a threatening size.

People would not have put up with it. They wouldn’t have put up with destroying storefronts and looting. They wouldn’t have put up with stores being burned down simply because of a political protest message. They wouldn’t have put up with it. But somewhere along the line we started putting up with it.

Somewhere along the line, we started saying, “Well, I guess it won’t hurt if they did it. Let’s let it get out of their system.” I think what was missing was that there was never a proper explanation to people why this stuff was happening, and to the extent that those of us who tried spoke up, we probably weren’t believed. I mean, it’s a tough sell to come along and say, “Folks, these people are trying to ruin our country. They’re trying to destroy…”

“Come on, Rush! Don’t you think that’s a bit of an extreme reaction?” “No! It’s not extreme. If anything, I’m underselling what’s happening here. If anything, I’m soft selling it. These people are out to destroy everything that has defined this country’s uniqueness and greatness.” “Why, Rush? Why would they want to?” “I don’t know. They don’t like it!

“They’re communists. They’re Marxists. They don’t fit in. They’re oddballs. They’re weirdos. They’re multiculturalists. They’re ticked off about something. They’re offended. I don’t give a rat’s a– ‘why.’ Just because they’re mad and offended doesn’t mean they get to rule the roost,” but, yes, it does. Yes, it has. The offended have gotten to do whatever they want to do.

We can’t have these people offended! We can’t have their feelings hurt. If it means tearing town statues, if it means destroying churches, if it means destroying religion, if it means attacking God and Christmas — things uniquely of this country, uniquely American — we’ve sat by and we’ve let it happen.

We’ve let them destroy our schools rather than run the risk of our kids getting bad grades. We’ve let them ruin education. So now, “What do you think, Rush? The Girl Scouts have been penalized for congratulating Amy Coney Barrett.” What do you think is gonna happen!

The Girl Scouts and the Boy Scouts, they’ve been destroyed, folks. They may as well not even exist in terms of what they used to be. They’ve been targeted because they are distinctly American values-based organizations, and they were attacked on the basis that they were homophobic, which was an absolute crock. So pardon me if my patience is a little short here.


RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, the Girl Scouts are like the Boy Scouts. They’re not what they used to be. They’ve been commandeered and taken over, and the Boy Scouts on the basis of because they were homophobic, and they wouldn’t allow gay scoutmasters or whatever the garbage argument was. So the Boy Scouts kowtowed and caved, and whatever they were is gone.

It’s the same thing with the Girl Scouts now.

The Girl Scouts are all about teaching little girls about abortion, feminism, climate change, global warming. They’ve been taken over just like the Boy Scouts were, and it’s not just them. Every American institution that was distinctly and uniquely American has been targeted for destruction on the basis that it’s racist, sexist, bigoted, homophobic, anti-LGBTQ or whatever the hell it was, and we just stood aside and let it happen.

Sorry, that’s why this election is so important. This election is an attempt to put the brakes on it again, like 2016 was, and you’ll notice what happened after 2016. In 2016, they refused to accept the results, and they have been trying to make everybody’s life miserable ever since. It’s only because we got a guy, Donald Trump, willing to put up with the personal attacks and not cave into these people that we haven’t lost it all as of now.

I, for the life of me, don’t understand how the Democrats even have a holy prayer of winning this election. If this country… If we are still the United States of America — and we still have a majority of people of distinct, unique American cultural values — the left ought not have a prayer. But this is why I’ve been trying to make the point. Biden doesn’t have a connection with anybody. Nobody could care less!

He’s got a D next to his name — that’s all he is — and that D means a bunch of lies. It means they care more than anybody else. It means they’re compassionate, it means they’re fair, it means they’re not mean-spirited. All you gotta do is look at Hillary Clinton if you want to dispel the notion that they’re not mean, that they’re not angry. Hillary Clinton dispels every notion about the American left.

She puts the lie to every notion of it. There is no more angry, upset, deranged female in the country today than Hillary Clinton — the most cheated-on woman in America — and there’s nothing about her that illustrates positively what the American left is about. This is what’s been so distressing for so long to me personally.

If we still have a majority of people in this country who are distinctly, uniquely American in terms of the values that they live by and hold dear and cherish, the American left ought not have a prayer of winning the election. But look, I’m not naive. I know the election’s not about that. The election is about Donald Trump’s personality.

The election is about how suburban women don’t like Donald Trump because of his tweets and because of his hair and because of his personality. That’s what Jack Nicklaus is trying to get everybody to wake up to: None of that matters. Given everything else that’s on the line, given everything else that’s at stake here, none of that matters.

Then you’ve got the entirety of the U.S. media, which has abandoned journalism and is now totally devoted to left-wing Democrat Party activism. But they do it under the guise of “journalism” so that most people apparently think what they’re watching is journalism rather than left-wing activism when they watch “the news.”

There is so much deceit — such an intricate web of deceit — that has been woven for the past number of years in this country. People are… I guess you almost have to forgive ’em for getting caught up in it, because it’s been oppressive. It’s been everywhere. It’s been never ending.


RUSH: This is David in St. Paul, Minnesota. Welcome, sir. It’s great to have you here. Hi.

CALLER: Thanks, Rush. You know, when the person earlier asked why are the Antifa, BLM doing what they do in the streets, you made a simple but a very profound statement. It’s because they don’t fit in is what you said. And look, Rush, you took the kids in grade school, high school, college, they weren’t athletes so they couldn’t hang out with the jocks. They weren’t smart so they couldn’t join the chess team or the debate team. These were the punks that dressed up in Goth, cut their forearms on a regular basis, who hated themselves, hated everyone around them, and now it’s manifested itself in this Antifa, anarchist BS, and this self-loathing that they have. It really does sum up the left to a T. It’s exactly who they are.

RUSH: It has long been my belief – look, all of this is housed, if you will, in what’s called the multicultural movement. And I firmly believe that multiculturalism is honestly and literally the root of the vast majority of problems we’re having in America today. And multiculturalism came about exactly as you have just quoted me. It’s a bunch people who, for whatever reasons — and they’re everywhere — don’t fit in. They’re oddballs, kooks, weirdos, however, at least as societal norms are defined. The sad thing is that a lot of us would qualify as oddballs and weirdos and kooks, depending on how norms of the day are defined.

What we have here is a movement that has attempted to harness this resentment and hate and to politicize it and turn it against the country. And therefore the country now, under the guise of multiculturalism, the country is being blamed for what these people think are their own shortcomings. The country is to blame for them being oddball. The country is to blame for them being weirdos. The country is to blame. And so they compromise the offended. These are the people who are the offended.

And they have been able to take out their anger and resentment on everybody else, them as the offended, to get everybody else to have to stop what they are doing because it’s offending them, it’s bothering them or whatever, and it’s giving them political strength and power. It’s been harnessed by education, and that’s where it has been empowered. And, look, it’s a little bit more complicated than this, too, but at its root this is what we’re up against.

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