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RUSH: August in White Lake, Michigan. Great to have you. You’re up next, sir.

CALLER: Great to talk to, Rush. And thank you, to you and Snerdley and all the EIB Network, God bless. I love your show.

RUSH: You’re more than welcome, sir.

CALLER: I’ll get to three quick points, if I may. The first is that I went to the Trump rally yesterday in Lansing, Michigan. I have never experienced such an event in my life. I have always voted in person. I’m 66 years old. I started at 18 when I was first legal. And the reason I say that, people were so patient, so kind. People of all races, colors, children, ages, waiting for blocks in line. Not one incident. Everybody is smiling and it’s freezing rain. It’s not a great day out. And finally Trump shows up, and he talks for an hour and 20 minutes.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: Fabulous. I mean, how else do you beat that? So many people admire and love this president. I think he’s one of the greatest ever. And people that really think, not react, not let emotions, think and know who he really is —

RUSH: What is your second point, August?

CALLER: Second point is, afterwards we went to Michigan State University. It was like a ghost town. You could have shot a cannon. That campus is usually 40,000 college students. I hardly saw anybody. They shut it down. It’s shut down. How do you shut an institution like that down? It’s a big-time school. It’s world-renowned. How do you do that?

And my third point is, yesterday was cloudy, cold, freezing rain. Today it was nothing but blue sky and sunshine with a gentle breeze, and, as I look to my left the American flag is waving, and I know you, like many in the audience, are facing some storms. But trust me, my friend, one day you, too, will have nothing but blue skies and a gentle breeze and sunshine.

RUSH: Well, don’t forget the green lights, you got blue skies and green lights. Without the green lights the blue skies don’t count for much. We always say here may you always have blue skies and green lights. August, I appreciate the call. Thank you much.

Antoinette, in Greensboro, North Carolina. You’re next. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Mega prayers, mega dittos —

RUSH: Thank you very much.

CALLER: — North Carolina Republican. So I was listening to you yesterday, and after watching all the, quote, unquote, looting, slash, stealing last night in Philadelphia, I was wondering, do you think there’s any kind of a plan of action or they’re putting something together for when Trump does win the election, to go against or counter the rioting?

RUSH: Oh, hell, yes. Hell, yes. I shared the story yesterday. There was a gigantic story, all kinds of details about the plans they have for unrest, for riots, how they’re recruiting people. Mr. Snerdley must not have heard it. He was screening calls. But, yeah, there was —

CALLER: Oh, no, no, no. Do we have a plan to counter that?

RUSH: No. You mean Republicans?

CALLER: I mean anybody. If Donald Trump wins, does he have a plan — okay, there’s gonna be rioting, I gotta get this group out there to protect our country. Do you see what I’m saying? Just one step ahead of the game. That’s all. I mean, if I knew that was going to happen, and I was in charge, I would try to come up with something for the what-if, to take care of it, if it does happen.

RUSH: So you’re saying if you were Trump and if you win, you know they’re gonna riot, so you would have a plan to deal with the rioting?

CALLER: Absolutely.

RUSH: Well, has there been such a plan that you have seen executed in the last four years?

CALLER: Well, I realize the poor guy is at the mercy of all the governors and the mayors, but — well, I mean, he’s kind of damned if you do, damned if you don’t anyway, really.

RUSH: What do you mean, damned if you do — you mean, damned if you try?

CALLER: Yes. It doesn’t matter what he does, they’re gonna try to do something against it to destroy it. But, yeah, I guess I’m just thinking, he will still be the president, and even if he loses, which —

RUSH: What you’re asking is, is there a plan for unity. And there isn’t. There is no plan for unity because it isn’t possible. Now, I don’t want to be Mr. Pessimism or Mr. Negative here. I’m the mayor of Realville here. There’s no way these people are gonna lay down arms or lay down opposition. There’s no way they’re gonna unify with us. That’s not what they’re about. It’s going to be vicious. If Trump wins, there will be riots just like there were in 2016 into 2017. They’re already making plans for it. The way you stop riots is law enforcement. Is law enforcement gonna do anything? We’ll have to wait and see.


RUSH: Okay. I have to apologize. I guess I misunderstood what our previous caller was asking. She was asking what is Trump gonna do if there are riots, like call out the National Guard. Trump can’t do that. Governors have to do that, and the only way it can happen is if the governors of the state ask for Trump to do it, and that would be bringing in federal assets.

But the president can’t. He keeps talking about this at his rallies. He could clean up Portland in 30 minutes. He could clean up Seattle in 30 minutes. He could clean up Minnesota, Minneapolis, in 30 minutes. But they don’t want him to. So, folks, if Trump wins, the left is going to riot like they always do, and the question then will become, “What will local law enforcement do to stop it, if anything?”

If the riots are led by African-Americans, then law enforcement’s not gonna do much. If the riots are led by, like, Black Lives Matter — which is not a civil rights organization but instead is a Marxist political organization. If they lead the riots or if a bunch of women wearing vagina hats lead the riots, then there’s gonna be a political component to it. Law enforcement’s gonna be very nervous about moving in.

I think that’s all… I think heads need to roll. I think heads need to crack. If there’s any kind of civil unrest where property is being destroyed, people are being hurt, mayhem is happening, it’s got to stop. Law and order must triumph and prevail. But that’s what this past year has been about: Defunding the police for doing their job.

Look, I know at the root of this that everybody wishes that there would be unity, that we could just put all this stuff aside and can’t we all just get along? Can’t we just find whatever we have in common and build on it? That’d be great, but there isn’t anything we have in common, folks. That’s why I keep saying these people have to be defeated every chance there is to defeat them.

Every election, wherever, they must be defeated. There’s no happy ground here. There’s no happy medium. This has been my point for the past… I don’t know. I’ve been trying to make this point in Twitter posts and some other things here for the past couple of weeks. It used to be… I think this is a really important point. Let me try making it a different way.

It used to be that the Democrat Party and the Republican Party, at least, had similar objectives. There was some overlap. There was a general consensus that the Constitution was good and great and worthy obeying. Not today. The American radical left today views the Constitution as the problem that must be gotten rid of. It used to be, if you want to go back to the sixties…

When JFK said, “Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country,” everybody supported that, and he’s a Democrat. Everybody thought that was wonderful. “Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.” That would no more fly today. The American left would urinate on that today!

They want no part of that — and there were other things back then, objectives. We all wanted a great future for our kids. We all believed in prosperity. We all believed that American prosperity was unique. There were just different philosophies about how to achieve it. There were different political theories.

The American left believed — the Democrats believed — that prosperity resulted from government taking care of as many people as possible because people were genuinely incapable of taking care of themselves. We Republicans thought that was bogus. We thought prosperity was possible, and the more you worked for yourself and the harder you worked, then the more industrious you were and the more prosperity you would have.

But at least both parties agreed that prosperity was good and that it was attainable. We don’t even agree on that anymore! We don’t even have that in common. The American left today does not believe prosperity is possible. They believe the deck is stacked against everybody who’s not white. If you’re not white, you don’t have a chance at prosperity.

You don’t have a chance at liberty. You don’t have a chance at freedom because you’re nothing but a… You’re subjugated by white supremacists. You are ruled and dominated by people who hate you, who are racist pigs. This has replaced where we once had some overlap, something in common. We used to have objectives that crossed over.

We just had different philosophies or theories about how to provide it or how to attain it, achieve it. We don’t even have that anymore, and that’s why there’s no possibility of unity. Folks, the people on the left today are governed by an out-of-control hatred — their hatred is for us — and it’s personal. They’ve been taught this hatred throughout two generations of school.

In middle school, high school, college, they’ve been immersed in it. They’ve now become adults, having simmered in this hatred, and they have no outlet for it, other than to destroy property and engage in general mayhem. What you’re really asking is, “Is there anything Trump can do to unify us? Can we get rid of all of these arguments? Can we get rid of the disagreements we have?”

No, folks.

Not now.

I’m not trying to be a pessimist.

I’m the mayor of Realville.

People are gonna have to be defeated.

“But, Rush, every time they lose, they just get crazier!”

Yes, they do. I know. That’s the price. (Snort!) You want to let ’em win just so they’ll be nice? By the way, they’re never gonna be nice. You let them win; you can say good-bye to your freedom and liberty, folks — and I’m not exaggerating there, either. You let them win on the basis that maybe we’ll be able to coexist peacefully, and it’s gonna be bye-bye to what you believe in.

It’s not gonna be legal. You’re not going to be permitted to have any opinion that differs from theirs. Don’t doubt me. I have been trying for 30 years to explain to people who we’re up against. The modern-day Democrat Party taken over by the radical left of the world. This is what we are up against. And they have a burning desire, a literal burning desire to destroy America, as founded.

Folks, there’s always gonna be an America. But these people want to trash what we have and start all over again. And at the root of it is going to be the white supremacists who are responsible for all of the misery today, all of the unfairness, all the injustice, they’re gonna be made to pay the price that they haven’t paid in over 250 years.

They hate you. They want to get even with you. They want you to have to be as miserable as they have been. They don’t know why they’ve been miserable; they’re just sick people. They have been poisoned with hatred by a bunch of radical, socialist, Marxist professors at every level of education. But they have to be defeated. Whatever the cost of victory is, they have to be defeated.


RUSH: Look, folks. I know what I just said sounds really, really drastic and radical. And I’m not talking about every Democrat out there. I’m talking about the leaders of the radical left who are pushing all of this stuff on college campus, who are getting everybody else revved up and angry and so forth. We face a political opposition which does indeed want to tear down this country as founded and start anew. And they are the people running and leading the Democrat Party now.

And if you disagree with me, I want to hear it. You tell me, find for me, I would love to know what it is, an area of commonality about life in general. What do we have in common? “Well, we want a great future for our kids, Rush.” Yeah. Well, that’s pretty generic. But tell me how it is that they are going about trying to achieve that.


RUSH: Now, I also took some time during the break because our caller wanted to know, what is Trump gonna do if he wins and all these riots happen and all that? One thing that is happening — and I downplayed this, and I need to correct myself on this — there are a ton of Republican election lawyers who are being deployed to swing states all over the country this weekend. They are getting ready. They’re getting ready to man these places, looking out for any kind of election fraud that might be imagined out there.

Number two. Trump is on the verge of calling out the National Guard in Philadelphia. Now, you may not know this. The riots that occurred in Philadelphia last night did not occur where the original problem happened. They occurred way far away. I mean, I don’t know how far away, but it was not close. The unrest in Philadelphia last night was planned and targeted, and it did not occur where the police tried to disarm the guy with the knife.

Now, Trump just had a little press conference in Nevada before leaving for a rally. And he says that he’s been told by the powers that be in Philadelphia that the police were told to stand down for the last two nights. Now, I think after the election, if Trump wins, I think he’s gonna hammer this stuff really hard and try to shut it down. That would be my hope. That would be my instinct.

You know, a second term, by definition, is a lame duck term. It’s a filled with opportunities and penalties at the same time. But I think we’re getting close to the point — we’ve got Club Gitmo down there. We got Guantanamo Bay. If we’re gonna have a bunch of domestic terrorism, then let’s capture these people and send them down there and put them in jail. Enough of this.

This stuff has to end. And if local law enforcement is not gonna do it for political reasons, then other steps and other measures need to be taken, because we’re talking about public health and public safety. And the reason stuff hasn’t been done now is simply because the Democrats in these cities and states have been trying to set things up where Trump gets punished politically for all of the unrest.

Let me squeeze one final call in. This is Elaine in Charlottesville, Virginia. Great to have you on the program. Hi.

CALLER: Hi. Hi, Rush. When you were talking about the rallies earlier, I was in two the rallies last weekend on Long Island. The one was in Port Jeff. There was at least, minimum, a thousand cars in that rally, not including the thousands of people lining the streets to cheer us on. And then on Saturday I was in another rally on the south shore of Long Island. They expected 3,000. The police told us there were 9,000, and the end quote was over 10,000 cars, not including multiple people per car, and all the people lining the streets to cheer us on.

RUSH: Okay. And…?

CALLER: And it just made us feel very enthused, excited about, you know, if this many people are coming out on Long Island, thousands and thousands, tens of thousands of people, then I think New York’s gonna go red.

RUSH: (laughing) Okay. All right. I gotta go, folks.

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