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RUSH: Folks, they’re trying to tank the market out there. They’re trying to scare you into not voting next week. This just ticks me off. They’re talking about shutdowns in Europe because of the coronavirus. They’re trying to scare people into believing the virus is gonna come back. Dr. Fauci’s out there and a whole bunch of other people saying, “This is not the second wave!

“This is still the first wave, and it’s gonna get even worse!” You’ve got Biden out there talking about “a dark winter.” He comes out of his bomb shelter to make sure everybody wears a mask. “Make sure you wear your mask!” The Dow Jones Industrial Average, the last I looked, was down like 792 points. Stocks are tanking on the news about shutdowns in Europe and the COVID virus may be on a second uptick.

It is so obvious. The timing of this is so obvious. Folks, just don’t fall for it. Do not succumb to this. If you want to go out and find a way to early vote, go ahead. But if you’re not gonna early vote, do not let them intimidate you into not voting. Do not let them get away with it. Do not let them frighten you into not showing up on Election Day.

There’s gonna be all kinds of efforts to make sure that doesn’t happen. I’ll tell you why. They don’t think Biden is winning by double digits. They don’t think Biden has this in the can. They don’t think this is over. They think just the opposite. They are scared to death. I’ve talked to enough Democrats who are worried deeply about this, for a whole host of reasons.

I’ve got some of them here in the audio sound bites, which we’ll get to here in just a second.


RUSH: I just want to illustrate here for you. John Podesta, part of the Hillary Clinton cabal, last night was on PMSNBC’s All In with Chris Hayes. Chris Hayes said to Podesta, “Having lived through that [Hillary] campaign, having lived through the big polling mess four years ago, particularly in those Midwestern states, what’s your read as you watch this unfold in the last week of this campaign? Where’s your head at,” Podesta?

PODESTA: I’m stressed out, Chris. But, you know, I think, uh, in reality, Biden is in very strong position. I think the other thing we sometimes forget, uh, is that we were fighting with Jim Comey that last week.

HAYES: Right.

PODESTA: The race did tighten.

RUSH: What?

PODESTA: Uh, we knew that it had tightened.

RUSH: What?

PODESTA: But I think the — the polling now is better. Biden maintains a substantial lead, uhhh, in most of those states and a solid lead in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania.

RUSH: Oh, he admits he’s stressed out and then he convinces himself it was the Comey letter that caused ’em to lose in 2016. The Comey letter. Comey went out there. You know, he first exonerates Hillary on July 5th, and then in late October goes out, “Oh, we have to reexamine Hillary’s laptop. Oh, we got some problems out there.” They think they lost because of Comey.

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